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Ann Romney’s Speech: Not Really a Home Run

Ann Romney would make a great first lady. That’s the main thing I took from her speech last night.

She’s personable, effervescent, strong, and beautiful. She’s generous and will take on a couple of causes as first lady and pursue them as vigorously as her multiple sclerosis will allow. And she will represent this country with distinction abroad.

But, sorry, I’m not on the bandwagon that says this was the best Republican convention speech since Teddy Roosevelt.

The efforts of this extraordinarily wealthy stay-at-home mom to show her understanding of average women felt forced. It seemed a self-conscious attempt to appeal to women voters. Frankly, some of it sounded like pandering. And the women Gov. Mitt Romney needs to attract are not the ones who will feel Ann Romney shares their pain.

And while she repeated over and over, as if to convince even herself, that she gets the struggles of ordinary women, she failed to offer what someone who truly understands them would: Inspiration – a sense of what they can do with their lives.

I understand raising children is very difficult. But it’s not the same as doing that and holding down a job, especially if you’re a married or single woman struggling to pay the bills.

Where Mrs. Romney really came alive and sounded most natural was in her praise for her husband. And that’s because wife of Mitt and mother of his children is the main role she’s played in life.

Even there, for me, she pointed to the weakness of the candidate. Mitt, she said, will work hard. He’ll care. He’ll “move heaven and earth” to “fix problems.” Not once did she say he was a conservative or that he had any guiding philosophy.

And that’s exactly the problem with Mitt. He thinks he can assemble America’s Best and Brightest in a boardroom – in this case the Cabinet Room – and just figure things out.

I think the conservative commentators who believe Mrs. Romney hit it out of the park are deluding themselves. Most of them are males enraptured by an attractive woman who spoke well and was adorable onstage trumpeting her husband.

But I’m afraid the reaction of the independents and working and single women that Romney needs to attract will be not quite the same.

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  1. I am poor, poverty level, and I thought it was inspiring. You can only spend so much money–she has sufficient–I don’t hold it against her–you still need to do all the other things that make a wife and mother. Those do not involve money. Poor people usually don’t have the luxury of running for president unless rich people prop them up–I personally don’t like that scenario (Soros, cough, Soros).

      1. I would rather listen to a rich female speak or ponder what a poor female wrote than read a smart-ass comment from a male…just so you know.

    1. Star, your comments are right on, you can be poor. middle class, or wealthy but you can be a good wife and mother with whatever class you are in! How dare the reporters , journalist put us into a category that we can’t see the genuine make up of Ann Romney just because her husband worked hard, started a business and was sucessful! Don’t we all want to climb that ladder(how many buy lottery tickets to become millionaires overnite) and hopefully do good with our successes? Star, you are an inspiration and please continue with your positive attitude.

    2. Very well said. I don’t think Ann Romney has ever tried to say that she is an average American mom. But, as you say, money only goes so far. Raising children, dealing with health issues, doubt overcome by spirit, these are things that all women do. She never said that she speaks for American women, I don’t think she would dare do that, in fact, she’s speaking with them.

      1. Ann Romney earned my respect last night. Yes, she is rich but they both worked hard to get there. She has dealt with major illnesses and did it in a classy and graceful way. I have no problem with what she said. I just wish Christie would have come out and blow Zero away…maybe next speech:(

    3. Everyone of you who are sticking up for the Robme’s should read the article in Rolling Stone describing in depth just how Mitt made his money. It is disgusting and makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. If he wins, we are all doomed. Each and everyone of you who go blathering on about how it doesn’t matter to you how they made their money. Go read the article and then come back here and say it again. I bet you can’t. He is so un-American. It’s people like you who gave us dubya and I’m sick to death of leading your silly little “I don’t care if they have made money or how they made it” lives. You’re all full of yourselves which isn’t much.

      1. Not that rolling Stone is a credible source but they were just flat out wrong.

        Many people confuse corporate raiders with venture capital companies. Corporate raiders were unwanted leveraged buy out companies who quite often sold off (raped and plundered if you will) the assets, including pension funds, of the companies they took over. Typically, when they had milked the company of all its money, they pulled out and forced it go bankrupt.

        Venture capital companies on the other hand were invited into an ailing company because they needed capital and or management expertise. To be sure the venture capitalist’s objective was to make money; but, unlike the corporate raiders the best way for them to make money was to turn the company around. The good venture capital companies were the ones which had the most turnaround success. Occasionally, (statistically about 1 out of ten times) they couldn’t save a company which had been headed for bankruptcy anyway and had no choice but to let it go bankrupt. Truthfully before they let it go bankrupt they recouped as much of their investment as possible, usually because of the class of stock they owned Their primary objective was always to make the company they helped as successful as possible so the value of their stock would go up and the venture capitalist would make money from the increased value of the stock they owned.

        This is an oversimplification but in essence accurate.

  2. Eh. Contrast her with Michelle. She did wonderfully. She didn’t say that Romney leaves his socks on the floor, or that for the first time in her life she’s proud of her country.

    Score one for Mitt.

  3. As a single mother of three, who raised children, went to school and worked for success all on my own, I feel qualified to comment regarding my perceptions regarding Ann Romney. Her dress was awful, her laugh was grating and her words were less than inspirational. Having spoken before vast crowds myself, I know first hand her hopes and fears regarding how her speech would be perceived. She gets A for effort and preparation. She gets a C- for delivery and a D for actual inspiration. I though she looked fake, contrived and anything but natural. And yes, I am a staunch conservative and tea party supporter. I am also a realist who calls things as I see them and I did not see greatness in this speech.

    1. In case you had forgotten or didn’t know, Beverly, Mrs. Romney suffers from multiple sclerosis.

      From the U.S. National Library of Medicine:
      “Speech and swallowing symptoms:
      Slurred or difficult-to-understand speech”

      We’re lucky she was able to make that speech at all. You owe the lady an apology.

      1. Creeper,
        The argument about her battle with MS is invalid as she is in remission and toys that fact often. She did not slur, or stumble over he words. I have a very good friend who is not in remission with MS and she doesn’t have an annoying, grating voice, which was Beverly’s complaint.
        As for her breast cancer, yeah I get it. I am working full time, getting chemotherapy, took 7 weeks off work with half pay for surgeries. I had to pay deductibles and am copays, and feel behind on my bills. I have two children in college and help them with food and dorm payments as financial aid doesn’t cover that. I get no support from my ex husband anymore and neither do my children. I put myself through school when I was in treatment with breast cancer, yes this is my second time around. I made 9000 dollars a year then. Ann Romney will never understand the struggles of the average American woman. Even her illnesses will not dent their riches! She can try, but she has nothing in common with most working or stay at home moms!

        1. Well, Danielle, since MS affects different people different ways, I imagine that the two ladies might not even have the same symptoms. A friend of mine who had MS died, but that doesn’t mean that all MS sufferers die from it.

          I think it’s great that you are so sure that you KNOW that Ann Romney “will never understand the struggles of the average American woman”, whatever THAT is. Am I average? Are you? What is your criteria for what it takes to be an “average American woman”? A certain income? Number of children? The kind of house you live in?

          There is no way you can ever know what is in Ann Romney’s heart. You don’t know her, yet you choose to judge her, based on your experiences alone.

