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Obama: Romney Would Increase Traffic!

The Obama campaign and its allies have accused Gov. Mitt Romney of killing a man’s wife, committing a felony, and abusing animals.

But now things are getting dirty.

President Obama is charging that Romney would cause more traffic.

In an Obama campaign radio ad running in Northern Virginia, two faux radio news announcers report that traffic is bad, and Mitt Romney would make it worse

Female Announcer: Traffic in Northern Virginia is backed up again . . .

Male Announcer: Could things get any worse?

FA: Actually, traffic and our roads could get worse with the Ryan-Romney budget plan . . . Paul Ryan put forward a budget plan that slashes investments in road and infrastructure projects . . . and Ryan has even opposed bridge repair and safety bills.

MA: So what does that says about Mitt Romney, if he picked this guy as his running mate?

FA: Well, it says Mitt Romney doesn’t really understand Northern Virginia

MA: Or what it’s like wasting time in traffic.

Have a listen:

I live in Northern Virginia, and I can tell you, short of saying that Romney is going to raise the heat in the summer, this is the worst accusation Obama could make. Traffic is terrible, and the endless road projects don’t seem to help much.

In fact, half the traffic I’m in is caused by a lane being closed off for construction.

Note the snide little reference in the ad to Romney’s wealth – that he doesn’t know what it’s like wasting time in traffic.

Actually, the candidate who has travelled only by motorcade for the past four years is more likely the one who has forgotten what traffic is like. In fact, as everyone in the Washington area knows, presidential motorcades cause traffic, which is stopped in its tracks by police cruisers so the royal procession can pass.

28 thoughts on “Obama: Romney Would Increase Traffic!”

  1. Love his laser-like focus on jobs and the economy. If this is the best he can do, it aint much. Really, we’re supposed to vote for the most powerful leader of the world so we can commute to our jobs faster? The only way the commute gets better is if there are even fewer people going to work, oh, wait, I think I found their strategy! As more and more people stop working as we get closer to elections, then his campaign promise of better roads is fulfilled! Brilliant!

  2. Traffic is bad…I don’t know how bad it is in Virginia, but here in Brooklyn, NY, 86th street is a parking lot at times, with cars double & triple parked while other cars attempt to drive down the street. The belt parkway is always bumper to bumper during rush hour. There are streets in my neighborhood, Bay Ridge, so narrow a guy in an SUV blocks the whole street while attempting to get his monstrosity of a vehicle down tne street…you can’t pass him, you can’t make a U-turn & go back the other way to avoid him, you’re stuck.

    But traffic is bad regardless of who sits in the white house, traffic is bad because people are always in a hurry, are selfish & inconsiderate of each other, & expect to get where they’re going without obstacles. Traffic is bad because of PEOPLE, not because of politics. So it’s ludicrous for Obama to pretend traffic is a partisan issue.

  3. I live in N. VA as well and wish they’d stop spending China $$ on roads. The ‘hot lane’ project on the beltway is killing us! I vote for all of us using George Jetson-like cars!
    What a lame ad. Exactly why I listen to Sirius radio.

  4. What is it with people who live near big cities who bitch about the traffic, pot holes in the roads; and creaky bridges? As a frequent traveler over the interstate system, I can testify that certain states have beautiful systems and others can’t seem to get rid of those dang orange barrels; case, the Pennsylvania Turnpike is still under construction 60 years after the first bulldozer hit the ground.

    The Feds are terrible at the construction of anything; case, it took 10 years for them to build a bridge over the Colorado River. When Fed money is involved, the details, permits, exceptions, and requirements add years and millions to the project.

    But to the point, I’ve been to DC, and northern Virginia The only way to improve the road system or traffic jams would be to ban personal vehicles on any highway within 50 miles of the WhiteHouse.

  5. “For July Obama had a total of 25 fundraisers, and a YTD total of 129 fundraisers (using the schedule on WHD)… With Obama’s “work” schedule (145 work days this year), that averages out of one fundraisers for every 1.12 days worked.” Shofar August 1, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    He has been tying up rush hour traffic from New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between (except red states) and he expects voters to buy this malarkey? The flop sweat coming from this failed campaign is starting to smell rancid.

    1. The faster he fundraises, the behinder he to speak.
      Quoting an anonymous commenter on the dash for the cash; ‘At any time, MrRomney can cut a personal check for $50million to aid his campaign.’. So true, true.

