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Biden Staff Tries to Shoo Press from the VP

Apparently petrified that the boss was about to wander into another gaffe, staffers for Vice President Biden tried to remove the press from Biden’s vicinity before he could answer an uncomfortable question.

From the press pool report:

VP Biden made an unannounced stop at about 220 to the campus memorial of victims of the April ’07 Virginia Tech shooting.   Color and details about the memorial below, but first a transcription of the vp’s impromptu remarks after he paid his respects.

Your pooler asked what the memorial meant to him, prompting Biden to recall his own life’s tragedy.  VP paused repeatedly as he answered in an emotional, solemn fashion.

Biden staff initially tried to shoo the pool away when the queston was posed, but the vp wanted to answer.

“It means,” he said, pausing. “I’ll tell you what it means. It means to me that – it reminds you how precious life is. And that – you know I think of those kids, but I also think of their parents. No child should predecease their parents. I remember what it’s like. [Pause] It brings back, [pause] It brings back memories. Whether it’s that call, out of the blue that you get, and it’s like how could this happen.”

CBS producer Rodney Hawkins asked Biden about the recent shootings, prompting VP staff to again shoo the pool.

Biden didn’t answer this time.  We were then on our way back to the vans.

Biden, who after a series of gaffes is facing increasing scrutiny about whether he is mentally up to serving again as vice president, had already misstated the century earlier in the day.

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27 Responses to Biden Staff Tries to Shoo Press from the VP

  1. It wasn’t a gaffe! Biden’s racist speech was part of a directed attack ordered by Obamao. Including his insulting “delivery”. Obamao’s and Axleshaft’s grubby fingerprints are all over Biden’s nauseating speech. This entire regime is a disgrace to all the remaining decent people in this country. The libertards should be ashamed of themselves and Obamao especially.

    • You’re obviously new to this so let me explain how this works:

      If a lib talks openly AND is questioned about his statement, he simply “misspoke” or was “taken out of context,” as evidenced by the endless browbeating anyone questioning the lib will get from the MSM. In the end, there really are no “gaffes” by liberals – the root cause is that you didn’t understand what they were saying and that if, in the extremely rare instance, any “misstatement” is made, it is really an anomaly on an otherwise pure and noble character.

      However, if a conservative says anything the MSM doesn’t like or doesn’t understand (eg, Romney’s entire trip to Poland, Israel, Britain) it is nothing more than the evidence of a corrupt soul where evil lurks right below the surface to oppress the free, take away welfare checks, pollute their air, starve their children, and make people eat their broccoli.

      In other words, there are no liberal gaffes and there are no statements by conservatives that aren’t either gaffes or simple manifestations of a poisoned soul.

      Once you understand how this works, everything that happens in the media makes perfect sense.

  2. Could you imagine the additional foreign policy mess the US would be in if Joe had accepted the Secretary of State role?

    ‘…and the vodka! It’s a wonder you find the time to get any work done here in Russia…’ Joe’s trip to Moscow

    ‘… When they said they had Chinese food here they weren’t kidding…’ Joe’s trip to Beijing.

    ‘…A Loonie? Seriously you’re talking about the Canadian dollar and not the a Canadian’s mental state of mind…’ Joe’s trip to Quebec.

  3. Very interesting developments. Is that the DarthVader bus heading toward MrBiden? It’s hard to tell who’s driving the bus; MrPloffe or MrAxelrod.

  4. Biden was looking directly at his teleprompter when he said “Unchain Wall Street” – he didn’t mis-speak. (His dramatic flourish was a poorly done imitation of of Sen. Byrd). The next line, “They’re going to put you all in chains” sounded like a typical impromptu Biden gaffe – one of hundreds. The Obama regime loves it – he’s getting their message out, but it’s just crazy Uncle Joe being crazy Uncle Joe. And no one better question the mental state of such a harmless, elderly family member!

  5. This whole thing is the set up for the “Hillary pick” in less than 3 weeks.

    Biden proves over and over that he’s not capable to be on the ticket. They’ll come up with some medical condition, made obvious buy theses stupid public comments (wink). The Democrats understand that O’ is now forced for the sake of the Party, to summon The MulitColored Pantsuit to save 2012.