          1. She married Mitt, a greedy disingenuous snark of a little man and that’s all I need to know about Ann Romney. I’m from Michigan and know that the school he attended, Cranbrook Institute, is only for the privileged. His dad may have been a genuine guy, I don’t know because I was very young when he was governor. But Mitt started out as a bully at that Institute and then continued his bullying while at Bain Capital. Read the article in Rolling Stone. If you are, indeed, unbiased and not just a republican, you’ll give him and his wife a second thought and it won’t be as kind as what I’ve seen here. The way some of you are going on and on about Michelle Obama makes me want to puke. The republicans have done nothing but disrespect our President. How can you even think republican after what Cheney the dick and his sock puppet dubya did to this country. You all make me sick!! You also might want to google lying for the lord. That’ll curl your hair. Do some research on Mormonism. It’s a cult that worships a guy. Just remember, God and His son are watching you.

          2. Sandra said,
            “..the school he attended, Cranbrook Institute, is only for the privileged.”

            And the schools Obama attended, such as Harvard and Columbia are…?

            She also said,
            “I’m from Michigan and know that the school he attended…”

            Well, at least we can find SOMEBODY who went to school with Mitt! Where are the folks that went to school with Obama?

            Then, she said…

            “But Mitt started out as a bully…”

            Are you familiar with what a “community organizer” does? Have you paid any attention at all to how Dear Leader rose to power, or maintains it? Obama didn’t just start out as a bully, he still is one, and he has 300 million victims!

            “Read the article in Rolling Stone…”

            A repository for electoral wisdom if ever there was one!

            “The republicans have done nothing but disrespect our President.”

            Respect is a two way street, dear. Obama came out with nothing for Republicans but to “sit in the back of the bus”. Plus, he has done nothing to earn any respect from any one. He is certainly no “Leader”.

            “Do some research on Mormonism. ”

            While you’re at it, do some research on Trinity United Church in Chicago (obama’s home church) and Black Liberation Theology. Compare and Contrast.

            “How can you even think republican after what Cheney the dick and his sock puppet dubya did to this country.”

            Nice to see you have “respect” for Presidents youself…

            “Just remember, God and His son are watching you.”

            And you, dear. Just remember, he also watched Obama when he said “there are many paths to Heaven”. You can believe as you like, but if you claim to be a Christian, you should at LEAST be familiar with the New Testament enough to know this one;

            “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me’” (John 14:6).

            Again, Bamms can believe what he wants, but he definitely made a rules violation here, and I doubt God has a Democrat majority in Heaven’s Senate to protect Obama this time. Given most Democrat behaviour, you would have to look in the other direction to find where their afterlife conventions are being held…

            Please do carry on though, honey. It is nice to see that hypocracy and anger are the only tools that Obama supporters have left, so go ahead and make your ad homenim attacks, smear Romney’s entire faith, and accuse the man of everything from causing traffic jams to cancer. You just demonstrate with each over wrought statement how far around the bend you and your ilk have gone, and how lost you truly are.

            Tell you what,we’ll all pray for you. God alone can help you now.

          3. Right Jasmine and wasn’t that the point of her speech. To get me to know her??? My experience alone says that this woman and her husband can never know what poverty looks or feels like. I also grew up in Michigan and know Cranbrook school, my grandmother was a dietician there serving boys like Mitt, and paid very little for it.

            Anyone that makes millions, never has to worry about medical costs

          4. The whole point of Ms. Romney getting up there and speaking was to show how she has everything in common with “average” women, as the republican party continues to alienate them with outrageous statements, and dogma. I am not judging her heart nor am I downplaying her illnesses. What I am pointing out is that Ms. Romney has absolutely nothing in common with me and almost all the women in my life!!! She doesn’t struggle to pay her bills every month on a low paying teaching salary or any salary for that matter, her money comes from investments that started out as inheritances, both hers and his. She doesn’t struggle to pay medical bills, she doesn’t fight for the right to good medical care as so many of us in the lower middle class do. She doesn’t ever have to fear her medical insurance going away, as a senator’s wife she and Mitt will have it for a lifetime and for FREE. She doesn’t have to fear that her children will not be able to finish college or be in debt for the rest of their lives because college loans.

            I was a stay at home mom, I am not arguing that that is hard work, and I’m sure she is a very loving and devoted mom. But did she ever have to tell her kids they couldn’t have Christmas until taxes came in because there was no money for presents, or even a tree. No she can’t ever understand or feel that pain! Did she ever have to humble herself to allow her children to shop with a cop the year she was in chemotherapy and the kids father disappeared and stopped supporting his children? No she did not. These are the women she is trying to connect to, and yes the money she and Mitt have makes that gap of connection very far.
            And to desertdweller: I’m not whining, nor am I jealous. I love my job, my family, my beliefs and my life. Calling me names shows that you like to win by calling names and bullying. I am a very strong woman, I am battling breast cancer a second time, I am working full time, I am devoted to my children, both biological and the ones I teach. I always have a smile on my face, I always encourage people to be strong and fight for what they believe in.
            I never called anyone a name, but I get attacked??? Is this what our country is coming to??? Where if if you disagree with what someone says, or state your opinion you get called names? If that is the case to all of you, God help this country, because I feel no matter what, we are doomed!!!

        2. Danielle, you have had a “tough row to hoe” no doubt. I hope you are eventually cancer free and remain so.
          But, I have a question…does Mrs. Obama have an understanding of your illness? Does she identify with the financial struggles you have encountered regarding your illness? How do you believe she would or does address your life issues?

        3. I am a R.N. who has worked all her life. I am not rich. I don’t care that Ann Romney has more money than I do. That is her personal business Danielle and not yours or mine. What I have in common with Ann Romney is a desire to see our country prosper once again, hae a foregin policy that makes sense, and control the national debt. Danielle this election is about more than your personal story or mine. It is about America.

    2. Your first critique was on her dress?!! Give me a break. For someone who calls things as you see them you didn’t see very much.

    3. I hope that the DNC and WH duly compensate you for your opinion. Surely you are on their web attack payroll.
      I have also raised children on my own, held more than one job at a time to support them and took NO welfare at all. I also went to school on my own dime.
      Mrs Romney was inspirational, she DOES get it.
      I am so over people who do NOT understand that a homemaker is much more than someone who stays at home. I am remarried and now stay at home to raise my children and care for my family. When I get depressed because I am no longer able to work outside the home and help, my husband reminds me of this.
      He says, ” I make the living and YOU make it worthwhile!”
      Those words are worth more than diamonds and gold, a soothing balm on my soul. Ann Romney and Mitt Romney understand the sentiment behind it.
      Michelle Obama has her mother and had nannies to care for her children. She truly does not understand the women who are at home or who work to support their children on their own without welfare. She was given a scholarship based on her skin rather than her efforts. For the past four years, she had suffered and sacrificed NOTHING!! She is in great health, based on her willingness to turn the white house into a personal gym. She does NO cooking or cleaning or bill paying.
      A vote for Mitt Romney would be so worth it just to get a LADY in the white house again. America deserves a First Lady, America deserves a couple in the white house who honestly care about each other, their families, and friends and are more than enthusiastic about every American succeeding, not just a few.

      1. Michelle O’Bama came from a working class background and worked her way out of poverty. You assume that she was admitted because she was black. But I’d put her IQ up against Ann Romney’s any day. And having her mother help her with her children is a way of life in poorer and working class communities. Something you obviously don’t understand.

        I’m the first in my family to complete the 10th grade, put myself through college on the GI Bill and part time work, borrowed my way through a top 5 law school, and cared for my disabled mother for 6 years, including 6 months of home hospice.

        Ann Romney does not connect with me and mine. She thinks hardship is selling off stock to pay for tuition. Not so much.

        And I know what some of you are thinking, but guess again. I’m the white granddaughter of a sharecropper whose wife, my grandmother, stayed at home and raised 10 children.

