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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, August 22, 2012

9:05 am PT || Participates in a roundtable discussion with teachers; Canyon Springs High School, Las Vegas, Nevada
9:40 am PT || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Canyon Springs High School, Las Vegas, Nevada
10:50 am PT || Departs Las Vegas
6:05 pm || Arrives New York City
7:35 pm || Speaks at a fundraiser; Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center; New York City
9:45 pm || Attends at a fundraiser; Jazz at Lincoln Center
11:35 pm || Departs New York
12:45 am || Arrives White House

All times Eastern except as noted

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33 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, August 22, 2012

  1. Don’t expect him to be up before about noon on Thursday with this kind of a schedule. If I did this kind of “work” rather than what my job description called for, I’d be out of a job. If we’re lucky, this clown will be rejected at the polls in just 77 days.

  2. High school round table??? Seriously? Maybe he can tell them why he is giving them a pass on reading, writing and arithmetic standards and our country continues the downward spiral on the education front. He is such a blow hard.

  3. No red-blooded American goes to LasVegas to talk to a bunch of teachers and give a speech.

    He could impress us all by spending an hour or two at the blackjack tables, then eating lunch at a casino buffet before he takes off for NYC. What the heck, go all in by having your motorcade stop in at a ‘gentlemen’s club’ for a meet and greet instead of the usual ice cream parlor or donut shop.

    Now we’re talkin’.

  4. Participates in a roundtable discussion with teachers; Canyon Springs High School, Las Vegas, Nevada
    35 minutes? Should be a card table discussion!

  5. He’s going to spend the next eleven weeks at as many schools and colleges as possible. I read today that one of the college kids told him her group just registered 3000 kids today. Ugh.

  6. what?? no golf?? actually it’s best when the thin marxist is not in the oval office stinking things up on the policy front. let’s give him full time off come Jan2013!!

  7. Recently I have been viewing a series of videos about Milton Friedman’s ideas. Google PBS Free to Choose. PBS produced this in 1980. Friedman explains what he wrote in his book “Free to Choose”. In the segment called “The Failure of Socialism” he goes into great detail about how government screws up the educational system. It is about 50 minutes long but should be worthwhile.. .

  8. Well this is Memorial day weekend coming up so want to make any bets on
    the Obama’s will remember? After all it is election year and we must fake
    another American tradition by having some tye of photo op.