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Biden Aides Censoring the Press

Aides to Vice President Biden edited press pool reports during Vice President Biden’s two day trip to Virginia this week, an unheard-of practice that amounts to censorship of the press.

The pool reports are entirely the property of the press. They are written by reporters who are on hand at presidential or vice presidential events where access for the press corps is limited. The reports inform other reporters who were excluded from the event about what happened, and those reporters then use the information in their stories.

As a convenience, pool reports are sent via the White House to reporters on the White House press list. The White House has nothing to do with the reports other than serving as a conduit to get the information out to reporters. For vice presidential or presidential aides to edit the reports is no different than if they had edited a story written by a reporter.

I’ve covered the White House for 15 years, and I’ve never heard of aides to the vice president or president touching the reports, except perhaps to helpfully suggest a change to a grammatical or spelling error.

Here’s a discussion about the pool report editing by Jonathan Martin of Politico, who wrote about the practice, NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd, and Washington Post political reporter Chris Cilizza.

25 thoughts on “Biden Aides Censoring the Press”

  1. These people, from Obama on down, should be apologizing to the American people and stepping down for their criminal behavoir, lawlessness, and incompetency; but instead, they’re doubling-down and doing everything in their power to steal the election.

    These people are corrupt, and morally/ intellectually bankrupt.

    1. …”corrupt and morally/intellectually bankrupt”… Funny, thats what the Dear Leader Obama & his Neo-Socialist followers think of the American people…

    1. I agree it is disheartening that the President only talks to “entertainment” magazines but … The Obamas, especailly Mrs. Obama, may be looking for a job in the entertainment/tv industry so they may just be making friends or paying their dues. Additionally, i beleive that both Obamas believe that most of us “folks” are too dumb to learn about current events from other sources.

  2. Why does “NBC News” care if the WH ‘edits’ their ‘press pool reports’?
    “NBC News” is just a propaganda office for Obama and pretty much ‘reports’ what the Obama WH tells them.

    1. You hit that nail right on the head Spook! And is it me or does Jonathan Martin really seem all that upset with Biden’s aides “correcting” the pool report? Last time I read Politico ( which ain’t too often) I kind of remember that what they “reported” was pretty much a bunch of left wing crap anyway.

  3. Why shouldn’t the Obama White House tell the W.H. Press corps (and the U.S. media) whatever it is they want the “story” to be?
    With the exception of WHDossier, and the odd day when Jake Tapper is cranky, a larger group of suck-up brown nose ass kissers never drew breath.

    The days when a Sam Donaldson or a Roger Mudd, stood up and shoved it in Richard Nixon’s face in front of the world are long, long gone.

    And Chuck Todd is about three and half years late.

  4. Keith, why do the pool reports have to be sent to the WH for distribution, aka editing? It’s more expedient, but can the system be changed? Or are we now the Soviet Union. It has to be pretty bad when MSNBC gang is hollering! It’s also terrifying that they admit that WH aides have to “save Biden from himself”! But isn’t that what they have been doing with Obama for the last 5 years? How about saving the country from them?

    1. I think it’s because the WH has the press list it uses to send out its statements, so it has the emails of all accredited reporters. And they’re always working when the pool is, so they can get it out immediately. This may change now.

      1. The press need to manup and tell the WH to put it where the sun don’t
        shine. This is still barely a free country and members of the press have
        died in wars and gone to jail to give us the truth and information! And
        they shouldn’t take their orders from the WH this is not acceptable at
        all. Obama already shows his preferred way to govern executive order.
        If they are allowed to censor the press we are in deep dodo.

  5. Horrors! The WhiteHouse press corps is being handled by the WhiteHouse hacks. Soooo, how’s that news?
    Or should we even ask; and what do they plan to make things right?
    The President doesn’t meet with the press often, but when he does nobody asks the right questions or demands a truthful answer. We all know why, he can’t help himself from revealing what he tries to hide by only speaking from a written speech.
    MrTodd and his coherts only have to look in a mirror to see who’s responsible for this unhappy turn of events.

    The mainstream media has been censoring, deleting, and manipulating the political news for years. They don’t really matter much anymore since we all have alternate news outlets to assess what’s important and what’s just fluff.

    1. Too bad – but the pool reports don’t go only to ‘democrat’ reporters. This is a huge issue- someone in the WH must be fired.

  6. Poor little mistreated sycophants. Now they know how it feels to have their speech censored. They have no problem censoring comments they disagree with on their ditsy stories, but they don’t like it when the tables are turned. They’ll cry for a day or two, then go right back to sucking up to these Marxists.

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  8. Obama’s bud, Hugo, would be proud to see his apprentice learning so quickly.
    Come Nov, the apprentice will be fired!

    GB (not GD!) America!

  9. He who controls the present controls the past.
    He who controls the past controls the future.

    War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is Strength
    Democrats are Patriots</b?

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