          1. Michelle O’Bama and I have somewhat similar backgrounds. Was I admitted on the basis of “white” affirmative action?

            Or was it because I worked my @ss off to do better than my parents, got a 4.0, was admitted to Phi Beta Kappa, scored at the 99th percentile on my LSAT and was so grateful for the support that society had given me (e.g., free lunches) that I worked at homeless shelter to give something back.

            The sad thing is that if I was a millenial, I would not have been able to reach the point where my effective federal tax rate is 19%, several points higher than Mitt’s, even though I donate 8% of my salary to charity.

            I don’t envy success. I decry those policies that reduce social mobility and perpetuate the oligarchy that we are becoming.

          2. desertdweller- I guess you are saying that if a black person gets in to college they must have had help eh! you must have really struggled with your president over the last four years! and he did without the help of white people,imagine that!

          3. Back in 2008, Newsweek did a cover story on Michelle Obama with the title “Barack’s Rock”:

            === According to Newsweek, “The Real Michelle Obama” was quite pleased to be an affirmative action beneficiary, but perturbed by her perception of white classmates at those institutions.

            Newsweek: “At Harvard, she felt the same racial divide [she felt at Princeton]. Verna Williams and Michelle became friends in their first year of law school. She remembers many of their fellow black students worrying that white classmates viewed them as charity cases. But she suggests Michelle was not among them. ‘She recognized that she had been privileged by affirmative action and she was very comfortable with that,’ Williams recalls.”

            Newsweek: “Michelle recalls things differently. A campaign spokeswoman says she had an edge getting into Princeton not because of affirmative action, but because her older brother was there as a scholar athlete. She was a ‘legacy,’ just like any other applicant with family ties to Princeton.” ===

            Which story is true?

          4. No, that’s not what I’m saying. Please read Shefali’s post below. I think she articulated it quite well. How kind of you to insinuate I’m a racist.

            And actually, the president could not have been elected without the white vote. Imagine that!!!

          5. The problem with affirmative action is that one doesn’t KNOW if a particular black person is as qualified. I went to MIT and for one of my labs I had a black lab partner who was not only really sharp and competent, but also an incredibly nice guy. However, at Purdue, while working on my PhD, I had black classmates who obviously were NOT qualified. The tragedy is that because SOME blacks only get into top schools due to affirmative action, people assume ALL blacks are there because of that. And that is not fair to the blacks who are brilliant, qualified, etc. I personally do not know Michelle Obama or have enough evidence to know which group she belongs to – I do think it’s a bad idea to ASSUME she was an affirmative action student, however.

            All that being said, I like Ann Romney. No, I don’t think she or Mitt really know what it’s like to struggle through hard financial times – I don’t think either of them ever had to worry about where their next meal would come from. But, neither did FDR or his wife Eleanor, who were trusted to care about the poor during the Great Depression. I don’t think you have to be poor to understand that poverty is a problem. The key question for me is not – do Ann and Mitt understand what it’s like to be poor. The question for me is – does Mitt have an idea how to turn the economy around, and would he be a better steward than Obama?

          6. Your last question has already been answered. Obama was given the chance to turn the economy around and he failed miserably. He has failed at every promise he made in 2008, usurped the Constitution with his edicts, and has bypassed Congress time and time again.

            Will Mitt Romney do a better job? I sure as heck hope so because we don’t want to go where Obama wants to take us. I promise you that.

          7. Bingo! You made my point on Affirmative Action Shefali. I actually think that Affirmative Action is not fair to minorities, especially blacks. It casts a doubt on their qualifications.

          8. Maybe you can assume she was a good student who competed successfully?

            Or what, are all black people stupid compared to whites, and obviously any college that enrolls blacks is catering to affirmative action.

            You are a racist. Get over yourself.

        1. Really–O’Bama? And this is not about IQ. Maybe Ann Romney thinks hard times means miscarriages, chronic disease no doctors no matter how well paid can “fix,” or cancer. Have you asked her?

        2. Worked her way out of poverty?? Her father had a job with the city, guaranteed since he was part of the local Dem machine, and his salary was $43,000+ at a time when the national average salary was $42,000. She got into a magnet high school thanks to her father’s connections and into Princeton because her brother was a basketball star there. After she got through school, she had a job at a hospital turning away the poor to clinics to make room for paying patients. She was paid over $100,000 a year for that. When Obama got into the Senate, she got a $200,000 raise. She did not come up from poverty. And as for her brains, just read the papers she wrote in college. Barely readable, bad grammar, worse syntax and basically whining about racism all the way through. Michelle Obama is as big a fake as her husband, the “Milli Vanilli”of politics.

          1. Too True! This whole ” they grew up in poverty”, neither Michelle or Barry, grew up in “poverty”. Both had “upper middle class” backgrounds, a Chicago city worker and district captain, with a stay at home wife. A banker VP grandmother, commission & salary furniture salesman; a Government worker step father, household help and nannies in Indonesia, magnet and private schools. Sheltered and privileged, compared to the vast majority of Americans.
            This nonsense of “my Mother was on food stamps”, yes she was, as are many “students” who scam the system, by getting a check from Mom & Dad, and pretend they are on their own.

        3. Mooch never lived in poverty so don’t know where you heard that bunk. Her dad was a city engineer (aka union bureaucrat) in the Chicago political machine. She got a full-ride scholarship to Princeton because her brother paved the way. Even she admits she wasn’t admitted on the strength of her grades. Just read her Princeton thesis to get a hint of her extraordinary intellect and how she got her reputation as an angry black woman with a chip on her shoulder.

        4. Are you certain Mrs. Obama’s background is working class? I read some time ago that her family was much more upper middle class, mainly due to her dather’s union stewardshop position. Admittedly, I cannot source the specific site for that information. My father had an 8th grade education and was a carpenter. My mother worked in an office in a factory. My grandmother lived with us because she had no place to go…not because she helped care for us. She was a mean troublemaker, plain and simple.
          No-one in our community had “help” in the home – relative or not.
          I finally received my college degree in business/accounting when I was in my forties.
          I am a nearly 60 year old white woman who began working at age 15. I am replying because my background was not “middle class” and yet…Ann Romney connected with me – not because we are in the same socio-economic strata, but fundamentally because –
          Ann is proud of – and values – our country. Thank God.

        5. Anne, Michelle Obama didn’t just have nannies or her mother help with the kids. She hired a personal chef when they lived in Chicago, (Sam Kass, the very chef she took to the WH.) How many people can afford their own personal chef? As for taking care of ailing parents, Ann Romney did that too.

        6. Michelle needs a lesson on WWII history. She stated she was finally proud of her country when Oblamer was nominated on the 2008 Dem ticket.

          Clearly she doesn’t know (or cares to learn) about the 10,000 soldiers buried in Northern France who lost their lives fighting for freedom.

          Shame on you, Michelle Obama! R&R 2012!!!

        7. Because she and Mitt married young and started a family, Ann Romney had to finish her undergraduate work by taking night courses at Harvard University Extension School. Mrs. Romney received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in French language from BYU in 1975. She wanted to go on for a master’s degree, but first taking care of her children, and later her health issues, forestalled that

        8. “You assume that she was admitted because she was black.”

          Have you read her thesis? If you have, there is no other possible conclusion.

      2. Yes ‘had enough” It is time for change. Lets get a lady in the white house again. Especially a White lady right? you know what i am talking about wink wink.

        1. The Obamas are both Reds, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the color of their skin. Go watch “2016: Obama’s America” if you want to know why these people must be removed from positions of power in America.

      3. Your comment is not only hostile but very loose on the facts. Michelle Obama and her family were never on welfare. She has worked to support her family. She never hired a nanny to take care of her children. She has worked to help support her family and pay bills. NO ONE gets a scholarship base solely on (their) skin rather that (their) efforts. The fact the White House happens to have a gym and Michelle Obama has actually used is not a crime and has not stopped her from being a great first lady.