    It’s been in the works for months.

  6. I am watching the chatter on blogs and facebook about how Paul Ryan is going to eat Biden alive in debates. They are all nuts.

    Biden Gaffs, while he’s walking around drunk or high or what ever causes his brain to mis-fire like it does. His history though, is of a political shark, and come the debates he’ll be sober and on target.

    I’m willing to wager that you will not see Biden make such a gaff in the debates, 50.00 toward white house dossier. My 50.00 against 50.00 split between any who take me up on it, donated to the host of this wonderful blog after the VP debate.

    Gaff ruler, being honor system, that we agree enough news outlets call it a gaff (or we just go “ok yea that was stupid”), but no picking ponies like he mis-speaks on something so obscure no one notices, or out right lies (that’s not a gaff, it’s a lie)

    Any takers?

    • The Obamites have twenty-two days to file a different name on the under card for 2012.
      “On target”? Is that a joke? A political nobody named S. Palin literally kicked his smarmy ass on national television four years ago, or don’t you remember that?

      The only thing “shark” about Joe Biden is that he’s jumped one, here in August. He a political doofus blabbermouth who’s been in the U.S. Senate since before Nixon resigned, before Disco was king. And I wish I could be a big shot and bet you fifty bucks on this or anything else, but in this economic climate that’s just a damn stupid thing for me to do.

      Let’s give Romney/Ryan a chance to turn this national cluster fu@k around, and maybe we’ll be bettin’ U.S.Grants again on stupid bets like it ain’t no thing.

    • Damn you must be on the Obama payroll.
      I don’t know of many folks who have any money to risk on a bet that would come out of the grocery budget if lost.

    • I’ll take that bet Joe Biden is brain-damaged, due to two aneurysms he had in 1988. Apparently, the surgery to repair them damaged the area where the “self-censor button” is in the brain. The part of the brain that says, “Don’t say that!!” doesn’t work for Joe. My guess is that he has had some minor strokes or that the area of the brain where he had the surgery has further deteriorated. Either way, he is not fit for office any longer. Of course, this makes him Obama’s best insurance against impeachment or assassination. Sort of like Bush I and Quayle.

  7. Just heard where Barry gave Crazy Uncle Joe “vote of confidence” to People Magazine (who else!)…saying his comments “need to be seen in their regulatory context” – whatever the hell that means.

    Dr. Krauthammer quickly pointed out there’s nothing “regulatory” about slavery.

  8. These aren’t gaffes Biden and Obama both say these things to pander and
    continue to divide America! Now Michelle’s people are trying to walk back
    remarks she made about Gabby on Jay Leno’s show where she was scolding
    her because after the games were over she had an Egg McMuffin. They can’t
    get away with as much as they did last time almost but not as bad. So they
    are dumbfounded when they are called out on their own words. Hoisted on
    their own petards and they don’t like it one bit. Gaffes are one thing these are
    part of the plan they have to divide us and continue to rule our lives in every
    way they can

  9. Old Joe Hair Plugs has had at least one surgery for a brain aneurysm, that I believe burst.

    I had a similar brain aneurysm (thankfully caught before it caused damage) and have a friend whose mother’s brain aneurysm burst, as I think Joe Hair Plug’s did. Recovery from that is spotty at best and Plugs shows the results of NOT recovering fully. Plus, he may have had minor strokes, which are often associated with that condition.

    Yeah, he’s pretty much brain dead and has been for a long time.

  10. Very tricky them Libidiots. Now the talk about replacing an incompetent Biden with Billary is exactly where the Dums want it to be. That and slamming the honorable Senator Paul Ryan keeps the debate away from the failures of our dear leader.

  11. Very interesting. Have any of you taken a good look at Hillary lately? Does anyone think she is remotely ready to take on a national campaign right now?

    I actually think she looks ill. Maybe is working for a boss you really don’t like for three years. I have had to do that and it is really trying.

    So would she be willing to tie herself to Obama and hope that ticket could win a 51 or 52 % victory, that would like shut down hiring even more than it is already shut down.