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Obama to Have Lunch with Biden Today

President Barack Obama and his mistake-prone vice president, Joe Biden, are having lunch today, a weekly occurrence that takes on far more significance than usual in the wake of controversy surrounding several of Biden’s recent statements.

While the lunch was probably already scheduled, it’s practically impossible that Biden’s campaign trail remarks will fail to come up given the clamor they have provoked. There is even a growing chorus of suggestions – mainly from Republicans – that Biden is not up to the job and should be replaced on the ticket.

The session could easily end up a trip to the woodshed for Biden or, though it’s unlikely, something far worse.

Biden this week suggested that Gov. Mitt Romney would put African Americans back chains and, in a separate appearance, indicated that we are all still living in the 20th century. The statements are just the latest in a series of mistakes – assuming the comment about African Americans was unscripted – in the past few months that have raised concerns about Biden.

Most famously, he blurted out on Meet the Press that he favored gay marriage, forcing President Obama to hastily emerge with his own statement of support.

He called Obama “President Clinton,” called Romney “President Romney,” suggested the Irish drink too much, crossed himself in front of a meeting of over 1,000 conservative rabbis, and paid a visit to Florida’s “Evergators,” as he put it.

Odder still, he began raving uncontrollably during a speech for no particular reason, fulminating about how his parents “dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams.”

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          1. Well, Fredo aside, its a nice thought thou, if the Press would be all over the VP if there was an “R” at the end of his name. I for one do not want to see this utter fool anywhere but VP. He illustrates what dangerous mess this current administration really is, and Clinton is even more dangerous. But some how I think I need to watch The God Farther part I and II this week end.

          2. You’ve got that right. The danger is, if he’s replaced by Hillary, the VP debates will focus on international affairs. The moderators will be the same partisan hacks, as always, and they will be more than happy to play to her strength and sidestep economic issues where Ryan shines. Otherwise, gaffe-prone Joe will be shredded by Ryan in the debates or say something outrageously stupid. Michael Corleone won’t let that happen.

          3. Hillary brings her own baggage to the ticket. How many repulican adds will we see highlighting Hillary’s dressing down of Obama’s dirty campain practices that she made during the 2008 primaries? It would just reinforce what Romney and Ryan are saying now.

          4. Joe Biden was recently campaigning in Arizona. For some reason, he thought that he needed a passport to travel from Tucson to Santa Fe.

            When told that Santa Fe was in New Mexico, Biden was astonished.

            He said, “You mean there is a NEW Mexico?”

          5. With Hillary’s Middle East policy in shambles, Russia making provocative military moves against the U.S. in spite of her stupid “reset button” suck-up to Putin, China growing as a military threat, Iran on the verge of a nuclear bomb, increasingly disastrous prosecution of the war in Afghanistan, Hugo Chavez provoking us at every chance he gets, etc., etc., I don’t think Hillary is the strong foreign policy candidate that Democrats would like everyone to believe.

          6. The thing is, we all see that. Joe is just a goofball, period. I want him to stay where he is so (a) he can continue to be an embarrassment to his party and (b) Ryan can shred him in the debates. McCain should just shut the F up and get out of the way. He is part of our problem to begin with.

          7. As funny as he is the thing I would worry about if he is still the VP next year is what if something ahppened to the president? Look who is now in charge. He would be well advised to just sit in the corner with his coloring books instead of trying to handle the “grown ups business.”

          8. Typical McCain. OH.. no, no Obama is a good man…he is a goooood man…and in the true spirit of cooperation I’m gonna vote for Barack…because he is a gooooood man.

          9. What exactly are Hillary’s foreign policy strengths? Do they teach foreign policy in law school? How many years did she spend as an underling in the State Department, learning the craft? All Hillary is, is a darling of the media and the liberals who believe what they are told to believe.

          10. I actually agree with you. However, as Secretary of State, she is on the world’s stage and Ryan is not. Yes, she is the darling of the Hack Brotherhood. That’s why she is dangerous. If she replaces Joe the Idiot she’ll be more able to hold her own in the debates. The hacks will throw her wiffle-balls on foreign policy issues and avoid economic issues. With Bill to coach her and with her background in “Hillary Care” (yes. a disaster) she can come off as someone who grappled with the same issues as Ryan.