      4. Mrs. Romney’s greatest achievement was converting to Mormonism so she could marry the spoiled rich son of a wealthy man, thus securing her own future. Do you honestly think Ann scrubs the tile grout herself, or had no “nannies” to help with her sons? I don’t really know what Mrs. Romney does besides buy hideous looking ridiculously expensive t-shirts, and try to convince people Mr. Romney is not a robot. I do know that Mrs. Obama has planted victory gardens, raised awareness of childhood obesity and nutrition, and, with Dr. Jill Biden, works to help support the families of our military. As a former AF brat, I appreciate that very much. I’m happy for you that your husband’s words are worth more to you than “diamonds and gold”. I don’t imagine the same could be said of the “Lady” Ann.

    4. Yeah, I’m really buying you as a “staunch conservative and tea party supporter.” Take a hike you seminar Democrat troll.

    5. I thought Mrs. Romney’s dress was very smart and I loved the “powerful” red. It fit perfectly, tasteful in length and she looked fantastic and lovely. Ann Romney has style, grace and courage. The first time I saw Michelle in a dress, she looked like a black widow spider. It was an illfitting black number with two large upsidedown red triangles, top point sides touching, right down the middle of the dress -she looked like a fat-assed, bow-legged black widow. I have not seen Mooch look stylish once. She has no class, no style and no grace. Next to Ann Romney, Mooch looks like the nasty, undeservedly spoiled sourpus that she is. There is no contest. It’s like comparing roses to stinkweed.

          1. Why veil the racism when you can you put it out there as constructive comments? Good lord, this country is full of backwards.
            I have always found Michelle strong, beautiful and classy. I had no issues with Mrs. Romney besides that she has little identity besides a wife and mother, which isn’t how I lead my life or wish for any woman of my generation. I understand though that she fights MS and that helps make her human. To assume that Ms. Obama mothers with the help of nannies as if Romney doesn’t is just, frankly, ridiculous. Seriously?

          2. Ok SoCal, I take major issue with your comment that Ann Romney has little identity since she was ‘just’ a mother and wife. I was a stay at home mom and wife for 25 years before my divorce and now work full time. Being a stay at home mom/wife is harder than a full time job, and I work for a local hospice. How dare you belittle her for her chosen field! There are a lot of accomplishments when you are a stay at home mom/wife and most times there aren’t many rewards until later in life, if at all. I truly resent your statement.

          3. It’s discouraging that so many women on this site are critical of Ann Romney because she is wealthy and was a stay-at-home mother. I’m a widow who is putting two kids through college just as I put myself through college. I have worked since I was a teen and will always have to work. But I admire and respect Mrs. Romney for the values she reflects and the support and love she has for her husband. No first lady is going to be in the same situation as every woman in the United States. My biggest concern is that she has pride in our country and maintain dignity in her position (and to not have her face grace every woman’s magazine cover like Michelle Obama would be a boon as well).

          4. “I had no issues with Mrs. Romney besides that she has little identity besides a wife and mother, which isn’t how I lead my life or wish for any woman of my generation.”

            Thank goodness I don’t relate to you. After my divorce in my first marriage that left me raising two young daughters, I had no choice but to work. After marrying my present husband 17 years ago, we chose to have me stay at home. I don’t feel devalued for that decision. Shame on you for implying that. Maybe, just maybe, had the women’s lib movement not gone so completely out of balance more women would be home to raise their children instead of having to work to make ends meet. Our children in this nation might just be better off in the long run. As it is now, the children’s teachers, friends, neighbors, etc. spend more waking hours in a day than do either of their parents. Look where that is getting us. If you chose to work outside the home, good for you. That is your decision. Shame on your for looking down your nose at those of us who don’t chose the same. Living in your glass house must be mighty comfortable.

          5. This relentless denigration of home and family from Dems is disgusting.

            It’s also responsible for the coarsening of the fabric of society.

            Is a “home” now to become simply another possession…the place where we eat, sleep and do our laundry when we’re not “out living our lives”…devoid of feeling or connection to the individual? Is there to be no more significance to a home than the argument over who cleans the toilet?

            A house is not a home. True homes don’t just happen. You can’t purchase a home. You make a home, with love and work. Looking down on someone who has made a home for her husband, five children and yes, herself, puts the lie to any claim of support for family values.

            The same people who scream for reproductive choice would deny American women the choice of making a home.

            Sad, isn’t it?

            P.S. Notice, too, that stay-at-home fathers, rather than being castigated for not getting a job, are treated with awe by those same people who cast female homemakers as lazy, shiftless, unambitious, novel-reading, bon-bon-eating bitches. Double standard much?

          6. Frankly, to ass-u-me anything is ridiculous.

            You accuse someone of racism because, according to you, they “assumed that Ms. Obama mothers with the help of nannies”. Yet, you do the same by assuming that Mrs. Romney mothered with the help of nannies because she is rich. Are you a racist as well?

            Just as you assume that Mrs. Romney has no identity other than being a wife and mother. Ann Romney is active in her church. As First Lady of Massachusetts, she served as the governor’s liaison for federal faith-based initiatives. She was involved in a number of children’s charities, including Operation Kids.

    6. I find that tea par-tier’s comments fascinating. She clams it was phony, and her dress was horrible. I suspect she is a Santorum or Gingrich die hard. Now I love both of those guys, but they chose Romney, so get off your butt and make sure that it isnt Michelle Obama’s inaugural ball that you have to criticize

    7. Beverly, Ann Romney is not a professional speaker, so giving her a C- for delivery is unfair. She was obviously nervous. As for a “D” for inspiration, I disagree. I felt that she came across as a genuine, gracious, likeable LADY and I thought she looked absolutely beautiful. I did not in any way percieve her as fake, contrived or unnatural. As for her “grating” laugh, sometimes people can’t help the way they talk (or laugh). I’m sure that my accent is grating to some, but beautiful music to others.

      Funny, but I wasn’t looking for “greatness” in this speech and I don’t think Mrs. Romney was trying to achieve anything near greatness, nor was her speech designed to be inspirational. She was there to show her support for her husband, the father of her children. And I think she did just fine.

      Of course, I might not meet your qualifications, as I was just a widowed mother of two, who paid for my own education, then worked at the same job for thirty-six years so I that I could help my two children as they worked their way through college.

  4. I agree Keith. It was a good speech, not great. However, I had to ask myself, what is her role in all of this. She is not the candidate, she is not a politician and she is not a seasoned professional speaker at the national level. If anyone is looking to her speech as the reason to vote for Romney, they are trivializing the issues that are most important to our country. There have been many articles and polls that indicate the fabricated “war on women” are not that significant in the majority of the voter’s minds. She is a dedicated wife and mother and would be a vast improvement over the current first lady. This point was clear so from that standpoint, mission accomplishe.

  5. It felt a bit forced, like she felt compelled to hit a grand slam to win it in Game 7, bottom of the 9th. Waving and giggling, perhaps of nervousness, weren’t great moments. However, I certainly won’t discredit their accomplishments as leaders, parents, wealth creators, faith convictions, and mostly, love for country. My scorecard says a “B”.

  6. OMG, the Romney’s are RICH !!!!!!! I have no problem with that, it’s the content of their characters I care about. If people want to hold that against the Romneys, then why not other wealthy politicians ?

    1. Amen. They are all “rich”–we need not buy into it with a bunch of outrage. That’s my opinion. As for her dress, I am sick of the ever-popular red–esp against red–but am not worked up over it like I am with Michelle’s sleevelss wonders.

