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Live Stream || Michelle Obama’s “Kids’ State Dinner”

The event has concluded.

21 thoughts on “Live Stream || Michelle Obama’s “Kids’ State Dinner””

  1. Oh, please. How’s the weather there right now? I heard there’s a chance of rain and thunderstorms. Gee, what a shame that would be since Moochelle plans on giving all the kiddies a tour of “her” garden.

      1. I’m just hoping that Romney makes the decision to NOT replant that garden in the spring of 2013. The libs will all go nuts, but I’d like to know what the annual cost is of all the labor necessary to maintain that garden. They don’t use all of the food at the WH, so they supposedly deliver it to homeless shelters and soup kitchens. With the cost of labor, it would be cheaper to just send a check to the shelters than to grow the food, harvest it, and deliver it.

          1. The problem is that Moochelle thinks she pulled a fast one by “donating” the proceeds of her garden book to the National Park Service to continue the maintenance of the WH garden. So when Romney does away with it, the libs will cry that the money has already been set aside for it. Thankfully, her book wasn’t a big seller, so I doubt there will be much for the garden. In an event, the O’s will be gone and they will have NO say as to whether or not the Romneys keep that garden. Perhaps Mitt should install a putting green over the garden in “homage” to Obummer, lol.

            I also want the stupid WH beehive gone, as if the WH needs to make its own WH honey. Plus, of course, the freaking WH beer. What a joke!

  2. Listening to Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan in NH on CNN. I was interested to see if they would broadcast the whole thing. So far, so good.

    Anyway, both of them are making great speeches. If these kind of speeches happen acorss this country, we will get Pres. Romney and VP Ryan. And then we can all breathe again.

    1. I’ve been watching it too. Fox News was the first channel to cut away while CNN and MSNBC were still showing Romney and Ryan’s town hall. Then, CNN cut away, and finally MSNBC was the last channel to drop the coverage. I turned to C-SPAN at that point.

  3. Like they say, that’s six minutes I won’t get back. That’s all I could take.
    Observations: it took seven grown men, three major pieces of equipment (including a bull dozer) and water polluting ingredients to get this garden up and running.
    MrsO claims she always thought about a garden of her own, oh please. It wasn’t until she needed something to talk about and she had the whole US Forest Service at her beck and call that she got her wish for a magic garden that produces enough vegetables to feed 2-300 people at a time.

    Here’s the real truth of what her FatKidsBehinds school lunch program has inspired:

    1. You are spot on srdem. In my opinion, her “FatKidsBehinds” program is all about doling out taxpayer money to SEIU and government control of our lives…

        1. I can’t look her arms give me nightmares. She’s way too old to dress
          like she does but she is under the delusion that she looks great and
          Is a trend setter. Well she looks ridiculous and sadly those silly girls
          clothes are expensive:(

        2. This is just another of her “I Love Lucy” dresses. She has so many dresses like that, with the fitted bodice and the full skirt. Then she wears flats, and today she even has her pearls on.

          1. Thanks, Star. I was mostly just commenting on the fact that her dresses seem very Lucy to me. I just added the pearls in because I noticed them today. I can count on one hand when she actually wore a suit or even a suit jacket with a skirt or dress. I despise 99% of what I’ve seen her wear, but the one thought that makes me happy is how very much she will stick out like a sore thumb in photos throughout history. Her love of garish colors, boob belts, loud patterns, shrunken cardigans, mismatched prints, etc. makes her look like a clown.

          2. Good list, Snarkie… I didn’t mean to correct you on the Donna Reed thing–Donna was all about shirtwaist dresses–yes, I do believe we have seen those recently. Half the time when I see a pix of this woman, I want to put out my other eye.

  4. I’d like to see a real White House kitchen garden — one that grows from seeds and seedlings and whose progress is based in real time. It would be interesting to see how a garden grows in the D.C. climate and what kind of foods can be gotten from them.

    This Disneyrama Garden that the Obamas have put in is just a waste of time and taxpayer money, as usual. Lots of photo ops, no substance.

  5. The WH ‘garden’ was actually the pet project of famed restauranteur/author/organic food activist, Alice Waters – proprietor of Berkeley’s 5 Star restaurant Chez Panisse. Ms. Waters conceived the idea of an organic WH garden and presented it to the Clintons during their first term. She was unsuccessful until the Obama’s arrived.

    I keep waiting for Mrs. GreenJeans to give Ms. Waters her due, but it’s not happeniing. What a phony!


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