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Local Press Grills Obama: Green or Red Chiles, Sir?

The Obama campaign insists President Obama is getting just as rough a going over from the local press types and entertainment outlets as he would from the White House press corps, from which he has stopped taking questions.

Now, this is certainly not the toughest group of presidential inquisitors that I have worked with in my years at the White House. But I submit to you that Obama is still on much safer ground talking to people who are used to covering townhouse fires and the latest alteration in the size of Kim Kardashian’s rear end.

The Republican National Committee has jumped into the fray with a recording of an actual interview Obama recently staged.

Obama is in town three days next week. The thinking among some in the White House press room is that given the recent uproar about him not taking questions from the White House Press corps – stirred by yours truly – and the lack of a White House press conference since March – his only of the year – he will stage a formal news conference next week.

H/T to Erika Johnsen at Hot Air, who ran the RNC video.

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  1. I forgot to add that YOU, Keith, did an excellent job of reporting about Obummer’s hiding from the press in your piece from almost a couple of weeks ago now. That article got a LOT of attention, (including a link by Drudge, and picked up by Hot Air), and the lame stream media is finallynow admitting that O is hiding.

    • I agree with you all here. Thank you for your excellent work, Keith, and you are doing it every day !
      Politico had an article today ( inspired by you ) about Obamas new (??) soft media strategy , meaning showing his grinning face everywhere, answering nonsense questions from entertainment media. I know that voters come in all different shapes but I do hope that most of his audience here is either too young or too lazy to bother to ever visit a voters booth. Hopefully they will just sit back in the couch and flip to another channel because heaven forbid that such a strategy will pay off. And in the end of the tunnel there is one glorious thing, He can not avoid the final debates. There.

      • But the debates are being moderated by the same press that fawns. They’ll ask Obama Red or Green but expect specifics on intricate foreign policy questions from Romney.

        • We’ve already seen Obama bow to the Saudi king, we know where he is on foreign policy. I actually wanna hear what Romney has to say about foreign policy.

  2. He’s just reaching out to his base. The mothers of every Honey Boo Boo, those who wonder if Brangalina will show up at the wedding, and those who get their news from Jon Stewart are his base. They don’t vote, but hey, what the heck, they don’t want to hear his plan for the military or how to lower the unemployment rate.

    In the Obama camp’s thinking the current WhiteHouse press corp aren’t as nice as they used to be, and EdHenry is being downright nasty. MrO’s not going to expose himself to a bunch of news sharks who don’t understand what he’s saying.
    Look what they did to ol’ Joe, and even Michelle got slammed for an innocent comment on the Leno show.
    Now they’re waiting to pounce on him for every little thing, too.


  3. Keith, you are living proof that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’! If only your colleagues in the press corps had your courage and ability to report the unvarnished truth in such a unique style. I’m positive your daily ‘slings and arrows’ and not going unnoticed by the Nervous Nellies in the WH!

    True, This! —
    Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
    The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold
    The arch-enchanters wand! — itself a nothing! —
    But taking sorcery from the master-hand
    To paralyse the Cæsars, and to strike
    The loud earth breathless! — Take away the sword —

    States can be saved without it!

    Edward Bulwar-Lytton (1839)
    “Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy”
    Act II, scene II

  4. He did that radio show this morning. Wonder if it was before or after his daily briefing? Read that he also mispronounced the rap name of one of his biggest supporters during that high power interview. Oh well, he’s gonna need to learn that super power real soon. On Inauguration Day 2013, We The People will furnish the Obama family one last airplane ride back to Chicago, but it won’t be on AF1. After that flight, any flying he does will be on Sooper Marxist’s own dime…

    Just want to add my thanks, Keith. You are a patriot for speaking the truth, without fear of reprisal. If he does have a press conference next week, it is with your impetus. It will also more than likely be staged.

  5. Oh great! King Obama might hold another press conference.

    Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to witness another gaffe (the actual truth) wedged between the obfuscations, spin doctoring, filibustering, and outright lies.

  6. He’s probably afraid he’s caught what ole Joe is suffering from a serious case
    of stupidity and loose lips syndrome. After all if it’s the WH press they are a bit
    testy so I doubt they will want restaurant information or sports unless it’s his
    golfing record:). He won’t because he’s got nothing to say zero.

