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Obama Heads Out to Church

President Obama today made a rare appearance in church, strolling with his family across Lafayette Park to St. John’s, well known as the church where presidents pray.

From the pool report:

Sunday morning: POTUS and family are attending mass at St. John’s Episcopal Church at Layfayette Sq. in Washington, DC. The first family walks out of the WH at 10:28 am, and strolled across Layfayette Sq to the church at the north end. No hurry there. POTUS walks with Malia, a hand on her shoulder; FLOTUS walks hand-in-hand with Sasha.

Passing the Pool, POTUS says hello but nothing more. A member of the press asks Malia how her experience at a New Hampshire camp was. “Good, thank you,” she responds.

Chorus is singing “I Come with Joy” as the first family enters the church.

Delivering the sermon at St. John’s this morning is Rev. Michael Angell. He mentions the shooting this week at Washington’s Family Research (Council), and calls on the country’s political rivals to come together to work out differences without violence. Angell mentions that he grew up near Auroura, Col.

Obama has been to regular Sunday services in Washington this year I think once or twice before this.

Don’t worry, there will still be time for golf, although they’re calling for thunderstorms in the DC area.

UPDATE: No golf today. The press pool has been told to go home.

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    1. Quit (Insulting Valerie Jarrett… Just because she is a Syrian leaning Pro Iran , this Air Head does not deserve to be called names by you or any other Deranged LIBTURD!

      1. Here’s the Perfect example showing that Libturds are Derranged Maggots… You presnt FACTS and they go Off the rails showing only the fact that they are NOT PROGRAMMED TO THINK and THEREFORE unble to look for the TRUTH!

  1. What a pandering hypocrite! Does he really think he can fool real church going Christian people with this act? This man has not crossed the door of a Christan church on a Sunday since he has been elected!! This man is a fake and a charlatan!!

  2. not a big fanatic of ASSange…
    based on this comment alone:


    Where do I send my donation?
    cash, credit, check, diamonds or GOLDEN…

    it may even bear fruit


  3. Obama goes to church!!! BFD… late, dollar short. Needs to go to what he knows, loves and believes. That would be a mosque. I feel certain.

  4. Supporter of abortion.
    Supporter of Gay Marriage
    Supporter of Contraception mandate
    Assaults religious liberty
    A devoted Christian

    All during the election season.

  5. Obama going to church??? A Christian church!!! That’s pure bullshit. A muslim cannot go into a Christian church. Do you think all of us are that dumb? (Well, those who vote for Obama are, but the rest of us aren’t)

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  7. Conveniently makes a show of it with an election coming. Like everything else he’s done – All show and no go. He’s a fake inside and out.



  9. WHY has no one asked about the AARP (AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF RETIRED PERSONS) exemption in OBAMACARE that permits AARP to raise “Medigap” insurance premiums without federal supervision? Non-Mdgap insurers (Medicare Advantage) which provide supplemental medicare insurance cannot raise premiums under ObamaCare without federal oversight …..Was this special consideration to AARP (that permits raising of ratres) given to AARP to the disadvantage of seniors— a trade given for AARP ENDORCEMENT OF Obama Care? ……..

      1. The Eklectorate as well as the AIR HEADS of MSM seem to also forget that ASxelrod and Obama pulled the same ” TAX RETURNS” Piece of CRAP o Hillary Clinton in 2008…She, like Romney sowed TWO yeras and tols Axelrod to GO FLUCK A DUCK….Appropraite then , appropriate NOW!!!!

  10. I guess if it’s good enough for Mitt Romney to go to church then Obama will go to church too. Makes sense to me. Too bad it takes Romney going to Church to get Obama there. Obama: “Oh yeah, that reminds me. I go to Church too.”

    I commend Keith for this info. This make 2 or 3 times THIS YEAR.
    Sorry but it would be nice to know EXACTLY how many times “O” has been in a CHRISTIAN CHURCH as Prez.?
    The web says “O” has visited Mosques in Indonesia, Istanbul, and Jakarta.
    I wonder what the count is for Christian churches?

  12. No doubt he put an IOU in the collection plate or it came from campaign cash. He has been looking for people inclined to worship but he is trying to replace the bible with the 2,500 page obamacare bill and make them believe that he is the messiah. His teleprompter had to wait outside.

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  14. Obama was probably salivating at the mental image of Romney’s dog on a barbecue spit, with African music quietly playing in the background…

    Mmmmmm….. roasted paws….. mmmmmmmmm……

  15. Hes just taking his cue from Clinton. Remember when the Lowinsky story broke. Very next Sunday, theres Clinton strolling to Church with Blble in hand. The Dems are such gullible idiots, despite their self belief that they are the smartest person in th room.Now I can understand how people followed Hitler int Germany back in the day.