          11. Are you kidding? This is HILLARY! Nothing matters except that this is HILLARY! And Bill will change out of his stained trousers and be her campaign manager. And BTW…you could ask the same type of questions about Obama’s abilities to be president…oh wait, I forgot…you CAN’T ask.

          12. Never happen this is why. As Rush says as soon as Hilary opens her mouth her numbers go down.

            There is NO WAY Hilary will run here is why. If Obama gets elected again and he destroys the country she is toast. Then America will never elect another DEMONcrat for a long time. Hence killing her chances 2016.

            Dick Morris said and he knows Clinton best. No way will Bill vote for Obama no matter what he says and here is why. As I said above it kills her chances. If she doesn’t run and Romney wins (hence why Bill said certain things good about Romney) then the DEMONcrats can do the hatred of Romney for four years. This makes Hillary a viable 2016 candidate.

          13. You have a good point that I didn’t consider. Yeah. If she hitches her wagon to Oblamer and he loses her chances in 2016 would be nil. That is a good insight.

          14. Doesn’t matter if Obama drops Biden for Hillary. I mean, Hillary couldn’t get her party’s nomination for the presidency in ’08, which means there’s factions within her party that just don’t like her, & possibly democratic voters who just don’t like her. And Biden makes one gaffe after the other, he’s probably not a stupid man but he’s an awful speaker.

            Either way, Obama has solyndra to answer for. He has the bailouts of the banking & auto industries to answer for. He has high rates of unemployment to answer for. And these are things that cannot be answered with shouts of “Yes we can”.

        1. Don’t be fooled by “Bill”. He is a Clinton operative working on behalf of his master, the dark lord Hillary Clinton. She is just itching to get on this ticket and be relevant for another 5 minutes.

          1. She won’t here is why. As Rush says as soon as Hilary opens her mouth her numbers go down.

            There is NO WAY Hilary will run here is why. If Obama gets elected again and he destroys the country she is toast. Then America will never elect another DEMONcrat for a long time. Hence killing her chances 2016.

            Dick Morris said and he knows Clinton best. No way will Bill vote for Obama no matter what he says and here is why. As I said above it kills her chances. If she doesn’t run and Romney wins (hence why Bill said certain things good about Romney) then the DEMONcrats can do the hatred of Romney for four years. This makes Hillary a viable 2016 candidate.

      1. Biden: “So if we’re going fishing Rahm, why are you bringing all that lube?”

        Rahm: “Hush ‘yo mouth.” “Now you just bend over and pick up that bait bucket.”

  1. As a descendant of slaves (in Egypt) I forgive Biden.

    What would happen to all the Obama- Biden signs?

    Dumping Biden would bring the focus on Obama’s decision making.
    Since Obama doesn’t make bad decisions I don’t see that happening.

    They’ll drug him up and put him on a tight leash. Zombie Biden.

    1. Agree JG. obama’s ego won’t allow him to dump Biden for the reasons you stated. Plus, I think obama thinks Crazy Joe is an insurance policy against impeachment. Although, if the Republicans win enough Senate seats to take the majority and retain the House….all bets are off. obama may wish he would have lost. I think we need a little R&R.

      1. You bring up a great point about the insurance policy. Conversely, given the 50+ “suicides” of people involved with the Whitewater scandal, if you were Obama, would you want Hillary waiting in the wings for your job?

        1. Exxxactly. The Arkansas thugs are every bit as vicious as the Chicago thugs. Biden is the best life insurance Obama will ever have. With Clinton, H. he would never be able to turn his back or close his eyes. Mrs. Rodham Clinton and her sleaze bag of a husband would destoy him, one way or another.

      2. That’s why Sarah Palin said that Biden should be replaced with Hillary. Now, Obama’s ego will never allow him to appear like he’s taking HER advice!

  2. Biden certainly talks a lot of rubbish but I don´t think that he is worse than his boss. Just remove Obamas Teleprompter and he will be as gaffe-prone as Biden. “You didn´t build that” for example, the worst ” gaffe” ( meaning saying something politically damaging without realizing it ) I have heard so far. They are both incompetent . But why are the Republicans helping Obama with the suggestion of dumping Biden ?

