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Michelle to Host “Kids’ State Dinner”

Yes, it’s a healthy eating event. The attendees apparently won some kind of contest sponsored by BOTH the Department of Education and the Department of Agriculture to create a recipe that is “healthy, affordable and tasty.”

My bet is that “tasty” wasn’t actually one of the criteria.

Here’s the announcement from the White House:

WASHINGTON, DC – On Monday, August 20th, First Lady Michelle Obama will host the first ever Kids’ “State Dinner,” at the White House, inviting 54 kids, ages 8-12 representing all U.S. states, three territories and the District of Columbia, to a luncheon featuring a selection of healthy recipes from the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge and a performance by Nickelodeon’s music sensation Big Time Rush. The Challenge was created in support of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative, which aims to help solve the problem of childhood obesity within a generation.

In May, parents from across the country were invited to work with their child to create an original lunchtime recipe that is healthy, affordable and tasty, and followed the nutritional guidelines set by USDA’s site. Fifty-four winners were chosen by a panel of judges by the organizations that teamed up with the First Lady on this initiative: Epicurious, the Department of Education and the Department of Agriculture.

First Lady Michelle Obama will deliver brief remarks at the luncheon, which will be open press. Following the luncheon, the kids will be treated to a performance by Big Time Rush, and will have the opportunity to visit the White House Kitchen Garden.

You know, I really don’t have a problem with Michelle taking the lead on childhood obesity. I recently observed a “field day” at a local elementary school, and about a quarter of the kids couldn’t jump over a blade of grass.

First ladies are supposed to provide leadership on an issue, and childhood obesity is a good one. I believe kids can learn to eat good food if you start denying them sugar, particularly at an early age. Instead, they learn that everything has to be sweet to taste good. And then they’re on their way to a miserable life of fatness.

My problem with her is when she starts spending tons of taxpayer money on her pet project, like this event or the one in recently in London, where she had all kids of celebrities and hundreds of children running around the U.S. ambassador’s residence. Remember, this is all subsidized by the Chinese.

Or when she begins mandating stuff and sponsoring her own legislation, or hosting exercise classes in the East Room.

God willing, the kids won’t have to eat their own recipes, and will get some of the sumptuous food they serve at the White House: The world’s best lamb chops and shrimp cocktail, as well as crab cakes, steak, and other traditional American delicacies – and desserts molded into exquisite sculptures and slathered with creamy, sugary  frosting.

I mean, it’s the White House. Give the kids a treat.

UPDATE: White House Dossier has obtained exclusive photographs of the top four recipe contest winners.

44 thoughts on “Michelle to Host “Kids’ State Dinner””

  1. Really – we are now flying kids and their families to the White House from all over the country to talk about healthy food choices? While at any given time she will eat lobster, bisque, steaks and drink martinis. I wonder if they had to pay $3.00 to enter this contest.

  2. First Ladies aren’t “supposed to do” anything, anymore than the wives of CEOs are supposed to do something to advance their husband’s career.
    If they do chose to promote their husband’s career advancement, they don’t do anything with the company’s money.

    MrsO wasn’t elected, appointed, or officially invited to become the FirstLady, she holds that honor because she’s married to the POTUS. Period.
    As a private citizen she may do whatever she pleases, but she doesn’t have the right to spend our money or use our resources to make herself look good..

    1. My favorite FLOTUS project had to be Lady Bird Johnson’s beautifying our interstates with wildflowers. You still see a lot of these naturalized along I-95 medians.

      MO could have promoted, or brought awareness to, many of the wonderful organizations already in place helping people, especially kids and military families. The cost of her private political projects would have helped them immensely. Such as Navy Relief, who promised to cover the paychecks Obama threatened not to hand out if Congress didn’t give in to one of his tantrums.

  3. While she has the audacity to scold Gold Medal winner Gabby Douglas on the Jay Leno show for eating an egg McMuffin in celebration for the results of her efforts.
    God, I’m sick of these people.

    1. Amen!! Bless Gabby. There should have been a big thank you and pat on the back for Gabby for being a great representative of the USA.

      There is a much cheaper way to get the word out about obesity. We can all agree there is too much sugar in the American diet. There is a You Tube called “Sugar:The Bitter Truth”. It is an hour and half long and has had 2.7 million views. You Tube also was a short version for kids. It is only 2 and half minutes long. All that needs to be done is encourage the PTA to get it shown in the schools.

  4. It’s yet another campaign event we pay for. Nice publicity in all 54 “voting” districts about our cool First Lady :) Eating healthy and exercise is important, but feeding the hungry kids is higher on my list.