  16. Romney goes to church, so barry goes to church.
    I’ve always said barry was a follower. Remember back in 2008 election and the flag lapel pin? People raised questions about barry not wearing the pin, and suddenly barry starts wearing the flag pin. barry obammaba, poseur-in-chief!

  17. Obama heads to Church…. What a Freakling JOKE!!!! LIARS should go to Confession FIRST .. I bet that he goes only for PHOTO OPS and Reads Axelrod’s latest list of lies to recite next week….

  18. Did he take his Koran with him.This phoney is pulling out all the stops now that things just aren’t looking real good for re-election,the shameless phoney.

  19. Wait, so if the prez plays golf the press pool sticks around and does their job, but if the “I won’t sleep until…” prez stays home at the white house where his job is, the press pool goes home? Why, because they assume he won’t be doing anything while at work?

  20. Mr obama is a threat to our society and the world and must be defeated. He is a racist thug no ifs ands or buts and it is an embarrassment that this man is the president.

  21. Obama in church? A Christian church? hahahaha

    Is that where he prays for late term abortions and birth control?

    Throw his muslim mafia butt out. It is a desecration to allow him through the doors

  22. So St. John’s is a Mosque? I must be out of touch. No Christain would wish Obama on us, that person would be a Devils Deciple.

  23. Finally, News got it right “in a rare appearance in church” Mr. President makes rounds with christian voters. He doesn’t believe in a national day of prayer, but hosts Koran reading at the White House. Preaches along with the Democratic Party non religious doctrine to hate groups, as well as probably his family forced to heard it in the White House. Only now since he’s up for reelection does he fill the need to seek Gods help.

  24. Obama is a Muslim, I think we all know that by how he supported Iran after the corrupt election results, and how he refuses to go to Israel (it would anger his muslim brothers in the Middle East). He obviously doesn’t care about the sanctity of life by supporting the right of women to kill their babies so I think we can all say this is pandering to the highest degree. I hope Obama likes it hot because hell doesn’t have anyair conditioning.

    follow me on google +


    Ryan Baines

    1. I bet that this is what happened…Axelrod calls MOOCHIE to Get the Amateur out of bed and go to Church….She canot be found, so Axelrod calls Valerie who is in ” conference” with Napolitano in D C…Nanny Nappy then calls Carney who wakes up the Snoring Amateur and Makes him LATE for CHURCH….

  25. Does this mean he FINALLY found a black liberation theology church he likes? Or like everything else he does, is this phony as a $3 bill?

  26. Hey, what’ssss up with them weird kinda crossy thingies up there where the minarets are sssupposssed to be…? Who built that??

  27. This must really be upsetting for Obama to be forced to mix Christianity with Muslim worshiping. He knows that Romney goes to church every week and it would look bad if he passed. Damn Anything for a VOTE. This hypocritical SOB is worthless.

  28. Nothing more than a photo op. He must be getting really desperate. He wouldn’t let the Christians into the WH for National Prayer Day for fear of offending someone but entertained the Muslim Brotherhood (Huma Weiner was there). I’m offended – does he care?

    1. Yeah, something about this guy that stinks. All that money to hide his college transcripts reeks of coverup. Major media has sold out this country.

      1. Speaking of the MEDIA:
        In Gemany, at first they reported what Adoolph was trying to a Nationalistic way,
        Then Adolph ” BOUGHT THEM’ with lies and HONEY and they began Ignoring the Hate Messages that the SS were spewing until the GUMMINT took over the press nad Moved the Hated Folks into Extermination camps and kept that SECRET….

    1. OH.. FLUFF might be nice instead of the AIR heads making Charachter attacks, Stupid Comments, telling lies reading Axelrod’s directives, and Kisso=ing Obama AZZ and MOchelle Arm pits!!!

  29. Saw this at “The Laff Factory” in Pahrump, NV yesterday:

    “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.”

  30. I smell Slick and his insta bible that dropped out of his sleeve like the handgun “Travis” put in his sleeve in Taxi Driver ya know? When in trouble he just flicks out his right arm when the MSM appears and POOOF out it slides for quick usage and viewing….

    This is how this goes at the white house: Ummmm better let the media people know after I finish this doobie we’re gonna ramble down to that church for some good photo ops, we’ve gone down .000006 in the polls today”….”We’re on it sir like stink on a monkey”….

  31. I don’t believe Obama was a very good community organizer. I demand to see his papers that reveal just how many businesses he shook down.

    1. OTher tha BANKS to Insist on making BAD LOANS… You might have to be referred to the Original KROOK, revJackson who managed to get a Toyota Dealership and a HUGE Budweiser Distrubitorship to keep : HIS PEOPLE” from PIcketing those Businesses…

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