      1. Considering the number of Senate Democrats that are up for re-election in the swing states, I don’t see that it is possible to gain the Senate WITHOUT the White House too. I think this election is all or nothing.

      1. Obama could’ve united his party putting Hillary on the ticket in the first place. But noooooo, he didn’t want Bill Clinton as co-VP, so went with the foreign policy “expert” Biden.

        I think it’s too late for a Hillary. Most of her supporters and PUMAs have moved on to supporting the smart guys to save this country’s arse :D

        1. Denise, I have to agree with you. Besides, Obama is too much of a narcissistic sociopath to have a VP more popular than him.

          And it would absolutely kill him to admit that Sarah Palin was right when she said two days ago that he needs to dump Biden and put Hilary on the ticket.

          1. Dick Cheney was right about Palin, she was a huge mistake for McCain. Palin is a opportunistic dumbbell who is given way too much credit for intelligence by the tea party. Thank God we didn’t have an idiot like that during WWII otherwise we’d all be speaking German right now.

  3. Barry needs to keep Uncle Joey in the spotlight for the next 85 days while he traverses the country on his vote-buying giveaway spree:

    Steve Hayes
    Brett Baier, Aug. 15

    “Now we have governing by give-away. Anytime he needs anything he comes up with a new giveaway, whether it’s student loans or a conference on women held at the White House, or on his trip to Iowa. We have suddenly we have this report from the energy department about the importance of wind tax credits. We have these other giveaways, $170 million for farmers. Wherever he goes he just gives people stuff.”

    “Taxpayers understand that they have to pay for that. That ultimately there is no government money tree. Taxes actually come from some place. And I think the more you see this kind of naked politicization of these kinds of programs the more that that could have a long-term effect.”

  4. You give Obama too much credit. He is such a nice guy, he would never criticise Biden. If he were the type of guy that criticises his friends when they make mistakes, Pelosi & Reid would be DEAD by now!

  5. One would think Hillary would tell BHO to stick in his ear and simply wait to run against Romney in 2016.

    But this is Hillary we are talking about so who knows?

  6. The Preezys schedule:
    10:15AM THE PRESIDENT and THE VICE PRESIDENT receive the Presidential Daily Briefing

    Oval Office

    Closed Press

    10:45AM THE PRESIDENT and THE VICE PRESIDENT meet with Secretary of State Clinton

    Oval Office

    Closed Press

    1. Nothing happened. Nothing to see here, folks. Keep moving.
      This administration has a record of long standing transparency, as anyone with a double digit I.Q. could see right through this calamity from day one in 2009.

  7. Why would Hillary want to play second fiddle to BHO rather than telling him to stick where the sun don’t shine and simply wait to run against Romney in 2016?

    But this is Hillary we are talking about so who knows?

    1. Because Hillary is another Alinsky Globalist socialist fascist and would move the Communist Party to succeed in taking over the United States and throwing the document created by what they feel were cavemen with fire sticks into the congressional libraries dumpster for good and removing all rights from the citizens.

  8. Obama watches Seal Team 6 take bin-Laden on tv… I did that!

    Businessman struggles for years to make it work… You didn’t do that!

    Vote American This Time!

  9. Please keep Joe. We don’t need any more distractions that a change-up would bring. Romney/Ryan can hold their own against Obama/Clinton, but I much prefer the odds vs Obama/Biden.

  10. remember Dan Qauyle, one misspelled word and MSM just crusified. Called the dumbest VP ever. think crazy Joe will take that honor from him?

    1. He didn’t. He was given a note card where the word was misspelled. He questioned the spelling and the event planners insisted that it was spelled correctly. He didn’t misspell anything – he was set up.

  11. Anyone hear the switch in the woodshed? How about the ax chopping? This is how it goes. They meet. Barry and Hil tell Joe, “Joe, you are killing us. ” Joe says, ” Huh?” Barry and Hil say, ” Joe, you are going to have some extenuating circumstance that is going to cause you to resign your position.” Joe says, ” Huh?” Barry and Hil say, ” Joe, either you go or we break your legs the Chicago way.” Joe says, ” Okay, I’ll claim that my family needs me.” Barry and Hilary say, ” Okay, that works.” Then Barry and Hil join hands and skip off into the sunset.