      1. What’s on the inside tells me much more than what’s on the outside. I guess I am just not the critical type to look at what a person is wearing over what a person says and does. Perhaps it’s the reality tv, American Idol type culture that drives us to critique what a person wears, what color lipstick she is wearing, does her handbag match? Who cares? Is she warm? Is she caring? Is she capable of empathy and compassion? What are her convictions? I think these types of issues are much more telling than anything regarding her fashion sense.

    2. Yeah, I don’t suppose John Kerry-Heinz, of the 57 varieties was actually, you know, RICH, was he, when he ran for President in 2004. Surely if he was, we would have heard about it endlessly, like we hear about the Romney’s. But we never heard about Teresa Heinz maybe being rich; in addition to her already rich husband, Sen. Kerry.

      1. Let’s not forget Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy. Only the Republicans are excoriated for being rich- never the Dems. BTW, Nancy Pelosi is worth $45 Million. I don’t hear any Dems complaining about her wealth … or Teddy’s or Kerrry’s or John Edwards. Libs are so transparent.

      2. There is no mention in the media about this:

        === When Mitt Romney’s father passed away in 1995, he left an inheritance to Mitt totaling $1 million. Romney turned around and donated that inheritance money to Brigham Young University for the George W. Romney School of Public Management. This is an institute of public management that helps young people learn about government and about serving in public service.

        The money goes to economically disadvantaged students wishing to purse a higher education in the field of public management and government. ===

        or this….

        === When Romney was asked to rescue the Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah when it was bleeding hundreds-of-millions of dollars due to fraud, abuse and mismanagement, instead of taking the salary for himself, he donate his entire salary + severance payments to charitable organizations as well as donating $1 MILLION of his own money to the Olympics. ===

        or this

        === When Romney became governor of Massachusetts, he refused to take the $135,000 annual salary his entire term as governor, because the state had a $3 BILLION deficit when he took the job. ===

        No, no mention of any of this. WHY NOT?

        1. No mention in the media? I knew all three of those things, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear them from you. Of course by 1995 Mittens had already built up a considerable personal fortune (now the hundreds of millions) and so probably didn’t *need* that $1 million inheritance to the extent you or I would. That said, it (and the other points you mention) are certainly evidence of a generous spirit.

  7. Mia Love ROCKED – she had a GREAT SPEECH.
    It’s on you tube – video: Lfop5TeDnZo
    The Democratic Liberal Left is VERY AFRAID of her!!!
    Watch the speech – she calls out Obama and his failed policies ;-)
    She’s met with a standing ovation and a roar of cheers!!!!

    1. THe MSNBC watchers didn’t get to hear Mia’s speech, nor did they hear ANY of the speeches by a woman (other than Ann Romney) or a minority. Why not? Because MSNBC just happened to cut away to a commercial or panel discussion each time a woman or a minority person spoke.

      Why is that?

  8. I don’t feel qualified to grade Ann’s speech. One observation; she is not a politician or professional speaker. I can’t wait for her to be our First Lady.

  9. Well she’s not a professional speaker. OMG the Romney’s are rich! I got
    married the same year they did my husband was on his way to Vietnam and
    were poor truly even in 1969 $40 a month for food was hard the last 3 days of the month were beans and white bread. Am I jealous no life isn’t fair. So why not compare to Teresa Heinz Kerry a corporate wife and lots of money?

  10. I do totally disagree with your opinion regarding Ann’s speech.
    Everyone knows that Ann has had her share of problems and difficulties to say the least and for a mother and a wife not being a professional politician to stand before the nation and deliver a speech from the convention, shows that she has guts, heart and passion. My wife and my teenage daughters were moved by Ann’s words and from what I’ve gathered from others people comments everywhere I am pleased that many, many other Americans were positively impressed as well by Ann. It is very unfortunate for you Mr. Koffler to side with Fox’s Juan Williams ill intended comments regarding Ann’s words, strange indeed since you have proved to be a 100 times better journalist than Juan the idiot at Fox.

    1. Who came to Juan’s side when the Liberals dumped him? Fox nd their viewers. His comment was very distasteful! I’m very concerned about
      some doubtless changes I’m seeing.

        1. You mean at Fox? Yes–I think it went back to Ailes leaning more left–I think the word went out. I recently emailed Bernie Goldberg listing (facts-remember those) all the people on Fox who tend to lean pro-Dem or pro-Obama now…more than a dozen. He slapped back at me saying some people (that would be me) just want to see what they want to see…so there you are. He is the anti-bias guy–but that does not apply to Fox, I guess.

          1. Star, spot on. Fox has been listing more left the past year or two. That became very obvious when they let Glenn Beck go.

            We’re on our own and the “leveler” is the internet.

          2. Shepard Smith does not qualify to do straight news he should
            have an opinion show like Hannity. Besides he’s not worth
            the money Fox pays him to be as obnoxious as tingles.

          3. Who are the left leaners other than Shepard, Wallace and Van Sustren? Are you talking about the lib commentators like Williams, Colmes, Beckel, Trippi,???

          4. Let me think–Folbaum, Judy Miller, that Ratner woman on NewsWatch, Kirsten Powers, Emu (sp) Greene, Tamara Holder, several women on The Factor all the time–long dark hair, can’t tell them apart, sorry, a slew of “Democratic stategists” on every show. It’s OK–I listen to NPR, etc–but it is becoming over balanced to the left–my observation, anyhow.

          5. Koffler is unfairly cherrypicking Ann Romney’s speech and his criticism is way off base. Many people, especially women (wasnt that the goal?) will get Ann’s message from last night. Yes the Romney’s are tremendously successful now…but as Ann said — do you want to raise your kids with success being a bad word or something to aspire to? . Exactly how isnt it relatable when Ann shared her modest beginnings with her family pre-Mitt – her parents humble beginnings?? Mitts father’s humble beginnings ???(his success started in Mitt’s teens) – and the struggling young family stories that Mitt and Ann shared and grew from? PLENTY of people can relate to that and can aspire to even a piece of what the Romney’s enjoy now. Furthermore if everyone that enjoys prosperity showed the generosity and grace of the Romney family, with Mitt and Ann leading by example, American would be a far far better place. Personally, I thought Ann knocked it out of the park. She was genuine, effective passionate and totally believable. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ANN – WELL DONE.

    2. Keith, I’m one click away from bailing on WH Dossier. You’ve been so grumpy lately, so nit-picky about things that are so UNimportant in the scope of this election, like Ann’s speech.

      She’s no orator. She spoke from her heart and we should accept her for who she is, not try and score her comments on a scale of one to ten.

      I’m sorry Keith, but this vacation of yours has changed you. We need to be talking about the big issues here and how Obama is going to destroy our nation if he’s re-elected. Shame on you for dragging Ann Romney’s speech into the mix.

      1. I used to visit here every day, but when it became evident that Romney was going to be the nominee – Keith did not appear supportive. I was not for Romney, but I do know the importance of all conservatives getting behind him and supporting his candidacy to get rid of Obama. It’s absolutely imperative that Obama be ousted. Like Romney or not, everyone needs to get on board and vote for him. He will be hands down and leaps and bounds better than the traitor we have for a president. So, now I visit here maybe once or twice a week. My favorite visiting spots are Right Scoop, Hot Air, Blaze, Breitbart and American Thinker. I like the Washington Times too. Maybe Keith is having personal problems that make him “irritable”. I hope he’s ok, though. Politics is a dirty business and one can’t help but notice that a daily diet of negativity, frustration and Alinsky-type tactics from the left and the White House, would grate on anyone’s nerves – no matter how knowledgeable, experienced and/or easy-going. It can get to ya!

