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Brewer: No Driver’s Licenses or Benefits for Illegals

In what is being seen in some quarters as a slap in the face to President Obama, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer late Wednesday issued an executive order affirming that Obama’s limited amnesty for illegal immigrants does not alter Arizona law, which bars them from receiving driver’s licenses or state benefits.

The order doesn’t change Arizona law. But coming on the very day Obama’s new policy goes into effect, it sends a defiant message to the White House.

Brewer and Obama have had a rocky relationship that has put them at loggerheads over Arizona’s tough immigration laws.

Brewer said in a book that Obama was condescending to her during an Oval Office meeting. The two appear to have had an altercation on the tarmac just after Obama got off Air Force One during a January 2012 visit to Arizona.

Brewer insists that her action Wednesday was merely an attempt to clarify Arizona law amid the “chaos” she said has been brought by Obama’s policy.

“Because of the order by the Obama administration, by President Obama, to proceed with this amnesty program that started today, there were questions about what the agencies were going to do,” she said. “So we just made it perfectly clear so that there woud be no misunderstanding.”

Obama’s policy, created by an executive order of his own, forces the federal government stop deporting undocumented immigrants under 30 who came to the United States before they turned 16 and allows them to apply for work permits.

It amounts to an end run around Congress, which has refused to pass the Obama-backed DREAM Act that would create a path toward citizenship for young illegal immigrants who have gone to college or served in the military.

But the Obama order is temporary, only allowing deportation to be deferred for two years.

Brewer’s action Wednesday has sparked protests in Arizona and demands that Obama make his partial amnesty permanent.

19 thoughts on “Brewer: No Driver’s Licenses or Benefits for Illegals”

  1. Sure enough, Mexican nationals took to the streets in Phoenix yesterday demanding that they be eligible for benefits provided by Arizona’s taxpayers for legal residents of our state.
    What is it they want from Arizona?.. driver’s licenses and why do they want them?
    Here’s one of the voter ID requirements needed to be eligible to vote in
    Arizona:a valid driver’s license and a government issued ID card.

    GovBrewer, the only governor in all of the UnitedStates has the guts, the courage of conviction to announce that we’re not going to allow an illegal act by PresObama dictate how we run our state. The other gutless 49 governers who remain silent only reinforce the illegality of this back-door amnesty given to people who have invaded our country.

      1. I agree, we can’t support the whole world on our tax money.
        Also srdem65 hit the nail on the head, Obama is pandering to illegals
        for open border votes using fake ID driver licenses, no auto insurance required. Obama’s policies are unamerican and unethical, insulting to all taxpaying americans who have family trying to enter legally from overseas in every country there is on the map, Americans are underemployed, unemployed and the working poor can’t get hired, no one is paying their tutitions for college. Especially my African American friends having to compete with illegals and pay their own college tutition some who were run out of low paying jobs by illegals at fast food businesses and restauants. Obama does hate americans and this country to use the ID’s of illegals to vote for him. He is a tratior and should be locked up with Eric Holder. We have enough problems for americans already.

    1. Today it is not popular of being a law abiding citizen in the US, neither is to wait in line to enter the US through legal channels.

  2. Where have we made it in the story where its NEWS that people who are in the country illegally don’t get benefits like the citizens?

    Maybe its just me am I missing something?

    1. It’s big news because MrsBrewer, a Repub governor, is telling illegal aliens that MrObama’s illegal action does not have any weight in Arizona. She’s telling the illegals that MrObama has institued a sham, a trick that won’t get them a job, won’t allow them to get into our state colleges, and won’t make them eligible for benefits that legal Americans enjoy.
      We’re saying Arizona has the right to determine who is a legal resident and who isn’t, no matter what illegal edict comes down from Washington.

  3. Thank the Good Lord for patriots like Governor Brewer. Wish Texas had a leader like that. It’s bad enough, Texans are paying for the illegal aliens college degrees. The good ol’ boys are all quiet on the front, which likely means they are thrilled with King Kardashian’s decree…

    1. Love, Love, Love Gov. Brewer. She must be the BIGGEST thorn in Obama’s side.
      Watch the DOJ go after her, since they don’t have to waste any time on John Corzine now. (He is free to go bundle for O’bumbles)

  4. Bravo, Gov. Brewer! And, yes, where are the other 49 Governors?
    Obama’s ‘temporary amnesty’ act is so brazenly illegal, why is it not an impeachable act? It is election fraud/tampering in it’s basest form! And, btw, Obama’s estimate of 1M ‘children’ of illegals is ludicrous – we have more than 1M in CA alone! It’s closer to 3-4M. (Thankfully, CA is all Blue and won’t factor in the election). The overall number of illegals in this country is closer to 20M or more. If he wins, Obama will be guilty of voter fraud. What can we do about it? Nothing! It’s his little game of ‘catch me if you can’!

    ***Most illegals already have fake DL’s, but for those applying now, they should be issued restrictive licenses that cannot be used for voter motor or voter registration ID.

    On another topic: CA just declared that Graduate Schools at all public colleges and Universities in the State will be closed to all CA residents!!! Only Out-of-State (primarily international) students will be admitted beginning in Jan. 2013. I suppose Mexican nationals will be considered ‘international students’!

    1. I saw that too and still am shocked. My home sweet ex home has gone insane.
      Here in Hawaii, I had to show my Driver’s License TWICE to vote in the Primary election on Saturday. Of course, I am a white 50 working stiff.

      1. I think the states will change and folks will relocate if Obama wins and most will go on welfare and move to welfare states like CA. It’s unfortunate, there are still good conservates in Orange County and some parts trying to save that state. Mabey we should all move to AZ.

  5. Obama needs to release his college grades and his own taxes from 10 yrs. ago to prove he is non american non tax payer with bad grades from Harvard. He needs to take a drug test every week as well.

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