  12. Biden proves you do not have to be smart to be a Democrat. You just have
    to agree with Marx, Stalin, and National Socializm. Thinking about the
    concept of people being free is too hard. You must feel good about destroying
    the individual in favor of the State or one group or anouther. He must have been
    loosly educated?? Or was he just indoctrinated??

    1. Huh? You relize that Marxism and National Socialism are opposing political ethos, right? Why do you think the Nazis jailed and executed communists in the years before WWII? Stalin and Hitler despised each other. It’s mindboggling how very little Americans know about history.

      1. Apparently you are in the dark too. Before Hitler took total power he made many a deal with the commies and fought alongside them occassionally against the Social Democrats and Statists of Germany. Commies and Fascists have much more in common than they have differences. They are both far left wing entitities as well, not right wing as many think.

      2. You are mistaken. Hitler and all NAZIs were socialists. Their issues with communists and socialists were only about who got to be the fuehrer and who would hold any power. Hitler had his socialist party mentor murdered when Hitler thought he was trying to exert personal power instead of blind loyalty to Hitler. That was the man he credited with teaching him everything he knew about politics an socialism. Hitler frequently referred to him as his one great role model and father figure, but he would not share power.

  13. Biden may already be on medication, drinking or under times of severe stress people forget things. Also his age is a factor and we may be seeing the beginning of Alzheimer’s. Anyone of these scenarios should preclude him from the Vice Presidency. Being censored for plagarism during his term as senator should have knocked him out of contention in the first place.

  14. Okay, let’s be fair. Biden may be stupid, but he didn’t say ” that Gov. Mitt Romney would put African Americans back chains”, he said he’d put y’all in chains to a group that had as many white people as black people. Biden is an dumb, but he’s not a race baitor like Obama. Be more accurate Koffler. Romney 2012!!

    1. Um Right Brain, but we really don’t care what you think Old Drunk Joe said. Why nitpick. Whatever Biden said it sure sounded racial to me. The town of Danville is about 50% black and most of the people at the event were black as well. The author if the article was accurate. I guess the only thing you said right was ROMNEY/RYAN 2012

  15. Biden is a HEARTBEAT AWAY from the presidency…or is he???
    Is the Biden “fix” in?

    Vice President Biden is The Gaffe Machine but this run he’s on now makes me wonder. That’s why in all seriousness I ask the following:

    (1) Assuming Biden is of sound mind, would he intentionally overplay his foot-in-mouth disease to change the ticket? Would Obama hatch such a scheme if he thought it would get him reelected?

    (2) On the other hand, if it was known that Biden had Dementia, would Obama keep that under wraps until he could leverage it for political gain? I’m alarmed these questions even seem viable but we’ve already seen this regime lie, cheat and steal then cover it up to further their ends. That’s why I cannot put ANYTHING past Obama — he is in it to win.

    In either case, hypothetically speaking, the Obama campaign would still stand behind anything Biden said and the “mainstream” media would play that up (as they are doing now) hoping to garner sympathy for the man until their “Dementia story” — whether true or not — was released. Recall that prior to the 2008 election, the Journ“O”List coordinated attacks against Obama detractors and suppressed any news that would harm him. (The “O” stood for Obama!) Who’s to say that could not happen again? For our (illegitimate?) president, the rewards outweigh any of the risks. In fact, I would argue that Obama think himself so immune, he has already drafted a letter pardoning himself!

    Post-DNC coronation, Obama would get to leave Charlotte with the bump he craves and his Dem base all fired up (unlike now). And “Mo” would on his side — that powerful electing force called Momentum. Biden as a topic would come off the table because the “evil” GOP would be cast as bullies of a “helpless” man. More importantly, Paul Ryan’s takedown of Biden would never happen. I hope that’s not “the plan” — I’m no conspiracy theorist — I’m just thinking outside the box. I don’t want to see any October or any month election surprises of any kind.

    If the above seems far-fetched, please consider this: If you were told after 9/11 that before the decade was up, a man with an unknown past and Hussein for a middle name would become our president, you probably would not have believed it. For those who say that speaks to the greatness of our country, I understand but say this in response: That same man argued for a mosque at Ground Zero and now invites Muslim Brotherhood terrorists to our White House as his guests. Think about that!