  11. Ann Romney faced the battle that all people, and women in particular, face when confronted with a life threatening illness like breast cancer, or a potentially debilitating one like MS. Many of the women I know who fought this battle, win or lose , wealthy or not, fought hardest for their children. So that they not be left alone, or too early, or too damaged. Their real “job” wasn’t done. Nobody can fight this battle for them. Ann Romney is a fighter and a survivor and anyone who cares to look beyond the surface can see this. All of this — good/bad speech, corporate wife –water off a duck’s back. This is a woman of grit. Gracious grit. She;ll fight for her family and she’ll fight for this country. You’re not going to see this one go all prickly over perceived slights to her delicate sensitivities.

  12. I don´t like pandering either, Keith, but I guess that Ann Romney did what she had to do ( mission: “humanize Mitt” ) and she did it very well.
    She is what she is, a stay-at-home-mom with a wealthy husband, she can´t change that, but she also has charm, intelligence and looks and an interesting story to tell and she will no doubt be a much, much ,much better First Lady than the present one. Perhaps a hard working Mom or a career Mom can´t really identify with her but I hope there will be female speakers with other backgrounds as well.
    By the way, I have read rumours about the Mystery speaker. Clint Eastwood ? That would be exciting !!!

  13. One thing that was missing from Ann’s speech was an important item. When they were first married they did not have money from is father George Romney. They had decided early on to make it on their own. They were eating tuna and pasta because they were pinching pennies to get by.

    People incorrectly assume that Mitt and Ann had all of their wealth right from the start.

    1. I was impressed by the fact that she has been married to the same man, happily, for 42 years. That in itself is no small feat in the culture we live in. She was very confident in speaking about her husband, and there is still more to him than has been revealed. People who serve others do not want credit for their service if they are doing it for altruistic reasons. Even more so if it is for the Love of God. It will be good to no longer have a lawyer in the WH as well as the VP. Those who practice their trade by being wordsmiths, who can argue till the cows come home, but never put anything into action is not what this country needs right now. It needs someone who starts and finishes the job. I think Ann Romney is married to that sort of man. It is good to see someone who is the same at home as he is in public.

    2. Thank you for pointing this out. I don’t think they started off with him making millions at Bain. And regardless of what anyone says, I still think raising children is a job, maybe one of the most important we do. Good for them, five sons, eighteen grandchildren. Remember when that was an accomplishment?

    3. They lived off the sale of stock options. From his Dad.

      I don’t doubt that they lived relatively frugally. But their situation does not compare to the average American working their way through college who is often one unexpected emergency away from being flat broke, and doesn’t have stock options sitting in a stock portfolio just in case.

        1. Actually you are a bit off — he donated it to Brigham Young University- dont remember if it was to build a building or create a scholarship….

    1. You can catch Michelle Antonette and her manly arms on Letterman any time, on Dr. Oz, ICarly, The Tonight Show, Ellen DeGeneres, or just about any soft media outlet where they will gush all over her. What you won’t catch her doing is having an honest debate or an intelligent conversation. It’s somewhere between sad and creepy watching the media try to make this woman into something other than the angry, hateful person she really is.

      Don’t worry though, she’s still proud of her country. She is concerned, though, that you racist bitters may do something stupid and make her less proud. Tell Michelle you’re in NOW.

  14. As an independent, working mother from Massachusetts no less, I can’t disagree with you more. Ann was powerful and totally believable. I don’t care that they have money, I’m glad to see people succeed. Ann is definitely the powerhouse and center of that family. She ROCKED!

  15. The blogger isn’t alone in his opinion that MrsRomney’s speech didn’t promote her husbands political positions or his proposed actions if he were elected President. Her speech was about the life she shared with him, about some of the travails they faced and how she saw him in his professional life. To her, he was a man who didn’t quit or saw a problem too large but gave his all to everything he did. She attested to his honesty, his love of his fellow man and his devotion to his family, to God and to his country.

    Describing MrsRomney as an “extraordinarily wealthy stay-at-home mom” is falling into the MSM and the Obama Dem’s class warfare. Will we be reading about the “extraordiarily wealthy” Michelle Obama after she speaks at the Dem convention? Will we read that dozens of people care for her children while she’s out of the WhiteHouse and that dozens of people clean her home, cook her meals and wash her clothes? After all, the Obama’s are multi-millionaires, too. But, the MSM and the Dems suppose that the Obamas can relate to the unemployed, the foreclosed upon, and the desperate place that millions of Americans find themselves today.

    MrsRomney is not a politician, she isn’t running for any elected position. She’s not an accomplished public speaker, but she is the wife of the man who wants to be our national leader. Her speech was to address the man she knows.
    As for speaking to the ordinary woman; she was lucky enough to fall in love with a man who became enormously successful and who has given her a life of finacial ease. She may not know the agony of choosing which bill to pay or if she can find a baby-sitter so she doesn’t miss any work, but she knows the pain of childbirth, the joys and tribulations of raising children, the fear of cancer and the resignation of living with a degenerative disease.

      1. All the money in the world won’t rid anyone of MS but they continue
        their journey of love and strength. When you have an illness two for
        Mrs Romney has delt with and I wish I had the love of a good man to
        have someone to lean on for support. Money can’t buy that.

    1. Exactly. Except, when they were a young couple they did struggle financially. It’s been a while, but they did not live the life of -say- Chelsea Clinton or many other children of politicians.

  16. Somehow I expected you to pan her speech. Yes, I thought she seemed nervous with the laughing and waving, but I also thought she was sincere! I might have to delete your link after reading this.

  17. From what we’ve had to watch the last four years she was a breath of fresh air I gulped! Was she perfect, no, did I expect to hear more about Mitt, yes. Are they rich? Yeah, but you know what? This country use to look at the rich and hope to aspire to that some day. So I really don’t care that they have money. They do good things with their money, they’re good people, that’s all I care about. The fact he has a successful business background is very important to me. He’s done something with his life, he’s not one sided. Now let’s talk about the rule change… that seriously bothered me.

  18. Keith, after Mrs. Romney’s speech CNN reported that her twitter ratings jumped an unprecedented 34 87%. Conversely, Christie’s ratings rose a mere 7 points.

    Evidentally Andrea Mitchell (of all people) loved the speech, too. This a.m. on Morning Joe she raved on and on – calling it ‘powerful’….’Oprah’….’clarion call’…

    IMHO, she is Mitt’s secret weapon. She will never attract the Hilary Rosens and Sandra Flukes of the country – but so what. She is more than a pretty face – she is a breast cancer and MS survivor. Raising 5 boys is no easy task regardless of one’s status in life. Also, being Mormon is no walk in the park – it requires strict personal discipline. Can you imagine the Obamas if they had to give up all of their vices? Maybe they should consider converting! The Romney’s are rich, but they are not the idle rich…therein lies the difference.

    1. Good post. Also, I understand that she didn’t grow up Mormon. She converted when she fell in love and decided to marry Mitt. It takes guts to convert to a religion that has certain expectations from their parrishoners. Ann Romney has determination and committment and stands by her convictions. She is nothing but a huge plus for Mitt. She humanizes him just by being there. She is strength personified.

      1. Something that I learned today:

        Both of Ann’s brothers converted to Mormonism within a year of her doing so. Her mother converted just before her death in 1993.

    1. I loved it. She sounded like a strong women, and a cheerleader for her husband, who in the past has been a cheerleader for her. It’s called a “real marriage.” :)

  19. I for one think she did just fine. Her job wasn’t to hit a home run…merely to get on base. Perhaps to prove conservatives are not three-toed, four-eyed race baiting monsters. They could have gone vitriolic and bashed President Oboutme.

