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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, August 21, 2012

9:15 am || Departs White House
10:40 am || Arrives Columbus, Ohio
1:00 pm || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Capital University, Columbus
2:50 pm || Departs Columbus
3:55 pm PDT || Arrives Reno, Nevada
5:00 pm PDT || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno
6:40 pm PDT || Departs Reno
7:45 pm PDT || Arrives Las Vegas

All times Eastern except as noted

52 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, August 21, 2012”

  1. Tagg Romney is tone deaf and should stop Tweeting. And Mitt, Ann is sitting with her legs in the proper manner. Men shouldn’t cross their legs in this fashion. Obama always does and he looks like…never mind. And real men don’t drink with straws at least my husband doesn’t. Not that I’ve ever seen Mitt drink with one but Obama does…enough said.

    Well, I’m just perturbed with this Akin business. Can’t they make him an offer he can’t refuse?…something to do with cement.

    Here’s Mitt and Ann:

    1. Jan, I agree with you that tweeting can be dangerous, but I don’t think that photo is too bad. Really, everyone knows they have a boat and a summer home on the lake. It’s going to be used against them with that “hate the rich” crap anyway. The pic isn’t showing off the grandeur of the boat, just his parents enjoying a quite, relaxing moment. I will much prefer it when President Romney and FLOTUS Ann Romney spend their summers in their own private home on the lake with their own boat and their family, than paying the millions it costs the taxpayers to ship the O’s, their vehicles, the Secret Service, the staffers, etc., to Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii each year.

      I do agree that I prefer men not sit that way, though. As far as your comment on men using straws, that made me laugh because my brother calls straws “sissy sticks” and would never use one, lol.

    2. Granny Jan, I agree with you on crossed legs and straw but I enjoyed the pictures anyhow. Mitt and Ann always look comfortable with each other.The picture of them with the new twin babies is cute , I read that Tagg and his wife had them by surrogate. But then I read that this couple already is blessed with four young children ! Six children..babytwins…And I thought that my two children were a handful …

  2. He’s on the move. I see he’s speaking at ANOTHER school. Perhaps he should speak to military families, or a group of unemployed people. Oh, wait, if he did that he’d have to discuss his plans for the military & to lower unemployment. And those are plans he doesn’t have. So he’ll go to another college town, he’ll be photographed drinking beer (beer-drinking qualifies one to belch, but not necessarily to run a country), and no one will ask him any tough questions.

    1. Knowing Obummer, he’ll bring “his” special WH brew again like he did on his bus tour last week so he can show off “his” beer to the college kids.

    2. Both Obamas speak before military families and members of the military all the time to prove that the Obamas are “beloved” by the military. Of course, no one asks if the military are required to attend those speeches.

  3. Well, there’s hope, my friends. They say that “whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, so maybe they will keep Obama there for a long while!

  4. Are there any statistics that prove a candidate will receive more votes with every visit to a particular state? Or…that potential voters will vote for his opponent if he makes more visits than the candidate?

    1. Obama’s getting out among the people, I’ll give him that. But he’s drinking beer, avoiding the press, or at least avoiding the white house press & the tough questions they ask. Biden is making one gaffe after the other. And no one stops him.

      And then there’s Romney. He’s talking sense about the economy, he’s a business leader who knows how to create jobs, knows how to be efficient. Ryan is out talking Medicare with seniors, bringing his own mother on the campaign trail. It’s nice to see politicians with dignity, family values, and real leadership qualities.

  5. This is getting to be a very pathetic President we have here. Riding around on all taxpayers (dems and Reps and others) dime and talking down people who don’t agree with him as the devils.. Lest he forget he is or is supposed to be the President of all of us. You can’t be a true leader if you only have part of the populous as followers. Trouble brewing is what you have.
    R and R in 2012, vote sensibly…

    1. In a 2010 interview with Matt Lauer, when asked if they had selected a church to join, BO said he and MO agreed not to join a single church because they were very disruptive to services. So he was trying to be considerate? But now he doesn’t mind disrupting services because of the upcoming election and photo op?

      And I have to agree with Lizzy about the dress.

      1. I honestly don’t care if my president goes to church or not. The president of the united states is a POLITICAL leader, not a religious leader. I’m more concerned with what the president is doing about the rising numbers of unemployed people, how the president spends my tax dollars, and who he appoints to the supreme court.

  6. Keith, here’s a question for you. When Romney becomes President, will you still hold court here? I’m fairly new to reading you so I don’t even know how far back you go (I don’t see an archives link).

      1. I’ve been wondering that too lately. This site has become a good and fun habit, so I sure do hope Keith continues his coverage of the Romney WH.

        1. As long as there are liberals, there will be a great need for people like Keith, and occasionally we need to hold a lot of feet to the fire with our own side.

