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Obama Targets Romney’s Dog, Again

President Obama Tuesday cracked up a supportive Iowa audience by making a joke about Mitt Romney putting his dog Seamus on the roof of his car.

The remark came during a discussion of windmills. From the White House transcript:

His running mate, Congressman Ryan, calls them a “fad.” Then during a speech a few months ago, Governor Romney explained his energy policy this way — “You can’t drive a car with a windmill on it.” That’s what he said about wind power. Now, I know he’s tried some other things on top of a car. (Laughter and applause.) I didn’t know he had tried windmills on top of a car. (Applause.) But maybe he tried it. I would have liked to have seen that. (Laughter.)

The Obama campaign had previously seized on the story about Romney’s dog, suggesting it was a sign of Romney’s callousness, until the strategy backfired when it emerged that Obama had admitted to eating dogs as a child.

But the joke appeared to be part of Obama’s prepared remarks, suggesting the president is ready to introduce Seamus back into the campaign.

Republicans responded by noting that Obama had just himself grumbled about the pettiness of politics.

“After sanctimoniously complaining about making a ‘big election about small things,’ President Obama continues to embarrass himself and diminish his office with his un-presidential behavior,” Romney spokesman Ryan Williams said in a statement.

33 Responses to Obama Targets Romney’s Dog, Again

  1. obama and crazy Joe make quite the team! It’s begining to look like America is finally realizing the huge mistake we made in 2008 and won’t compound it in 2012. With Rep Ryan firing up the crowd in Colorado, and Gov Romney firing up coal miners yesterday, I’m starting to have hope

  2. The contrast between the candidates’ speeches is amazing. The school bullies against the smart kids. I think the mocking tone of Team Obama’s going to lose a few indie voters.

  3. King Kardashian and his court jester are sadly mistaken if they believe the American people see their buffoonish behavior as a ‘joke’. They are dragging America’s reputation through the gutter and they will pay dearly for that.

    At least Seamus survived the ride on the roof of Romney’s car. King Kardashian’s poor unnamed victim didn’t survive the ride on the roof of his mouth.

  4. I saw something funny this morning – Chris Rock was complaining about the elections not being “fair” and that they should have the same amount of money, etc.

    Do you think he realizes that Obama currently has more money, and is spending more? I think Rock should donate to Mitt to even things up.

  5. I purchase a campaign button for my dog that reads: Mutts for Mitt Better in the crate than on the plate. It gets a lot of attention around here.

  6. Obama and Smokin’ Joe look pretty desperate to me. The more Romney/Ryan focus on substance and issues, the more it is apparent that O/B are not.Obama really has nothing to say about WHY he should be given another 4 years. This is becoming increasingly apparent.

  7. Hey Barack Hussein Obama. . .what’s powering the big a$$ bus you’re driving around the country? Is it “electric” or “hybrid” like you’ve been pushing on us “little people”?

    All they need to do to power BHO’s bus is to open the window and let him stick his head out window and open his mouth–all the hot air coming out of this gasbag should easily propel them down the road!

    America, have you had enough yet? I have!

    Stand Up, Speak Out, Fight Back

  8. The funniest thing about this comment by Obama was that on Monday I had to drive my daughter to cheer camp, and I drove by this HUGE wind farm in Michigan. I looked it up, there are 133 of those giant windmills at this particular project. At full speed, they can power 50,000 homes. (SE michigan has over 2.1 million homes – so – pittance). Anyway, there were only THREE of those things moving, I couldn’t see all 133 (it for five miles) but I saw a lot. THREE were spinning.

  9. Boy, what a day!! Our (so called) VP Joe Biden, the Delaware Plagiarlizer really stuck his “foot” in it….”Wall Street put y’all back in chains”????….Hey Joe, what does YOUR portfolio look like, you HYPOCRITE??….I’m sure that you have a few “investments” out there, you and “Dr” Jo. You stupid Yankee…what even gives you the right to use the term “y’all” you patronizing puppet?. Neither you nor Obama have the faintest idea of what business is…..Joe, your “boss” couldn’t grow weeds much less an economy. All he can do is take a small “pie” and keep “whacking” it up into smaller pieces instead of allowing business in America to “grow” a larger pie…He just envisions an “America, with prosperity for all” instead of an America which can provide prosperity for those who choose to rise up and WORK FOR IT if given a chance……You’re both trash!!!!

  10. OLE BHOZO was salivating at the Thought of Roasting a Dog on a wood fire turning it slowwly and Smearing it with BBQ sauce…an Ime that Haunts him since he cannot do it while in Office… It would not ‘LOOK” good!!!