    2. Sorry Susan,nice effort:) you didn’t add in the golf games played this year and his vacation days.. I’m sure Kieth has the numbers to re evaluate.. I’ll bet that takes off at least 30-40 more days, HE NEVER WORKS. I get more done in my sleep

  6. I’ll believe his concern over traffic when he stops “performing” at fund raisers that require his entourage to disrupt commuters during peak times.

  7. Congratulations Keith, Michelle Malkin mentioned you on her latest post concerning the Obama campaigns efforts to promote softball subjects when his majesty checks in.
    Well done !

  8. What next? Romney causes hair loss in adult males, females and even kids! Romney wants to end family barbeques! Romney would ban shorts!
    It appears that Obama and crazy joe are looking to point fingers as opposed to looking in the mirror. I look forward to their departure from the top office in January.

    1. LMAO Crazy Joe could rip out some of his hair plugs in an ad and, with his usual gravitas, say “Mitt Romney caused this!” It would give CJ something to do………

  9. I don’t know why anyone would complain about traffic. I was born in LA (home of the 405 parking lot) and grew up in Chicago (home of the Dan Ryan – 14 lanes of hell – Expressway). I’ve driven in nearly every major city in the country, and other than Boston (DO NOT LOOK THE OTHER DRIVER IN THE EYE, it’s a sign of weakness) most of the cities I have been in are no worse than either LA or Chicago.

    The plus side of traffic jams, stopped traffic, and continuous road destruction is that it gives you time to finish that text message you have been trying to send for the past 80 minutes of your commute.

    Now that I’m “semi-retired” I find that I really don’t give a crap about traffic, I just sit there, listen to the radio and thank God that I don’t have to put up with some anal retentive boss who got their job due to nepotism or some government program.

  10. Well you know it come down to this so we might as well get it out of the way and blame Romney/Ryan for:

    Wars on a global scale
    People having no love for one another and finally

    After that OFA will definitely have to explain Barry’s accomplishments.

  11. Everyday we will be blessed with more bullsh*t from this party, as they grasp at anything and everything in a effort to keep the party from its current path of political suicide. Yes, a good chunk of the population is stupid and will vote for this moron for the free benefits, and more will vote because they believe the garbage they put out.. But a lot of people are waking up(finally) to the fact that he is at best a amature wrecking everything he touches and not the 2nd coming. Add 4.00 gas, and no improvement in the job markets to be the finishing touch come November. They took a beating and lost the house last time, this time we must take the Senate too, as thanks to them nothing has been done in almost 5 years now. The only real bummer out of taking back the Senate is we will be still stuck with king dipsh*t Harry for 2 more years as minority leader before he can be pushed back to Nevada.
    And the campaigner in chief and his wookie wife tie up traffic all the time with the non stop grifter tour, I’ll wait a few minutes for Mitt to pass so he can do what is neccessary to rid us of this pathetic lying loser.

    I hope than when he panics and bombs Iran in October, he still gets voted out and the military can handle our biz while he sits there a lame duck loser waiting to go back to gangsterville the newly minted murder Capitol of the USA.

    1. Missouri may be lost because of Akin digging in, but we can still take the Senate, Jeff. I’m shifting my concentration to Ohio and Josh Mandel winning against Sherrod Brown. Senator DeMint is backing Josh Mandel, so I know he’s a solid conservative. Ted Cruz and Josh Mandel is where my meager donations are going now.

  12. Keith I lived in WDC, and Northern Virginia pre and post Metro. Traffic was bad then. Traffic is bad now. I never get this linkage of traffic to Presidents or politics for that matter, except for the economics of construction. I also lived in the SF Bay area and worked in SF and in Silicon Valley. Traffic was bad then. Traffic is really bad now. What I have learned, without a metro, never live across a bridge from where you work.

  13. Traffic will be bad but it won’t be because of Romney it will be from all the Illegals that obummer is letting in, we got to get this guy out of here……

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  15. I was surprised by both the topic and the amateurish nature of the production. I thought the ad was for a local politician when I heard it the first few times. (not very memorable)

    The topic is interesting because of the traditional divide between republican and democratic candidates on road capacity. Don’t democratic candidates traditionally favor higher traffic congestion to incentivise public transportation use? If it’s easier and quicker to drive, Americans will. Much of the “shovel-ready” stimulus dollars are aimed at light rail and other mass transit projects, not increasing road capacity. (I also recognize the ironic claim that mass transit reduces traffic congestion — for the *other* people!)

    BTW, I dont even have a car and use Metro for everything except Home Depot runs. (I use my wife’s SUV for that!) But I still find both the ad and the argument ironic.

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