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Gallup: Ryan Pick Has Little Effect on Polls

Gov. Mitt Romney’s choice of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running mate has not moved polls in a statistically significant fashion, suggesting that while not an immediate boon to Romney, concerns that picking the fiscal hawk who wants to revamp Medicare has not driven voters away.

Ryan’s effect on the polls could change in the coming weeks, as Ryan presents himself to voters who largely don’t know him while the Obama campaign continues its relentless attack against the Congressman.

But the polling indicates that voters are willing to give Ryan a chance, and that they are not immediately turned off by his views.

The latest daily Gallup tracking poll, which includes the last seven days of surveying registered voters, put Romney ahead of President Obama by 47-45 percent. The poll now includes five days of surveying with Ryan on the ticket. While it’s one of the rare times Gallup has Romney ahead, it’s statistically no different than previous recent polls, which have generally had Romney and Obama separated by no more than two points.

Meanwhile, there are signs that the fusillade of negative messaging out of the Obama campaign could be redounding against its candidate. Obama’s disapproval rate now stands at 50 percent, near the highest level for the year, while only 44 percent approve of the job he is doing.

22 thoughts on “Gallup: Ryan Pick Has Little Effect on Polls”

  1. Maybe it is a good thing not to get a strong bounce from the Ryan pick. When Palin was chosen, it was a huge jump for McCain. Maybe over time, it will work better for Romney. McCain eventually lost a lot of the impetus.

  2. I predict there will be a positive bounce for Ryan after the V-P debate. There is a website where you can read about the dates, the format, moderators, etc. at

  3. It doesn’t help the campaign for Romney to stand in front of a fence with a cactus and a whiteboard as his only props. Without Ryan, he is on life-support. Ryan could probably defeat Obama with one hand tied behind his back if he was on the top of the ticket. The next best thing is for Romney to never leave home without Paul Ryan. If the voters see them as a ‘package deal’, it just might work. There’s still time.

    1. Actually, it you read some of the other websites, you will find that it drove the lefties crazy and was a huge hit among the people who have seen the video.

      1. I agree !
        The more information on the real status of this economy that Romney/Ryan can pump into the heads of the uninformed zombies, the better.
        Also, the polls state that they are polling registered voters,…OK, that doesn’t mean that they are INFORMED registered voters.

      1. My knee-jerk reaction was negative because of the visuals. After watching the video, I was wrong. Romney handled that quite well without coming across as wonky. I’d advise being careful trying that again, perhaps once more and ONLY once more, but I don’t consider this time to be a disaster. Romney seemed less “wooden” and I find that encouraging.

    2. I disagree,simpltons like me need it broken down in steps like that. I would bet most Seniors do too. Most of the time it sounds like mumbo jumbo to me. What Romney did was put it in clear concise terms for the math impaired,such as myself.

      1. Yes, I am a big proponent of Keep It Simple. Something as complex as Medicare, SS and the budget need to be boiled down to the basic facts so people can abosrb and understand it. We are not all highly educated and trained policy wonks. And while many people follow politics avidly and are aware of the issues, not all of us can get deeply into the minutiae.

        1. They are saying the “guts” Obamacare drags out of Medicare is just ..ya know…abuse and fraud, nothing to see there. BUT–they are trying to say–the Republicans really want to hurt you by giving you money to choose a plan.

  4. A sitting President who enjoys the approval of the MSM should be in the high 50’s, not the low 40’s.
    It doesn’t look good for the O team.

  5. Romney’s choice of Ryan as VP may not impress the Gallup pollees, but it sure has lit a fire under those of us who identify with the Tea Party. I didn’t trust Romney, but his selection of Paul Ryan told me he doesn’t plan to just be a placeholder who manages the decline of America. He is serious about bringing America back to greatness, and he chose a young, ideological conservative to help him get the message out. Now rather than dragging my friends and family to the polls to vote for an orange juice can over King Kardashian, I’m going to be one of Team R & R’s most enthusiastic cheerleaders…

    In my opinion, this election wouldn’t even be close if the Great Divider didn’t have all the stooges in the LSM running interference for him…

    1. unfortunately, Susan, it wasn’t the Tea Party that needed the impressing. what were you guys gonna do, vote for Obama? stay home and pout and not vote at all? not the TPers I know–they’re going b@lls-out for Romney because they know the danger of another 4 years of The One.

      who we needed to attract were independents, Hispanics, and Floridians. you see where I’m going with this. Rubio was the obvious choice and the one the Dems were really worried about.

    1. I don’t believe them, either. I also think the pollsters are in the tank for Chairman Obamao. The polls are so skewed to the left they can be taken with a grain of salt. I’ve answered close to 10 telephone polls and each time I lead the interviewer to believe I can’t wait to vote for Obamao. I’m not the least bit afraid of the racist tag, but lying to pollsters is great sport.

  6. i talked to my brother yesterday who lives in iowa. i asked how he was enjoying all the hot air surrounding his lovely state. plus i asked if he still supported obama. he said yes but nothing like last time and he’s not going to waste his time voting. i have a feeling that’s what alot of the obama supporters are thinking, why waste the time voting. or atleast i hope that’s what they’re thinking if they still support the big o.

    1. With all due respect, I get so angry when people say they can’t be bothered to vote. I think of those who live in countries like Iran and Iraq who risk their lives to exercise their privilege to vote. We should be ashamed that so many of our citizens don’t take their responsibility seriously and don’t appreciate the ease with which we can vote.

  7. I think the polling numbers are suspect just based on how the poll about Ryan was conducted. From the Gallup website:

    Results for this USA Today/Gallup poll are based on telephone interviews conducted Aug. 12, 2012, on the Gallup Daily tracking survey, with a random sample of 1,006 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Gallup trends for these questions from past elections are based on registered voters.

    *** end of quote ***

    They are sampling ADULTS, not registered voters as they have done in the past??? Not likely voters, not even registered voters, just adults. It’s comparing apples and oranges to compare this to the bounce that other VP candidates have given their team.

    Many of the polls being conducted now are weighted towards Democrats, but unless something radical happens, I do not believe that Obamaa will get that many more voters to the polls. Wishful thinking/trying to influence the electorate on the pollsters’ part, especially those in the old mainstream media?

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