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Obama Schedule || Monday, August 27, 2012

No publicly scheduled events.

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  1. Oh boy…where do I begin. aleady I have see the visage of Bush looking out the window of AIR FORCE ONE during Katrina. For the purposes of fairness, will we pleeeeeessseee see pictures of Obama yucking it up on the golf course with his Bro groupies vis-a-vis ISSAC as it bears down on New Orleans?

    • You do remember, Quintis Arrius, that Bush did not land on the ground because it would have interfered with the rescue efforts that were going on. Later, he did come back and toured NOLA on the ground, but his first trip there was designed to not get in the way of those who were doing rescue work unlike Obama, whose trip to CO during the fires meant aerial fire fighters had to stop what they were doing while he was on the ground.

  2. I don’t know Keith. Rumor has it Obama gave an interview to Glamor Magazine today. And then there was ET earlier on. This has been reported as part of the Obama “soft media strategy”. So, if Obama wins, I can’t wait to see the makeup of the new WH press corps. Just sayin’

    • Yep, he gave an interview to Glamor Magazine that is to be in the November issue (IIRC), and not only that, ME-chelle Antoinette’s picture is on the cover! I’m sure everyone who posts here will want to run out and buy a copy to save to cry over when the the current royalty has to retreat to Chicago or Hawaii after January 21, 2013.

    • Grace – actually, according to the Politico article linked by Drudge, BHO summoned the Glamour magazine editor out to interview him on the campaign trail in Portland, OR last month:

      Of course that was before the Akin mess, so I’m sure the WH has requested that they now add Obummer’s comments about that issue into their article before it goes to print.

  3. Too darned busy to meet with that Jobs Council or whatever the heck phony name it has.

    Focus like a laser beam on jobs. Or a Chinese Lantern, at least.

    Last thing I think of when I get up, and first thing I realize I didn’t do anything about when I go to bed.

  4. Of course he has nothing planned….Obama and Biden have been doing the “rain dance”. Charlotte NC gets some wicked weather as well so we’ll see. BUT OF COURSE, the Liberal Mainstream will edify anything to do with their little “Prized Pig” and Koffler can’t do anything except to “blog on”……C’mon Keith, get some “muscles”……