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Obama Schedule || August 24, 2012

Here’s the schedule. Hold onto your hats.

6:00 pm || Departs White House for Camp David

All times Eastern

24 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || August 24, 2012”

  1. oh, swell … and I just had to cancel my vacation next week because (1) there’s too much work to do and not enough of my team left to do it (layoffs, thanks to obama); and (2) even if I had the time, there’s no money to go anywhere (no raises in 3 yrs, thanks to obama)…

    1. Looking on the positive side, however … this means I can now send what little “vacay nest-egg” I’d managed to save up to Romney/Ryan … ;-)

  2. I’m new to this presidential schedule stuff. This doesn’t actually mean he is doing nothing all day, does it? Is there secret/confidential activity we would never know about? I just can’t believe this is it.

    1. Unlike previous presidents, this fellow has never been very transparent about what he does during official work hours. Yesterday he had nothing on his schedule and it turns out he spent much of the afternoon in meetings at the DNC campaign headquarters.

  3. Great ,the CBO came out two days ago & talked recession. Every time I see him I hear that Otis Redding song, Sitting on the Dock of the Bay(wasting time)

  4. “Mister President, thank you for being YOU! Mitt Romney could probably just run ads with these daily schedules of yours posted on the TV screen for all to see. Truly Sir, you are the gift that keeps giving!”

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  6. Leaving for Camp David I guess for the Labor Day weekend ( got it right this time). Wonder where MO will be sneaking off for convention wardrobe I mean
    she can recycle for the folks to campaign but this is the convention and it’s all
    about Michelle…look at me!!!!!

  7. Where’s Mo this weekend? Cause I know she doesn’t spend time at Camp David, it’s not chic enough for her. Did Bo take a favorite friend with him?

  8. We are supposed to have storms in the DC area Saturday and part of Sunday, which means golf is out for the POtuS, which is probably why he headed to Camp David. The question is, will Me-chelle Antoinette go with him, or has she managed to jet off to yet another vacation?

    1. It appears that Moochelle traveled to Camp David separately. Obummer headed out today with the girls and a couple of their friends:

      Pres Obama, his daughters & their friends, walk to Marine One just now for flight to Camp David for the weekend.

      Pres Obama has arm around daughter Malia, nearly as tall as he is, as they walk to Marine One with Sasha & friends.

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