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    1. When I first heard what MrAkin said, my first thought was “oh, here we go”. His comment was just a repeat of an old wive’s tale that we’ve heard all our lives, just as……….you’ll catch your death of cold if you go outside with wet hair…undercooked pork will give you worms………you can only eat shellfish in certain months… or the all time fav; a girl can’t get pregnant the first time she has sexual intercourse.

      I don’t believe that MrAkin was being insensitive or anti-women or even stupid, he was just repeating a tale he, too, had heard all his life. I’m not making an excuse, just an explantion .

      1. Yes, I think you are right, srdem65, but he was a little naive when he went public with such a statement. Not so good judgement perhaps. And the media and Obama are banging on open doors when hollering about this. Tiresome. I mean, most people, outside the media and political circles, probably understands it like you say, an old wifes tale. Pity his own wife didn´t correct him on the issue. Now he has to learn the hard way.

      2. I think it demonstrates how back-ward our entire political “machines” have become. When we have people who are this …uninformed, who get elected. Or worse, STAY elected. Hank Johnson.

      3. I agree with you srdem. I’m ashamed of the way the establishment Republicans and even some conservatives are behaving towards this poor man. Karl Rove and Senator Cornyn (my senator) are pulling $5 million in campaign support and he was disinvited to the Republican convention…all for making a remark that he has profusely apologized for.

        The same thing happened in Texas during the 1990 governor race. Clayton Williams told an off-color joke to reporters and it resulted in the election of Ann Richards – the most left wing, evil governor in Texas history.

        1. I don’t really care about this man personally or the good or bad of what he said. If not stupid, it was ill advised, irresponsible and insensitive.. What I do care about is this country. Missouri is a very important race to win. When Claire wants him to stay in the race you can see the writing on the wall. And rightly or wrongly it is a powerful sound bite for the Democrats to use against R/R. The following link from Ace of Spades, including a link to Mark Levin who would normally say move on, speaks to the importance of the issue outside the man himself.

          1. The guy was saying if the woman got pregnant she was not “really” raped. This offends me! Do you think this is senatorial intelligence? Oh, probably, at the rate we are going. I have posted three times where nothing went up–but trying again…

  8. July fundraising numbers have been released and I don’t know how’s it’s possible that Obama spent more than he took in when we’re paying for most of his travels.

      1. Sure not as many Obots roaming the streets nowadays, so wouldn’t doubt his campaign staff are mostly paid astroturf rather than volunteer grassroots. We’ve experienced how well he manages America’s budget. He just didn’t make a budget for his entire four year term. Not surprising to me that his personal finances would be in the same mess…spending more than he takes in.

    1. Denise, he just mirrors what the Feds do all the time – spend what they don’t have. We’ll hit the $16 trillion dollar deficit by September-that’s Sweet 16 no one will celebrate.

    2. I was thinking the same thing, We pick up the cost of O’s flying around the country. His campaign would be broke if it had to pay those expenses. Also, I remember reading that he had about 700 employees with the campaign in Chicago.

      Obummer also gtes some huge, free help from the unions. A couple of months ago, I posted an article that said SEIU pledged $85 to get O re-elected:

      SEIU to tap nonunion homes to aid Obama
      Critical swing states eyed for massive voter outreach in fall

      June 19, 2012

      The nation’s second-largest public-sector labor union said Tuesday that its efforts to re-elect President Obama will include a much larger outreach to nonunion households in key swing states.

      The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) announced that it will dedicate 750 members and organize about 100,000 volunteers across the country to advocate the current administration’s stance on workers’ rights to voters not affiliated with the SEIU.

      “We have made a strategic decision that we need to reach out beyond union households,” Brandon Davis, the SEIU’s political director, said in a conference call with reporters. “We have always run an aggressive general public program … [but] we’re probably going to talk to three times as many general voters as we ever have.”

      Union officials identified eight states — Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin as the focal points of its effort.

      In all, the campaign hopes to make 13 million phone calls, visit 3 million homes and register 600,000 new voters in the course of the campaign. Union officials said that in addition to nonaffiliates, the campaign will focus on speaking to individuals in the “labor electorate,” specifically young voters and the rising Hispanic population.

      Tuesday’s unveiling came on the heels of SEIU’s decision just last week to launch a $4 million, Spanish-language advertisement campaign targeting presumed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a poor choice for Hispanics.

      1. I meant to say $85 Million, obviously. Also, that article doesn’t mention it, but many other articles state that SEIU has pledged to spend at least 85 million this year, which is the amount they spent in 2008 to get Obummer elected. Yet, Obummer and his team of losers constantly cry about the Super PAC advantage that Romney has.

  9. Campaign events 19 and 20 for August. I know it’s election time, but my lord, you would think that he would have at least waited for the convention to crank up the campaign tours.

    He would appear much more “Presidential” if he spent time actually being president – having pressers, meeting with Congressional leaders and cabinet members, etc. – rather than being on the Magical Mystery Tour all month.

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