    Seems like the goal is to show adult leadership and a new leadership team. The voters know Oboutme has failed but that doesn’t mean they are ready to trust Romney/Ryan. It’s a soft sell right now. Maybe good? Maybe bad. Too early to tell.

  20. I think we have to remember: she is the WIFE, not the politician. Yes, she has been married to a politician for many years, but she is NOT the politician.

    I didn’t find Mrs. Romney particularly inspiring. However, I could never have done what she did last night. Considering that, I think she did fine.

    Nikki Haley came across to me as very artificial. I expected more from her. She seemed very stilted and seemed to expect applause too often.

  21. Romney isn’t going to resonate with the majority of young women who either don’t care about politics and won’t vote or are the Sandra Fluke types. Young women and women up to age 50 have heard the radical feminist shout-outs enough that they have bought into the idea that women are “empowered” and treated equally because they can murder their unwanted children after sleeping around with and shacking up with a new sexual partner at will, obtain low-cost to no cost contraceptives, and if they want children, have as many illegitimate kids as they want all from different fathers and either their enabling parents will help them or the working taxpayer will. Thus they are completely radicalized towards complete acceptance that women-power is prostituting themselves, murdering their unwanted unborn, and expecting others to support these decisions when things just don’t pan out their way.

  22. “I understand raising children is very difficult. But it’s not the same as doing that and holding down a job, especially if you’re a married or single woman struggling to pay the bills.”

    That’s true Keith but why do you exhibit class envy like liberals? Also, where are all the mainstream media pieces on her struggles with MS and breast cancer that we ALWAYS see with prominent liberal women? Oh, I forgot, Ms. Romney is LUCKY to be wealthy!

    1. Maybe SHE built that–a loving home to support her husband while he provided financial support–50/50. I don’t know what else she could have said…maybe “Mitt and I are giving away all our money so we can identify better with everyone…Maybe later I can be Secretary of State, let’s see how this goes”? To have empathy you do not have to be identical to the person in circumstance. Oh, well…I can see we won’t be on the same page with this.

      1. Keith doesn’t seem to understand that raising five boys into respectful contributing young men is a helluva lot harder than most “jobs” people get paid to do.

  23. I must agree with everything you wrote, Keith.

    But I would point out that the one thing Mitt Romney needs right now is humanizing. Mrs. Romney did that very effectively.

    In any event, she would be a huge improvement over Mooch.

  24. My only comment….I wish she would have mentioned military wives / moms. Whether serving active duty or supporting their military husband, they are strong and brave. I think her speech was GREAT and I would be proud of her as First Lady.

  25. What politician isn’t wealthy? I don’t recall all this concern over wealth when John Kerry ran for President and his wife’s fortune exceeds Romney’s.

    The Romney’s said they do not have help in their home because they value their privacy. Mitt buys his shirts at Costco and does his own ironing. Perhaps this is along the same line as Obama campaigning with a hole in the sole of his shoe, pretending to be one of “us” while really a millionaire, but the Romney’s are more sincere and more believable. I’d bet a fiver that Mitt even knows how to swish out a terlet bowl.

    I was at different times a stay at home mom AND a working mom. Let me tell you, staying home was much harder than working. Nobody handed me a box of bon bons and let me watch soap operas all day. No… instead I volunteered in the community, hospital and 4 days a week at our children’s school. I was the parent that helped chaperone kids on field trips while working parents worked. I was the parent that helped kids falling behind in their reading because they weren’t reading enough at home.

    If you’ve never experienced cancer or MS or similar devastating diseases while caring for a family, then you cannot possibly walk in Ann Romney’s shoes. The woman definitely is an inspiration.

    1. Yeah! I’ve singlehandedly raised more money for our local schools than all of the working moms put together. And the thanks I get is to stay home and watch them take vacations. But I don’t do it for them, I do it for my kids and the parents who don’t have enough and have to work.

  26. Mrs. Romney at least appears sincere and to be someone you could trust. On the other hand the current occupant, Mrs. Obama (if that is her real name) appears to me to be less forthcoming and lying through her pearly whites.
    I wouldn’t trust her rather large buttocks for anything….

  27. I’m guessing that Mr. Koffler is not actually on vacation but has been taken to the Saul Alinsky / Barack Obama re-education camp for wayward journalists.

  28. While I agree it wasn’t the greatest speech or presentation I ever witnessed, I did wonder how MS affects her speaking.

    As for wealth, crap, name me the last ‘poor’ person that ran for president? They are all rich. Too bad Romney made his working and didn’t earn it the new American way by being a hollywood actor or lobbyist in DC. Think about that last example. Look at all the politicians who become millionaires while serving in congress; is that legitimate hard earned money? Or lobbyists that are paid whores for large corporations.

    Romney ran a business that took over businesses that were failing or startups that needed leadership, direction, and money to expand. Sometimes it failed, most of the time it succeeded. And he became very wealthy. I’d much rather vote for him than some dirty political hack that had his path greased like Obama.

    p.s. did someone here really criticize her DRESS?

    1. The last guy in the White House who had a clue what it was like to be poor was Bill Clinton.

      He may have been the fastest zipper in the West but he understood what life was like for average Americans. My standard of living began to decline a year after he left office and it has gone down every year since.

      I don’t give a damn what party you belong to. If you can’t grasp what American’s face every day you have no business in politics. I suspect the guy who took his family on vacation in a van probably identifies with me a lot more than then one who took himself to Pakistan.

      Must be time for a sabbatical again. The nastiness is getting to me. Later, all.

  29. I can’t touch on her battles with cancer or MS, as I’ve been blessed enough not to have experienced either. What I can speak out about is this “stay-at-home” mom obsession everyone seems to have in regards to Mrs. Romney.

    I’m a homemaker. I make my house a home. That’s what the name states. When you are a homemaker, your job is to cook (after meal planning, food shopping, and coupon clipping), clean the house, wash, dry, iron, and fold laundry, make two meals a day (sometimes 3), do all the shopping, chauffeuring, and scheduling for doctors, extra curricular activities, and weekend trips, as well as the planning of the trips, plus tutoring (personally I homeschool, so I’m a teacher, too), nursing, counseling (ever deal with a sobbing teenage girl or warring boys?), sewing (from buttons on up to play costumes), amateur handywoman/man, and you have to make sure everything is done in a timely fashion so everyone can get through their day. Plus, as a homemaker, your job is to support your husband/wife (because there are homemaker husbands, too) by making sure all the little and big things he/she needs are taken care of: clothes ready to wear straight from the closet, breakfast made and lunch packed, toiletries in constant supply, new socks/mended socks when holes appear, reminders of appointments…the list goes on. And most of us do that without the added burden of having a degenerative disease. I’m so sick of hearing how Anne Romney can’t “relate” to mothers/women and how mothers/women can’t “relate” to her. Really? Well, I have problems relating to Mrs. O, her snobby contempt for anyone outside her “special circle”, and her jet setting, designer clothes wearing, “gee, I understand you because I suffered through a Target shopping trip” self.

    Speaking as a very middle class (lower middle class) mom, who has, btw, also worked outside the home for several years, I can say Mrs. Romney’s speech made me smile. It made me believe just a little bit more that the Romneys have a grit in them that the current First Couple do not.

  30. I guess we just have to find some poor people to run for office. It seems that having money destroys all credibility, unless you’re a democrat of course. When a candidate, or a first lady, has money, everything they say sounds faked, forced, self-conscious, pandering, except, of course, if you’re a democrat, then it rings true, and it hits home.

    Do you think money mattered when Ann Romney was diagnosed with breast cancer, or when she wakes up in the morning with slurred speech, painful muscle spasms, and difficulty walking because of MS? Did money matter when Ann suffered the loss of a stillborn son?