    1. Yesiree, JoeKid, I don’t know how many times I have asked myself and my friends the same question. No one would believe that our people were so easily duped into voting for Hussein after 9/11. And we not only invited the Brotherhood into the WH, but the spy Huma was there to greet them.

  16. Oh, and Hillary is not a gaff a minute too? If she has to speak without a pre-written script she is a disaster. Good, I hope they are dumb enough to put Hillary on the ticket. Let her talk impromptu and watch her lie and say one dumb thing after the other. They will pray to get Biden back. But it will be too late.

  17. I didn’t hear about the last incident where Biden rages about his Father. The reality is that his father owned a car dealership. He WAS a rich guy by nearly anyone’s estimation. And, more power to the Dad. But, Biden’s ongoing harping about his family’s ‘working-class background’ is at the very least dishonest.

  18. Why do journalists and people continue to play this game with this administration? Obama is not going to “take him to the woodshed”. He is going to tell him what a good job he is doing. Biden didnt “force” anything with his gay marriage comment. Show me one person that thought Obama was against gay marriage before Biden made that comment. Obama isnt against anything except America.

  19. Sorry, but removing Biden from the ticket now would be an admission to Obama’s lack of judgment for having him on the ticket in the first place.

  20. On July 22, 2009 Obama said: “Now, I’ve – I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played in that. But I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry; number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home.”

  21. I second what SwedishLady said.

    Biden’s gaffes are by no means the most harmful. I wouldn’t even put any of them in the top ten of the Obama Administration.

    1) You didn’t build that
    2) Acted Stupidly
    3) Clinging to their guns and religion
    4) I won
    5) For the first time in my life, I am proud of America (Michelle)
    6) Romney causes Cancer Ad
    7) Misspelled Reset Button (Clinton)
    8) Returning the Churchill Bust
    9) Hire Turbo Tax Timmy/Van Jones/Anita Dunn
    10) Trying (and failing) to secure the olympics for Chicago
    11) Giving himself a solid B+
    12) Crowing about Bin Laden
    13) The Private Sector is doing fine
    14) “Special Olympics” Bowling comment
    15) Can’t throw a baseball
    16) “After my election I have more flexibility”
    17) Gifts to Gordon Brown and the Queen

    And so on…
    I am leaving out the obvious misspeakes — 57 states, forgetting where he is speaking, stutters, and so on, because those are not really damaging — every politician, especially when tired, says something that can be taken out of context and sounds dumb. I only list the ones where he really put his foot in it.

    1. Pre. Obama, Sen. Schumer, Sen. Gillinbrand, Rep. Hall

      July 31, 2009

      Dear Sir/Ma’am:

      In the past six months I have witnessed various attacks on what makes up a thin and fragile line between order and chaos in a free society; from the Central Intelligence Agency to a local Massachusetts police officer. This must stop. The men and women of these agencies and services step forward, and serve this country in various forms without regard to their personal or economic well being; they do it because they possess an ember that provokes in them a desire to protect the American public, and by extension our way of life, that is, freedom. In short they have the “right stuff” and they prove it every day they infiltrate dangerous organizations hell bent on horror, or keep a once idiotic teenager, like yours truly once was, from violating the vehicle and traffic law. I think it is high time for a little reminder of what these men and women endure to get where they are to do their jobs, and maybe in doing this all of you who are in charge will stop dumping on all of them.

      In order to become and remain a CIA agent one must continually lie to their family and friends, pass a vigorous background check, endure a training program that is psychologically as well as physically grueling, all the while living under a microscope for months where every emanation is recorded, reviewed, and discussed ad nauseam with people you have never met. Assuming one makes it to graduation, the new agents are then given assignments all over the globe in an effort to widen our intelligence net; to enable all of you to make wise choices as to how to react to the challenges this nation is, and will face. As far as a personal life or marriages, rarely do they endure, and children are difficult to have if you and your spouse are separated by continents for months on end. The penalty for detection in many of these regions is an excruciatingly painful death; the best these captured agents can hope for is to die while being tortured. You can bet Kim Jung Whack Job is not following the United States Army Field Manual.

