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Obama to Have Lunch with Biden – Again

President Obama and Vice President Biden will have lunch at the White House together for the second time in four days, an unusual – and perhaps unprecedented – circumstance that comes amid the backdrop of calls for Biden to be removed from the ticket.

Lunches between Obama and Biden are a regular occurrence. Lunches every four days are not.

There is no specific indication that the pair have scheduled today’s lunch to discuss Biden’s recent series of mistakes, which have knocked the Obama campaign off message.

But it’s also not clear why another lunch was scheduled so soon after last Thursday’s meal. While Obama and Biden are both campaigning for several days this week, each will be at the White House this Thursday and possibly could have dined together then.

Summoned to the dining room - or the woodshed?

Biden has been stoking outrage among Republicans and concern among Democrats with a series of alarming statements, particular his suggestion Tuesday to African Americans that Gov. Mitt Romney would “put y’all back in chains,” followed by an assertion Wednesday that we are currently living in the 20th century.

Biden has made several other errors in recent weeks, including a devastating political mistake in May when he blundered into voicing his backing for gay marriage, forcing Obama to prematurely state his own support.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney last week was forced to address whether Biden would stay on the ticket, saying the matter was “settled a long, long time ago.”

After a bad week, Biden spent the weekend at home in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden often travels to Wilmington for the weekend.

26 thoughts on “Obama to Have Lunch with Biden – Again”

  1. When the Boston Globes demands the VP apologize for saying “gon’ put ya’ll BACK in chains”, then -Hello,1600 Pennsylvania? we got a problem.

    fwiw: I was aghast the BGLOBE upbraided their Mayor for ChickFilA stance as well. Maybe we’re not lost after all: see Newsweek cover.

  2. It certainly is becoming clear that Biden is a liability on the ticket, he went too far with the chains comment. Now the question is what will Barry do about it? He’s not very good about making decisions, where is Valerie Jarret? A muzzle won’t work, interesting…..

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    1. I would like to see a debate between the two keynote speakers. Mayor Castro (or his identical twin brother) from San Antonio and Chris Christie.

  4. Okay, is THIS the luncheon where Bidet [sic – think about it] gets ‘food poisoning’ and everybody thinks he’ll need a good four years of bed-rest and clear-liquids to get over it?

  5. Gee, I hope Biden doesn’t choke on a piece of food…..although, I think the preezy knows the hinny lick maneuver pretty well from his Chicago days.

  6. I’ve got two thoughts on this biden thing. 1, he’s very cagey and sees a big loss coming and wants off the ticket.

    2, he better watch his back, the only way they can bring in a new guy is if something happens to the old guy. This late in the date it’s a sure looser to replace your running mate.

  7. Here’s my two cents: Biden will step down this week, concocting a tall tale that he’s got early onset Alzheimer’s or is ill. This way Obama can get a new VP that will energize the ticket, and not make it look like Obama ditched Biden (which, those of us who are jaded, will know is the truth).

    1. Perhaps. Keeping/dropping Biden seems 50-50 from my perspective. If he stays the damage has been done and might continue. If Biden goes, big admission of failure. Assuming Hillary really can’t be bought by offering to make her Queen, then I’m going with B. Bayh.

  8. I hate to admit it, but I’m kind of nervous about this Biden situation. Obummer is desperate and would love nothing better to ditch Biden and energize his campaign. The recent polls show that most of the people who say they won’t bother voting this November are Obummer supporters. He needs to do something to get attention, breathe some life into his campaign, and get people out there to vote for him. He can’t stand all the attention the Romney campaign has been getting since Ryan joined the ticket and now the petulant man-child wants the focus back on him and his campaign. With Romney and Ryan in NH today (on TV now), I have to wonder if Obummer’s campaigning n NH on Saturday was a last minute decision.

    1. Just curious, this is not snarky, but who do you think they could get to help energize the ticket? Hillary is out and she seems to be the only one who has any brains on the democrat side. I just don’t see any superstars on their side.

        1. I looked at a list of democrat governors and the only one who’s name I recognized (and I’m a news junkie) was Lynch who has to retire this year due to term limits. But he has no name recognition beyond New England. I really don’t see anyone on the horizon for the democrats to hang their hats on. If Hillary doesn’t run for president in 2016 they’re going to have a no-name running.

          1. You’re right, Robin. Other than Hillary, I don’t think there’s anyone who can help Obummer. She would be insane to do it, though. I bet she really enjoyed turning O down!

  9. If they really want to energize the ticket they will get rid of Obama and give Bill Clinton his third term. Honestly, why would anyone want to end their ‘career’ by teaming up with Obama? He is loathed by most members of his own party.

  10. The real subject of the luncheon: Would Joe be so kind as to kill himself or otherwise die and thus remove himself from this election cycle which would leave Obama with an open option for a different VP?

  11. I know that this is going to sound conspiracy theoryish, but I could see two different scenarios unfolding regarding Biden.

    One – Before the convention Joe announces that he is retiring/stepping down due to personal health issues or health issues with Dr. Jill, and wants to “spend more time with the family.”

    Two – The O Team finds someone that is dying from a terminal illness, and pays them a substantial amount of money to take a shot at Joe, not kill him but disable him so that he cannot handle the stresses of a campaign. The shooter gets killed by the SS, and the poor saps family comes into a bunch of money. O Team then makes sure that there is a ton of “right-wing” literature in the patsy’s house, and blasts the right for violence. They are shooting (no pun intended) to solidify their base, and those on the fence with a sympathy vote for Obama.

    With the second scenario, it wouldn’t matter who Obama picked to replace Biden, because things would be so polarized, and voters would be massively angry that he could pick a trained chimp, and still get the sympathy from the electorate.

  12. The guys on early morning radio on WMAL talked to Doug Wilder this morning….(former democrat governor of Virginia) and they interviewed him about Biden. They specifically asked him about Biden switching places with Hillary….he said, ‘State Department? We’d be at war with Great Britain in no time with Biden as S of S.”

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