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Obama Jokes: No Questions from Packers Fan

President Obama today joked that he would not take a question from a Green Bay Packers fan, pointing to perhaps the deepest rivalry of all between him and Mitt Romney’s vice presidential choice, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan: Football.

From the pool report describing Obama’s appearance at Cascade High School in Iowa:

Obama said he would take questions from anyone in the room, except the guy in a Green Bay Packers shirt. “I generally don’t interact with Packers fans, except when I’m in Wisconsin.”

Obama is a huge fan of the Chicago Bears, arch-rivals of the Packers. Ryan is devoted to the Packers, as is another Wisconsin native and leading Obama antagonist, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

This is about much more than the White House.

While he was joking, President Obama might want to be careful. Sensitivity toward the cherished Packers runs high in Wisconsin, and some in the The Badger State, a critical battleground which Obama still hopes to win, may not be amused.

Meanwhile, Obama Tuesday said that the rivalry between the Bears and the Packers impressed him more than some of the conflict he sees in Washington, according to the Associated Press.

“I have to say that the difference is that Bears and Packers, they actually are good at what they do,” Obama said. “Folks in Congress sometimes don’t get things done. I would say that I am more impressed with the Bears-Packers rivalry than I am with some of the stuff that goes on in Washington because a lot of times that stuff is not on the level.”

27 Responses to Obama Jokes: No Questions from Packers Fan

  1. Isn’t the POTUS supposed to be POTUS of all the people. . .he’s really doubling down on eliminating anyone who might vote for him. . .the other day he bought beers for everyone except the guy wearing a Romney shirt, today, no questions from the GBP shirt wearing guy. . .maybe folks should start showing up nude to his gatherings if they want to have a fair chance at asking his highness a question!

    Romney/Ryan 2012

  2. I am not very interested in sports so my comment may be totally off but Obama doesn´t strike me as someone really into sports either. I am more inclined to think that he is acting the “regular guy” part and that he exaggerates in his effort. Since he has no humour he is no natural joker. And I simply do not understand his comparison between the Bears/Packers and Congress.” Some of the stuff” in DC is not “on the level “…. What ?????

  3. He better watch it–my parents lived in Green Bay for a couple of yrs and 10,000 people used to show for intersquad practice–stuff like that. They like their Packers. Speaking of people just prattling out anything–I just turned on Chelsea Handler during lunch–I admit, I usually like her show, for a few laughs, but when she gets into politics, she is out of her depth instantly. Before I could click it off–she said, “They think we will vote for Paul Ryan because he’s cute–and all he wants to do is destroy the Medicare people worked all their lives for.” So that’s the party line, folks… I don’t see why she is upset–she voted for Obama because he was cute (supposedly).

  4. Careful mr.Obambo, trying to be cute will cost you votes… And don’t WE have more important issues facing the ENTIRE country today?.. oh thats right,
    YOUR campaign is more important than some stupid issues pressing our Country into peril ! ..
    On second thought, PLEASE dont be careful with your words !
    (got to be the most ignoramus man ever to have held our highest office)

  5. He really is a pathetic little man He’s not funny in the slightest – he is arrogant, cruel. and thin-skinned. I cringe when politicians preface their criticisms of Obama with “He’s a nice guy, but….”. The truth is – he is NOT a nice guy – he’s a horse’s rear end! And I don’t understand DEMS and Liberals – why don’t they just tell him to pick up his toys and GO HOME! He has no redeeming qualities – none.

  6. There it is.
    Wisconsin will now be known as a red state and all their electoral votes will head to the Romney-Ryan team, because MrObama doesn’t understand American’s loyalty to their football teams.

  7. LOL = like Barack Hussein Obama EVER followed NFL Football… (thats too ‘low class’…What team did Obama follow growing up?)

    • He followed football as much as he followed baseball (i.e. not at all)…remember his remark about attending White Sox games at “Cominskey Field?”

      It’s not that it’s too ‘low class’ for him…it’s ‘too American.’

  8. He’s behaving more like the high school bully rather than the President of the United States. Too much choom wagon and not enough moral discipline and values instilled in him. Never in my life have I looked forward to an election more than I do this one. Hurry up November.

      • You are so right, srdem. I don’t care how far left the moderator is, Paul Ryan is going to run circles around ol’ Joe. We already have the beer and popcorn lined up for the event…

  9. Re: Obama said….”Folks in Congress sometimes don’t get things done …” I’d say a more correct statement would be to delete Congress and substitute White House.

  10. “I have to say that the difference is that Bears and Packers, they actually are good at what they do,”

    He must not have seen the bears lately. OH BURN!

    I’m in Wisconsin, and I’m not a nut. What he said was funny given his Chicago background.

  11. Obama is as much a Bears fan as Hillary is Yankees fan. IN other words, they only “found” the teams when they decided to run for office.

  12. Well, dang. Our President would certainly know about things not on the level.
    And Swedish Lady is spot on about him not really caring about sports. After all, neither the Packers nor the Bears is about him. ‘Nuff said.