  7. a “White House press conference”???
    Will the ‘press’ be allowed to ask REAL questions?…or will the ‘WH press sycophants’ allow everything to be pre-screened & scripited per Obama orders?

  8. In the full interview they asked him about food in Chicago. He gave the names of some restaurants and what they had to serve. What he named off did not match up with what Michelle is promoting.

    I remember the JFK’s press conferences. He seems to enjoy them. The press would throw he a curve ball and he would hit a home run. I remember when he was first elected and there was talk that he would appoint Bobby the Attorney General. When they asked him he replied he thought he would make the announcement at 2 o’clock in the morning and maybe no one would notice.

  9. I listened to the entire interview yesterday, and I found that it really sounded as if he’d been prepped for even these softball questions. Green or Red? As someone not from that part of the country, I had NO idea what they were talking about, but he didn’t miss a step. Also, he had prety quick answers regarding what super-power.

    I know this is nit-picky, but it seems TO ME that even for this softball interview, there was preparation and collusion. SAD.

    • Noticed that too, Car in. First of all, it is very sad that a president would give such a fluff interview when this country is in such turmoil. His minions are busy stirring up division and hate among Americans and he pretends things are peachy keen. I honestly doubt he knows the difference between red and green chili peppers either. That he has to be coached on these questions just shows how little he knows about the customs and culture of this country…

      • What’s pathetic is to FAKE it. I don’t honestly know which I prefer, and I’d be perfectly comfortable admitting that (I like hot stuff, but don’t claim to be an expert.) Just pass me a bottle!

        Mr Perfect, though, has to be a great pretender. All knowing. Just the context of the question had be confused – red or green WHAT? lol. but he didn’t miss a step.

      • After 30 years in the Southwest, I still don’t know the difference between the red or green sauces. They’re both good tasting.

        What struck me was his ‘superpower’ answer; who has more ‘superpower’s than the POTUS? He can fly anywhere he wants, any time he wants. He can kill bad guys with the flip of a card. He can change the course of all humanity with the push of a button.
        Sadly, his idea of a ‘superpower’ is to be able to speak any foreign language, as if being by-lingual is beyond human achievement.

  10. OT: You just can’t make this up, but it is hilarious.

    “Which raises a couple of questions: Where are the crowds now? And what does it mean for the results in November?

    “We have plenty of time for big rallies,” a campaign spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said between the rallies on Thursday. “Our focus right now is on exciting our supporters and winning over undecided voters and the smaller and medium-size events are the best venue to accomplish that because the president can closely engage with the crowd.”

    Big rallies are expensive, especially given the logistical and security challenges for a president as opposed to a mere United States senator. And Obama campaign operatives, both at the Chicago headquarters and in swing states where Mr. Obama recently has stumped, say the campaign intentionally limits crowds by restricting tickets. The reason is to allow the president to better connect with supporters, aides say.”

    • Yea, they intentionally limit crowds because they know they’d better make it pretty small, or the empty spaces would be obvious.

      Big rallies are expensive, and given that Obama’s burning his cash too fast already …

    • He failed to convey “the story” to the people. You see, us simple folks need to be told stories to understand the big, bad, complicated world.

      Which is why he’s scripting the DNC convention with the proper stories. A soldier, saved by a gay army medic. A husband who’s wife was saved by a Pap smear.

      I think they should feature a guy, who was saved from becoming a baby-daddy after a night of anonymous sex because the woman (he didn’t catch her name) had gotten inexpensive contraception from PP.

  11. Obama cannot answer any serious questions because he does not have any serious answers, at least none that are believable. Looking to help remove BHO? Check out the OUST OBAMA COALITION. We are just regular people standing up for our country, and we need your help before it is too late. Please consider joining, we just need a little of your time.

  12. Obama’s off to New Hampshire today for two campaign events, one at a high school. Next week he’s going to Ohio, Nevada and NY. More travel on our dime!

    • Yup, he’s traveling. And that’s ok…I just hope somebody somewhere manages to get him on film admitting that solyndra is a failure, or that he has no plan to lower unemployment, or that the bailout of the banking industry was a mistake.

        • Mark Steyn is right about so much of what has happened to the people and to this nation but wrong about that. Obama has a plan which we have seen carried out in too many instances. We know his plan to transform America began the moment he was sworn into office and we are living in his transformational America already to a high degree.

