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Video || Obama Enters the Briefing Room

Here’s a little video I took Monday in the White House briefing room when President Obama suddenly materialized to take a few questions from the White House press corps, which he had ignored for about two months.

I was sitting in the fourth row, pretty close to the podium. Obama came in and interrupted White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s regular briefing.

I got his entrance on video because I was ready for him. His foray into the briefing room really wasn’t a complete surprise, since word was circulating among reporters that Obama might stage an “unscheduled” appearance. In fact, as you’ll see, several news photographers were on hand to get some shots in case he came out.

The video is a little shaky in places – your adrenaline does get going when the president appears, and I was using an iPhone, which is harder than better cameras to steady – but I thought the quality was good enough to post for you.

I hope my position among the reporters gives you a sense of what it’s like to be there. I videotaped all around the briefing room to add to the feeling of being present in the room.

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  1. Keith, They let you take pics/videos of Obama? Just curious because you are not a sycophant, Obama propaganda officer like the other 99% of those so-called “main-stream media reporters” in that briefing room.

    1. Keith, did you get all tingly with shivers up and down your body? And hey, why all those old white guys? One blonde and one black woman. Where is the diversity??????

  2. All I could think of was the anticipation that is created when the groundhog comes out of his hole on February 2nd. If Obama sees his shadow does it mean four more years?

    What a ridiculous situation when the White House press corps is sitting around hoping that it might glimpse the President. Obama should be ashamed of his press-dodging.

    1. Ashamed? The word shame and its meaning is not part of the vocabulary of this president and the majority of liberals/Progressives/Democrats.

    1. GJ, I have it on good authority that Reuters has just transferred that photographer to Tibet to monitor yak herd migrations. The assignment will end Nov 7th.

  3. Awesome video, Keith. I can’t even imagine how it must feel to know that your banner headline on DRUDGE was one, if not THE, motivating factor for getting the not so ‘artful dodger’ out of his bunker and into the Briefing Room. What a coup! BTW, did he cast his eyes in your direction? Any acknowledgement at all – a wink or a nod? Fish eye? Anything? Well, one thing for sure – you are probably numero uno on his ‘list’! Good job!

  4. “I want to be clear on where I see current American conservatism coming from. Stupidity is a bartender at a bar called the Echo Chamber. This bartender over serves his best customer, Bigotry, drinks of 100 proof hate. Bigotry sits at the bar lamenting to Stupidity that he has not had sex with his wife in years and in walks Ignorance and her twin sister Intolerance. By closing time these two unattractive but willing sisters appear to be goddesses to Bigotry but they aren’t willing to share their bodies for nothing and they need a place to make their trade. So Bigotry takes the twin sisters to a hotel called Religion and he sets their pay for services in Lies on the nightstand and they spend a night engaged in the best sex Bigotry has ever had. A year later the twins are both back in the Echo Chamber pushing strollers Intolerance has a child called Family Values and Ignorance has a child she calls Anti-Intellectualism. Since Bigotry is married to a woman called Nationalism he builds them a house away from his exurban life and he names that house Conservatism.”

    1. “…they aren’t willing to share their bodies for nothing and they need a place to make their trade.” Contact Michelle Obama who, as the expert on everything, will give them the advice she gleaned from the Nevada hookers on everything from the right positions, charges related to demeaning one’s body and humanity, to how to apply for health insurance coverage under Obamacare for discounts on multiple abortions.

    2. What’s sad is that these cut and paste losers actually think that drivel is witty. Just like their fallen idol, Obummer, it’s a big FAIL.

    1. So true, Girly1. Sad that the liberal mind is so indoctrinated that they don’t have the critical thinking skills to express their own original thoughts or carry on a conversation. Bless their hearts, copy and paste, hit and run…it’s all they have.

      1. That’s about as long as I lasted. I just cannot stand the sound of his voice anymore. I did appreciate the reporter’s perspective in the press room, though. So, thanks for the behind the scenes view, Keith.

  5. Up close and personal in your face kind of arrangement. Reminded me of elementary school when the principal or vice principal came into the room to pull out one of the “bad” kids for misbehavior.

  6. I noticed that when he called on the first reporter he looked beyond him. The guy gets the first question and the president doesn’t even recognize his face?
    Past presidents got to know the journalists whom they saw quite frequently.

    1. After almost four years in office, he doesn’t know the members of Congress either. Last night he called Akin a senator; he didn’t have a clue the guy is a congressman.

  7. Did anyone else have a problem trying not to fall asleep? I know I did. I did enjoy the video, but didn’t play to the end because of the borrrrrringness of Pres. Obama.

  8. Someone on a post regarding the “legitimate rape” comment by a Republican that it is, in fact, a legitimate term. We know some women allege they have been raped but after a medical examination, the doctor cannot verify it happened-medically. When a doctor can verify a rape occurred through a medical examination, that is called a legitimate rape.

  9. “your adrenaline does get going when the president appears”

    I don’t think so. Obama’s such a lying fraud that I have zero respect for him.
    Plus, as a US citizen, I consider myself to be Obama’s boss.

    I bet I could sit in that room and my adrenaline would be fine. I would NOT be honored to have King Teleprompter in my presence.

    1. When even Chris “Mr. Tingles” Matthews can’t get his inner thighs twitching for Lord Hopety, it suggests that O’s jolly inducing days are basically behind him. Any reporter that gets sweaty for this donut hole at this point should probably be committed for his own safety, but can’t be because the Democrats emptied the asylums into the homeless shelters years ago.

      That said, you CAN get an adrenal reaction when someone does something stupid right in front of you that is dangerous to you, and won’t stop it or even acknowledge his mistake. Maybe this is what the reporter is referring to?

  10. FYI my fellow WHD readers, according to tweets of Mark Knoller (CBS):

    – Obummer was at the Democratic National Committee headquarters on Thursday afternoon between approximately 3 – 5 pm for campaign strategy talks.

    – Campaign spokesman described the purpose of Pres Obama’s DNC visit today as “political meetings.”

    – VP Biden not only plans campaign visit to Tampa on Monday, first day of GOP Convention there, but to Orlando & St. Augustine on Tuesday.

    – Moochelle was in Oak Creek, WI on Thursday, meeting with families of victims of the August 5th shooting at the Sikh Temple.

    – Friday, August 25th: Obummer has NO public events. He goes to Camp David in the evening. No WH press briefing tomorrow either.

    – Friday, Biden (and Jill Biden) attend campaign events in Bridgehampton, NY. Later they head to Massachusetts.

  11. Oh, make no mistake (as someone says), this battle is just beginning. In the press, many are cooing groupies and even the supposed big guys like Wash Post etc are cuing up the convention to flop–the hurricane of ABORTION is going to hit Tampa, blah blah…Romney is from Mad Men–I can’t even remember the heads this morning (Fri). We must wrestle this stuff to the ground every day!

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  13. What is the difference in Akin’s saying “legitimate” rape to Obama’s saying “forcible vs. non-forcible rape”?
    Tell me what rape is not forced? Both are idiotic. But we all know who gets a pass. Plus, with all his long winded answers, most of these “reporters” didn’t even notice.

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