    How many young single working moms have suffered the way Ann has suffered? Does getting up, going to work, and struggling to make ends meet make someone the epitome of what suffering is all about? I bet during many points in Ann’s life she would have traded places in a New York minute.

    The faked, forced insincerity and pandering I see is coming from the left, and the media, not Ann Romney.

  31. I’m a working mom and she spoke to me in a way that the DNC doesn’t. I am more than a uterus. She spoke as a mom to moms, and the challenge that every mom faces, how to do the best for their children, is universal, regardless of class or race.

  32. When Koffler says, ” He thinks he can assemble America’s Best and Brightest in a boardroom – in this case the Cabinet Room – and just figure things out.” I think he is exactly right and so? It would be marvelous if we actually did have a collection of the best and brightest rather than the Chicago hacks and Wall Street re-treads that Obama has assembled. One thing I am certain of – if one of the best and brightest happens to have a “D” next to his name, it will not deter Romney from using him or her!

  33. f’ single woman. 3 babies from 4 dudes. f them. get adults and 65+. that’s the base. It’s OVE. DONE. NO, HE CAN’T. SILENT MAJORITY. GO MITT & ANN. you don’t rove. he beat gore. obama’s child’s play. :)

  34. Keith Koffler obviously hates women. His condescending attitude toward Ann Romney demonstrates his totally chauvinistic world view. Why do liberals hate women?

  35. OK, Keith…you stepped all over my last nerve with this blog entry…
    As a nearly 60 year old white woman who has been a single, working mother; a working, married mother; a “do-not-work-OUTSIDE-the-home-corporate-wife”; -scary, dirt-poor; not scary, dirt-poor; had physical challenges
    -and probably, basically, just like most women in the US.
    Believe it or not…I DO NOT CARE if the Romneys are wealthy.
    I don’t care because I believe we all had opportunities in this country to better ourselves. If our individual choices were poor, then, guess what folks, we will reap the consequences of those decisions. I made poor choices – and therefore, there were many times when I was in poor circumstances. It was my choice, eventually, to learn to make better choices.
    Ann chose to work all right…a darn hard job it is, too, to work at raising her family, being a partner to her husband and making a home for all of them to be nourished emotionally and physically. And that is something for others to be jealous of because?!?! How I wish someone would explain how the jealously and envy and hatred so gleefully espoused by the media will make all of us better members of society.
    I am sick of the media attempting to establish degrees of worthiness based on their perceived expertise in judging others. The media strikes me as a dangerously out of touch and disingenuous segment of society. I do not trust them…any of them.
    And, her dress?!?! That is a topic of merit? For gosh sakes – she is a 63 year old grandmother. She dressed appropriately…something we have become unaccustomed to seeing. Good for her.
    I do not know the Romneys personally and more than likely, will never know them. Admittedly, therefore, the following opinion of her is based on media presentations.
    To date, This is what I have observed…her attire is appropriately stylish for a woman in her 60s. She stated emphatically that she loved our country. She has a laugh that is strikingly genuine. And she wasn’t afraid to “look us in the eye” when she voiced her beliefs. To me…she seems refreshingly normal.

  36. Beverly – I too am a single mom of 3 kids including one with autism. I too worked 2 jobs while attending school and raising the kids by myself because I had an order of protection against an abusive ex husband. I don’t care who you are – raising kids is the hardest job on earth. I cannot imagine trying to raise 5 boys while suffering from MS or breast cancer and god forbid both. I found Ms Romney’s speech wonderful and inspirational and my guess is that no matter what she said or how she said it you would have had something negative to say. Just being a realist.

  37. It seems that the republican party is beginning to fracture. It’s article like these that leave me wondering if the party will be able to hold together and create a united front in time for election day. Now, I know that every individual has a right to his/her unique opinion and that disention should never be marginalized, but it seems that all of this internal bickering amoungst Republicans may cost US the race. Wether you agree with the democrats or not you have to admit that they are all in lock step with one another, which may indeed prove to be an asset for them come election day.

    I thought Ann Romney’s speech was very admirable and she accomplished what she needed to do. Sometimes I dont think people understand the notion of “being inspirational.” Perhaps, Mr. Koffler’s perception is that it has something to do with false promises, a suave demeanor and repeating hope and change until you ate blue in the face. To each his own. Personally I find inspiration in a woman who has battled disease, raised 5 sons, and has been a devoted friend, partner and confidant to her husband for 40 years, but that’s just me…

    Maybe the Republican party needs to fracture…

    Full disclosure: I am a registered Republican and will be voting for Romney in 2012.

    And full disclosure… I’m a Republican.

  38. “And that’s exactly the problem with Mitt. He thinks he can assemble America’s Best and Brightest in a boardroom – in this case the Cabinet Room – and just figure things out.”

    As opposed to a community organizer that knew and still knows and does nothing?
    An activist who placed people from previous administrations because he didn’t have a clue how to assemble anything except a protest.

    Did someone slip you the Kool Aid, Keith?

  39. Speaking of Romney ” assembling America’s Best and Brightest in the Board Room – in this case the Cabinet Room” – take a look at this excerpt from Ron Suskind’s book, “Confidence Men”:

    “On paper it looked like an economics dream team: Larry Summers, Christina Romer, and Austan Goolsbee, not to mention Peter Orszag, Tim Geithner, and Paul Volcker. The inside story, however, is that the president was wholly unable to manage the mighty brains—and egos—he had assembled to advise him.”

    “According to Ron Suskind’s book Confidence Men, Summers told Orszag over dinner in May 2009: “You know, Peter, we’re really home alone … I mean it. We’re home alone. There’s no adult in charge. Clinton would never have made these mistakes [of indecisiveness on key economic issues].” On issue after issue, according to Suskind, Summers overruled the president. “You can’t just march in and make that argument and then have him make a decision,” Summers told Orszag, “because he doesn’t know what he’s deciding.” (I have heard similar things said off the record by key participants in the president’s interminable “seminar” on Afghanistan policy.)”

  40. Call me old-fashioned but I’m just not that thrilled with a wife of a presidential candidate speaking at the convention. I thought Mrs. Romney did fine but it would never change my vote. I don’t think we should expect that from a candate’s spouse. I dislike Mrs. Obama, but again, it wouldn’t affect my vote. What’s next, the candidates children speaking?

    1. Not applauding nor defending Keith’s commentary. He can speak for himself, but the discussion is important – it’s the very same discussion that is or will be ensuing on the alphabet cable stations, blogs and homes. It is important for conservatives to self-examine ourselves – certainly nothing the progressives would attempt (they’d still be burning witches [read: conservatives] at the stake if they had their way.
      Mrs. Romney’s speech will fade into the background noise within the week. She didn’t say, “this election is the first time I’ve ever been proud of my country” so I figure she’s on terra firma and Chicago Jesus still can’t walk on water.

  41. Srdem’s post is spot on as usual. I thought Ann Romney’s speech last night was wonderful. She came off as a very warm and endearing woman and I admire her for all her accomplishments. From what I’m hearing on the ground, Mooch should be very worried about losing her hand maidens and the private plane.

    Lots of great speeches last night. Mia Love was sensational, as was Ted Cruz. In my opinion, the real home run speech last night was Artur Davis. He gave a very powerful critique of the man he introduced at the 2008 Democrat convention…
    “This is no dark hour, this is no dark hour, this is the dawn before we remember who we are. So may it be said of this time in our history 2008 to 2011 – lesson learned, 2012 – mistake corrected.”

    1. MSLSD – did not run any of the speeches of “people of color” nada, zip and zilch except for Nikki Haley. Race card – you betcha!

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