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Carney: Biden Stays on the Ticket

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today said Vice President Joe Biden would not be asked to step down from the Democratic presidential ticket, dismissing as a mere distraction criticism of Biden’s statement Wednesday that Gov. Mitt Romney would put African Americans back in chains.

Carney said the issue of Biden’s running “was settled a long long time ago,” noting he saw no sign of frustration from President Obama that Biden’s remarks had gotten the Obama campaign off message.

Carney used the moment to take a potshot at Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who had suggested it was time for Obama to drop Biden.

“One place I would not go for advice on presidential running mates is John McCain,” Carney said.

Carney said Biden “was talking about Wall Street Reform” Wednesday and accused Republicans of creating “confected distractions from the important issues of the day” and trying to change the subject.

Asked whether Virginia Democrat Doug Wilder, the nation’s first black governor, was also playing politics when he forcibly objected to Biden’s comment, Carney described Wilder’s comments as merely “one man’s opinion” and insisted, “He doesn’t have a point.”

H/T to Fox Nation.

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    1. I think you are a little premature in thinking Obama is sure to lose. George Soros funded groups are already mailing out bogus voter registrations hoping to hinder the valid counting of ballots. In my state of Washington, registration forms were received in the name of a dead dog, sent by a group called Voter Participation Center with an address that turns out to be a mailbox in a UPS store. Not very surprising that our Democrat governor won the last election by 133 votes after two recounts and out of thin air, ballots that were “inadvertently stored in the wrong place” were found between the first and second recount, giving the Democrat the win. Let us also not forget Obama’s Department of Injustice and Corruption is thwarting all attempts by states to ensure the integrity of elections by suing those states which passed tougher laws on providing proper identification to vote or in the case of South Carolina, denied the approval of the changes their legislature made regarding providing identification with South Carolina one of the states that still need DOJ approval for changes to voting laws. And considering the fact Ohio voters can vote as early as September 27th, even before the first Romney/Obama debate, and other states also have early voting procedures, the election can go either way.

    1. Color me skeptical on Jay’s standing by our man. David Axelrod’s comments this morning — he used Joe’s done a great job, Joe did a great job. I’m no English teacher but it would seem to me that one might say Joe is doing a great job. But there’s my lack of grammar skills and Axelrod’s abysmal command of the English language to contend with. That said, interesting you think Hillary might have turned him down. Hillary is a blowhard, all of her courage is from a distance and comes out only with a big pay off. I doubt she would do it face to face. 2 cents.

      1. You know, it sounded to me as through Axeldouche was saying goodbye to Plugs. Really, I would hate to see him go, he is one of our secret weapons.

        1. I was listening to a talk radio show this afternoon and a reporter for the Washington Times pretty much dropped the hint that Hillary had been asked, and pretty much told Obama to “go fly a kite”. So, Axelgrease might WANT Biden out, but for now, he’s probably staying put. At least he makes Obama not look quite so stupid.

  1. The homework assignment is to look up the name Tom Perriello. He was the guy who came up with the Danville chains rap video. He is a kid i grew up with and he is a total weasel. Ran for Congress as a moderate and campaigned non stop for eighteen months and won. After six months he was toast. He is now one on John Podestas comrades and he was given the title of President of American Progress. He went to Yale college and law school and he was brainwashed there as he was nothing special in high school back in Charlottesville.

  2. All this administration does is lie, lie, lie. . .why should we believe what they are telling us about Biden remaining on the ticket?

    1. If anyone associated with Obama lips are moving they are lying. And
      poor little Sparky he’s in so far over his head they could replace him
      with a recording of you’ll have to ask______fill in the blank, really blank.

  3. So in one week the Obama group has made offensive, stupid remarks to the Romney supporter about not buying him a beer, the Green Bay fans to try and make him look like a real sports fan and now they dismiss Governor Wilder. I think I just heard Potus say “I know you are but what am I?”

  4. Oh, I was waiting to see the usual disclaimer, “Note from our attorney ~ this is not a real comment”, but I guess we got lucky and Joe “JOBS” Biden will be on the ticket. Perhaps Hillary is smarter than we thought. According to Ed Klein’s book, “The Amateur”, Bill really wanted her to challenge Obama for the nomination for 2012, but she said “no”.

    1. This is simple Obama asked, no begged, Hillary to save his ass this year to come on to the ticket and Hillary said “f*** you” to him. She’s already setting up a run in 2016 and doesn’t want to be tied in any way to Obama’s Chicago politics. After all she has the Clinton machine still, just because Obama defeated her in 2008 doesn’t mean those people went away.

      1. Oh, I suspect you are correct. She needs to have a little work done on her face (some of the pictures of her wrinkles would not bode well in a lengthy campaign) and then she is ready to hit the road. Time, however, is not on her side….in 4 years, she’ll be 69 or 70. It worked for Reagan, but Hillary is no Reagan!

  5. obummer needs a biden by his side as much as all the other sycophants surrounding him to hide or blur his natural lack of personality and intelligence.

  6. I believe Obama thinks Biden is an asset because the more time we conservatives spend on laughing at his stupidity or criticizing him is less time we have exposing the demon, Obama.

  7. My latest lunchtime blurbaganda find: All Obama would cut from Medicare (half a trill) is abuse, so it won’t affect seniors. Whereas “the other side” will erase Medicare “as we know it.” They have really latched onto the “as we know it” phrase. Believe me–no one understands if even if they are on it! Do not even THINK about asking about Mom’s latest hospitalization and adventures. You will have little head giblets all over your nice shirt.

  8. Cracking wise on JohnMcCain for his choice of a running mate is so, so, dumb. Let’s see, how many candidates did MrsPalin endorse that won their election and how many candidates did MrBiden endorse that ..oh wait, he didn’t endorse anyone…MrObama endorsed the eventual losers.

    What candidate for the VP position that eventually lost the election can still draw a crowd of thousands? um… SarahPalin.
    What non-candidate for election that never held a federally elected position can call a press conference and the press shows up? um..SarahPalin.

    .The Dems really have to do something about MrBiden’s off-key remarks, one way or another. He’s damaging the ticket, the Obama/Biden team.
    The press must smell some blood in the water or they wouldn’t have gone after MrBiden so pointedly. Just like sharks, the press has to have something to eat all the time and it looks like ol’Joe is the next victim.

    1. Carney… you little snotty nosed brat, you wouldn’t last 1 minute in the
      boxing ring with Sarah. She’d clean your clock so hard , you’d be running back to mama’s arms seeking her chicken soup w/ warm milk and cookies..( just as you do every regular week nite)

  9. My guess is that Obama and his operatives asked Clinton a l-o-o-ong time ago to replace Biden and she, not wishing to hitch her wagon to Obama’s rapidly falling star, declined in a most definitive manner. Slim pickings in lib-land. Maybe Dennis Kucinich of Howard Dean would be interested? LOL.

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