    This Let’s Move/Eat Your Veggies is just a way to get us to pay for her trips to fundraisers too. Obviously these children who WON have involved parenting in their lives. I remember when the contest was announced I checked the “entry” form thinking I’d send it to my 10 year twin grandgirls who live in the DC area. It needed to be filled out by an adult to enter, requiring what looked like a campaign info harvest with names/addresses/phone numbers required for entry. Hmmmmm? Maybe for security? Wonder if any GOP kids won? ;)

  5. I think she’s decided it’s time for planting fall veggies in the WH garden out back, and she’s bringing in the kids to take the “shovel ready” jobs to help her.

      1. It’s about a mile or two up 16th Street, with a right turn on P Street, go two blocks and there you are….so easy, even a first lady could do it!

  6. A kid from every state? 54???

    Where are the other 3???

    Oh, and I’m sure that 1/2 the kids are not Dems… And that it will reflect the racial demographics of the US. As in @ 12% black…


  7. A local girl, Rachel, is going to be at the event for her recipe for olive tapenade and goat cheese and greens. It’s very Amherst/Northampton. I hear that kids all over America want this yummy veggie option.

    1. oh geez, you wouldn’t believe the things my brother would make. Once he made a bologna sandwich slathered with mayo, pb and j, cottage cheese, grape jelly and oreo cookies dunked in milk. It just about made the rest of us sick just to look at it. lol

  8. Michelle has become the new Food Nazi. I’m sure you all heard about Moochelle lecturing that Olympic gymnast about eating a freaking egg McMuffin at McDonalds, as if they young lady hadn’t been counting calories and getting proper exercise for the last 4 years. How utterly pathetic she has become (or is, rather – I think she’s been pathetic for a long time but it’s not just being exposed).

  9. Wanna see fit kids? Go to a soccer match. I mostly see healthy kids, but then I mostly see and meet kids that are involved in sports.

    At a soccer tournament, you’d be hard pressed to find more than a couple of overweight kids.

    I wonder what the connection is?

    BTW – my kids love sweet things and all that horrible stuff Michelle is always going on about. The trick is that they have a bit, then go run around.

    1. Exactly. Everything in moderation. A lot of the problem is parents are not getting their kids involved in activity. They are spending way too much time in front of the TV or texting their friends.

  10. Blah blah blah…..Certainly obesity is an issue and I guess we should appreciate her efforts towards that…..blah blah blah, but like everything else they do – they inundate you with this stuff. While it is wonderful that she is encouraging kids – why didn’t she get some corporations to sponsor the event – i.e. no tax payer money. I commented to my husband about the comments to Gabby Douglas – he did say she was teasing her – while I agree that’s probably what it was, can’t she just once let that pass? Couldn’t she have just said – boy, if I had trained like you and wanted to reward myself, I probably would have also had french fries, a milkshake and whatever other sinful thing there was on the menu – you certainly deserve it. But no – gotta bring up not eating the right thing. Does anyone really believe that her daily diet, three meals a day, never includes anything outrageous just because. I am so weary.

    1. it’s typical liberalism – there’s always this fingernails-on-the-chalkboard preaching they do. I think it’s funny that there is some (not surprisingly) Chevy commercial with some eco-wacko going on about his car’s environmentally friendly features while everyone wants to listen to the radio. How perfect – captive audience hearing poorly timed preaching about liberalism /gag

  11. This ghetto grifter thinks that America is her checkbook to spend as much as she wants on anything she wants. She makes me want to puke.

  12. I take issue with Mochelle appearing on Jay Leno with Gold Medalist Gabby. I wonder if it is the beginning of the Obamas ——- off of the Olympians as if his having been President and her healthy eating program have anything to do with their hard earned accomplishments. After all, they didn’t get those gold medals by themselves.

  13. I’d have been much more impressed with Moochmore Obama if she’d taken on the issue of teen pregnancy.

    It appears that she has no problem with that kind of weight gain.

  14. The Main Stream Media is reporting that the White House now brews its own beer, which is stocked on that huge bus we paid for the president to campaign in. The MSM thinks this is a “cute” story. Not me. I wonder how much this mcro-brewery is costing us. I wonder if anyone atually controls the White House budget . I have read that the budget for operating the White House is spread over more than 10 agenices. So it may not be possible for us to find out what its operation costs. I do not see why the White House needs its own brewery. And you can be sure the jobs did not go to average Americans in the private sector.

  15. Child obesity and excessive weight is a problem. But the answer is educating parents on how to control the diet of their own children not the White House doing it! But then look around at the parents of these kids. Overweight, unhealthy diet and habits. This causes all kinds of health problems and the rest of us pay for it.

  16. When I was in the one room school house we did things in gym that
    would be almost akin to water boarding. Archery, fencing and then when I was really young the dreaded dodgeball! It’s wonder I survived:)

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