      In order to become a police officer and remain one, one must have and continue to live on the right side of the law and pass psychological testing. They must train for dangerous and unpredictable situations that they will most likely face alone. The men and women of the thousands of police departments risk their lives to enforce the law while simultaneously respecting the constitutional rights of citizens so that the law abiding can live freely. Every day hundreds of thousands of police officers kiss their wives and children goodbye; put on twenty to forty pounds of gear including a loaded weapon, and earnestly set forth to enforce the law and protect the public, sometimes even protecting a citizen from his or her own stupidity; all the while knowing that for a handful of officers this will be the last day they ever see their children, wife or husband on this earth. Recently a Massachusetts police officer was dispatched to respond to an alleged break-in in progress; this particular officer, arrived on the scene; proceeded in accordance with his training; to secure, apprehend potential suspects, and to every extent possible maintain the scene for a potential prosecution of as yet undetermined suspects – and he was viciously attacked for it.

      How can all of you expect that we will attract and retain the best individuals this nation has to offer if you attack them? In the recent past Speaker Pelosi accused the CIA of lying or President Obama last week automatically assumed a police officer is acting “stupidly” after declaring he did not know the facts. President Clinton spent his terms in office declaring a world at peace and cashed the peace dividend on top of the CIA and the defense of this nation; that brought us the loss of lives on September 11, 2001; decimated our economy and brought us a war that has no end because we have not yet begun ramping up to attack the wider enemy; an enemy who you can all bet will attack us again. All of you at a bare minimum would serve this nation far better if you supported, and when ever possible, celebrated the efforts of all of these men and women in their efforts to do their vital jobs. As far as doing your jobs; any government that is accruing a Seven Billion Two Hundred Million dollar debt ($7,200,000,000) every twenty-four hours against a rapidly shrinking economy, while contemplating spending hundreds of billions of dollars on everything from taking over the health system to “cash for clunkers” is clearly not doing its job.


      Joe Doakes

    2. Please don’t forget Michelle’s comment to Obama “All this for a flag”, or “All this for a d–n flag” during a 9-11 remembrance ceremony, and Obama nodding in agreement with her. That one ranks right up there with never been proud of my country until this moment……if not above it.

    3. @Sweet Lou-You forgot to mention remember when O and the Wookie were seated behind the clear glass during the fallen soldiers with the importance given to the American Flag with all the sacrifices our men and women died for..The camera was on those two bums for a moment and clearly she whispered to O “All this for a Flag” He need nods ever so nonchalantly as “Yep” with his empty noggin.

  22. I think I know where Joe will turn up next after he gets whacked from the VP gig.
    Yesterday, after dealing with one of the dumbest human beings ever created (a TSA agent at Newark airport), it came to me that must be Joe’s calling.
    He’d be a perfect TSA agent…maybe a little smarter than most of them, but definitely not intimidatinly smart for a TSA agent, just a little above average.

    He’s nasty, slow, pendantic, and entitled to lifetime employment on the taxpayers’ dime. He’d be collecting a gubment pension anyway, so why not put him to work?

    Plus, just think how good he’s look with that silver pseudo-hair with that blue shirt.

  23. Maybe Joe should try to turn the tables on President Gaffe:

    JOE: But Barack, remember when you said “you didn’t build that” and we tried to explain that you were talking about roads and bridges? Shouldn’t you have said “you didn’t build THOSE”? Afterall, roads and bridges are plural.

    BARACK: Well Joe, I really meant businesses.

    JOE: Ooooooh, at least I know, Barack, that you’re not illiterate and a liar like me; you’re just a liar. That’s a big f****** deal.

    BARACK: Where’s Valerie! Valerie, come here!

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  25. “Good ol’ Joe” isn’t going anywhere. As long as Biden is on the ticket, Obama looks good in comparison. Obama knows this, his campaign knows this, and the Democrat party knows this. “Say it ain’t so, Joe” is here to stay…..right to the bitter defeat in November. Enjoy the show, everybody!!

