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Leno Mocks Obama for Steering Interviews

Jay Leno last night picked up on White House Dossier‘s Tuesday story about the White House choosing the topics for reporters who come to interview President Obama.

I’d like to think Jay was a regular White House Dossier reader, but the Dossier piece was the banner story on the Drudge Report all afternoon Tuesday, so I assume he saw it there.

Actually, I’d like to think Jay reads the Drudge Report. If this gets out, all his Hollywood guests will flock to Letterman, who gets most of his news from the Havana Post.

H/T to NewsBusters.

14 thoughts on “Leno Mocks Obama for Steering Interviews”

  1. I doubt if Jay reads the Drudge Report but his writers probably do.
    That was funny!
    Congrats on all of the postive press lately; well deserved.

  2. Let’s just go with ‘if he read your piece on Drudge, then he read the WHD’.
    Kudos to you, MrK.

    Most of your regular readers are all over the net, reading the leftist , the rightist blogs, and MSM media reports. I’m sure they would agree that the WHD stands out as the purveyor of both hard-hitting political opinion pieces, and now and again, a light-hearted poke at the pols who run our country.

    1. Spot On!
      WHD is my 3rd daily “news/political” MUST read (after Drudge and Daily Caller)

      (its the only place I see/hear about “Pres.” Obama’s PATHETIC NON-WORKING “Daily Schedule”)

  3. Wow, Leno was funny!

    I’m torn between the idea that it’s great that you’re getting more exposure from Drudge and it’s not great for us regular readers to have to put up with some of the dopes that post here from Drudge. It’s like tourists finding your favorite local restaurant.

    1. Nicely put. I refer to them as snipes who shoot off one liners sometimes laced with profanities or insults, then disappear into the ether.

    2. “It’s like tourists finding your favorite local restaurant.”

      Or…as my dad used to say, “like farts in a windstorm”. Sure, they come in a stink up the place, but it’s short lived.

        1. I don’t go to the Drudge-fueled threads–they are never too funny or constructive or new or interesting or anything. The Caller also has that Disqus thing and some really disgusting, dumb-sounding posters.

  4. Keith, your site has become my favorite — a good source of information and also a source of clever humor — both in the posts and the comments.

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