    • Another High School????? Doesn’t he EVER go to where adults are? Look at Paul Ryan going right to the heart of the matter in Florida by talking in front of seniors – then you have Obama going right to impressionable minds to spew his leftist garbage to High Schoolers. What a coward. He thinks all he has to do is keep lying and smiling and that will do the trick . . . shoot, it always has in the past – he can’t understand why the adults are leaving him in droves. He is such a monumental jerk.

      • High school kids, most of them anyway, aren’t old enough to vote. They probably show up to see Obama for the same reason they show up to see Miley Cyrus…they love a celebrity. I think it’s great that Ryan spoke to seniors. They can, in usually DO, vote.

  13. Obama clearly reflects our predominant culture obsessed with the current fads and celebrity vices and finds meaningless, unimportant, silly, and childish fancies more engaging than anything serious such as whether or not there will be a future for a whole lot of people.

    • He’s a celebrity. What other sitting president appeared at the music awards? Yeah, clinton played the sax on Arsenio, but Clinton, with all his character flaws, never attempted to live more in the realm of pop culture than that of actual statesmanship.

      • Cara: That he is a celebrity rather than a bonafide president is the most serious problem our nation faces. That he is a narcisstic, Marxist, pathological liar with an extremely shady and dangerous (and unknown) past is even worse than his celebrity status. But as I said, our society is predominately living in the moment. Pleasure and passion are important while maturity, responsibility, critical thinking, and thoughts about the future are simply absent from the minds of too many people.

  14. O/T….

    Did anyone notice that Ryan seemed to be off-balance today at the senior Village in FLA.? At one point he asked the audience of 6000 how many were over 55 years old. He seemed surprised, and then asked how many were under 55.

    After his ‘speech’, FOX announced that there was a ‘sudden change’ in scheduling – Ryan would be joining Romney in New Hampshire on Monday. Now comes this story:

    GLEN ALLEN, Va. (AP) – Mitt Romney wants running mate Paul Ryan to play it safe.

    Ryan, the nation’s most controversial budget architect, is often described as the intellectual leader of the House Republican caucus. But Romney’s presidential campaign headquarters in Boston seems, for now, to prefer that the 42-year-old father of three talks about camping and milking cows instead of the fiscal proposals that made him a conservative hero.


    • Girly1, I watched Ryan in FL today and I did notice he seemed a bit off. In addition to the 55 and over comments, he also said something about wanting to protect Medicare “for my mother and your parents”, when he should have said something like “for my mother and all of you”, since the crowd was mostly seniors.

      In any event, the NH town hall was not just added today after the FL rally, because I heard about it yesterday.

      I read that Yahoo (AP) article that you linked to and it is SO biased and full of liberal spin, as usual. It’s full of imagined directions to Ryan and concerns about Ryan from Romney, “Romney’s campaign managers”, and “Romney’s team”. Btw, I love the way they have to throw Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle in there for no reason.

      Fox’s Carl Cameron had a good interview with Ryan after his talk at The Villages today, (about ten minutes or more). I highly doubt that Romney is worried about Ryan as that b.s. article claims. The liberal lame stream media just want to make that the story line because they can’t make Ryan out to be a clueless moron as they try to do with most conservatives.

  15. This really was a very serious discussion about Mexican food and red or green chili. Although it didn’t come up, the administration has just guaranteed a $20 million loan to a big donor to study flatulence as a source of green energy.

  16. Ain’t gonna happen.

    Obama knows that the press is GOING to ask about Biden’s “chains” remark. I would be shocked if he did a full presser at any point from here on out in this campaign.

    Obama knows the press don’t like him keeping them at arm’s length, but he’s betting that they’re not going to suddenly get behind Romney, and he’s probably right. He’s taking the press for granted. And even though the press doesn’t like it, I SERIOUSLY doubt they’re going to suddenly start playing hardball. This is their man, for better or worse.

    They’ll grumble, but they won’t turn. And Obama will keep ducking the press, while doing his darndest to tear the country to pieces and cobble together 50%+1 from the wreckage.

    • Well, rake my leaves and call me Russell, what do you know–he actually got out in front of the press.

      Looks like I get to eat my words, along with a side order of crow, and chase it with some humble pie. Just make sure the crow is well-done, and the humble pie is a la mode.

  17. And NO ONE has questioned the nonrelease of unemployment numbers this week, although it rose in 44 states? Not one media outlet has even mentioned it, including blogs.