  26. April 25, 2011

    Dear President Obama,

    I’ve long held the notion that you could screw up a gravity toilet. Considering the primary force that effects the evacuation of waste is gravity that is an exceedingly difficult thing to do. Yet, as recent events have demonstrated I think I may have been understating your apparent and growing incompetence. There are days that I’m convinced that you were promised a bonus if you can collapse the US Dollar, and a double, if you create the conditions for an Islamic Caliphate to be born. I still can’t get the question out of me head: Why you are running so soon? The election, if you allow it to happen, is 18 months away.

    My theory is that you have not convinced the political class that you can win. So as of your announcement you are in the process of a “test campaign.” A dry run of you will. Even before a Libyan bombing mission, even with a liberal democrat as President with the middle name Hussein, the pilots practice on a simulator to make sure they hit their marks. So why not pull out the greek columns for some more nauseating “I’m-Un-American-And-The-Rich-Suck” speeches so you can prove to your backers what suckers the liberal left truly is constructed out of? I mean they paid upwards of $60,000 to sing you a song to your face which proudly proclaimed that they have no place to go but you. I guess hooking up the battery cables to Ted Kennedy is out of the question. My guess is you’ll do this until October of 2011 then it will be “go no go time” for your challengers Hillary Clinton and Evan Bahy. If your poll numbers are in the low 30’s or the 20’s you are done for. Because if there is one thing your real handlers know it is who to bet on and when to place that bet.

    I’m confident that the American people are ready to pull the ejection handle before you can bomb the American psyche with another piece or expansion of the welfare state. We even hired a guy to weave your parachute with a hammer and sickle on it so when you float down on “your peeps,” Eric Holders words not mine, you’ll land safe and sound. Though if I were in your shoes I would be ready for some rough stuff because in those countries they do not have a Constitution or a Bill of Rights or any thing resembling a rule of law. So you may think you have landed in paradise, but you know what happens when you call some place paradise. You can kiss it goodbye. Makes you wonder why liberal democrats work so hard at destroying what so many have suffered so much for.

    Not me though. I’m no rocket scientist, but I know a pile of steaming excrement when I see it, and I certainly know enough not to step in it.


    Joe Doakes

  27. I have a close friend that worked Bice President Joe Biden’s political office as an aide. The friend claimed Biden was the biggest liar they’d ever seen. And I believe his giving to charities is comproble to Al Gore who now is a Multi-millionaire! Actions speak louder than words. But, this type of being a bumbling big mouth I happen to enjoy. It makes sense why Congressionak ratings are so low. I think Biden drew up the lesson plans!

  28. Yes, a president is having lunch with his VP. Maybe even a dinner happens every now and again.. And it’s campaign season. Breakfast… Hmmm something is sure up with that! The intellectual side of politics is sooooo facinating.

  29. Clinton Inc has been floating Hillary moving into the Veep spot for some time. The pics of an old / aging Hillary; the 2 year old article asking about Hillary’s choice of cloths i.e. pantsuit. Trying to gather data if the public is open to another Clinton being in the White House. Not sure if she would help Obama out though. Hillary’s tenure as Sec of State has been marred with failures – Libya and Egypt both were the Muslim Brotherhood in control. Not to mention that Hillary supporters would prefer her at the top of the ticket.

    The problem is, Obama will have to deal with Bill. The press loves Bill and you know he would be undermining Obama at every turn.

  30. This line of discussion presupposes that Hillary really adds something to the ticket. Granted they will have the Big Dog to blabber in the press and oceans of Clinton Nostalgia to swim in…but she really does not bring much to the table. Obama’s record is her record.

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  32. Were these all not scripted “gaffes” ??
    I think it’s very likely this is all a massive distraction campaign to keep Mitt Romney marginalized in the press. Think about the pattern:

    1. Reid’s absurd tax delinquency accusations against Romney
    2. An absurd superpac ad, quite clearly BS
    3. Now continuous gaffes by VP

    Every week comes a new distraction, and meanwhile our country is not focused on the debt, a disastrous (!!!!) foreign policy, and the divisions emerging in our society.

    Romney’s campaign should dismiss and keep focused on Obama.

  33. Obammy…master and commander of the doofus’ abroad.
    My question to this @sshat-in-Chief would be, “WHY Biden in the first place?”
    This moron hasn’t made a SINGLE smart decision since the day he was immaculated.

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