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Biden Fails to Make Leap to 21st Century

Vice President Biden today piled on another gaffe, remarking during an appearance in Blacksburg, Virginia that he expects the United States to “lead the world in the 20th century in making an automobile.”

Here’s the video:

But this is not the first time Biden forgot what century he is living in. He did it in February 2010, arguing that the United States would also lead the world economically in the 20th century

Let’s at least acknowledge that, since it was 2010, Biden was at least less far off than he is in 2012.

Notably, the Associated Press initially reported that Biden had said “21st Century.” But with Biden having Tuesday suggested that Mitt Romney wanted to put African Americans back in chains, the press is now less likely to let the vice president get away with the types of gaffes Republicans like Sarah Palin and George W. Bush were routinely called on.

25 Responses to Biden Fails to Make Leap to 21st Century

    • I have a feeling that is why she said it too. At first I said, “Sarah, shut your mouth!” Now I think she was heading him off at the pass. She’s one cagy lady.

  1. Lets not be to harsh on old Joe.It sounded like Hillary when she put on the accent in the black church.Now I just wonder what part of the”y’all”south do you think old ignorant Joe comes from?Him and his sidekick are both full of mis-statements and misquoted and mis everything else.They just can’t get their facts straight before they open their mouth and have the whole country laughing at them.Poor idiots……………….

  2. Apparently Joe never left the 19th century with his comment about blacks ‘gone back in chains’ if Romney and Ryan er elected. Nothng like some good ole fashioned race baiting to get the base stirred up. Joe is all class.

  3. Rudy is right – I seriously think Joe Biden is mentally unsuitable to hold elective office. This guy has something very, very wrong upstairs.

    Liberalism: where intelligence goes to die.

  4. Misunderstood, misquoted, and still a heartbeat away from becoming the POTUS and leader of the free world.

    20th or 21st century doesn’t matter as much as his belief that we will ‘lead the world….making an automobile’, because that’s where his statement went off the rails. We already lead the world in automobiles that sponteneously combust, that fold like a cheap lawn chair when colliding with a bicycle and cost more than the average worker can afford.

  5. I truly believe that ole Joe is being set up by Jarret/BHO. . .they are letting him make all these gaffes in anticipation of dumping him at the convention! And they will threaten him so that he doesn’t talk about all the corruption in the WH he may/may not have been privy to (that is if he was awake during most of the meetings he may have attended, and then again, wouldn’t be surprised if they kept him out of the loop purposefully).

    Take a look at the merchandise on his website. . .most of it only has BHO’s name on it–coincidence–we think not! A few items say Obama Biden but they do not say Obama Biden 2012–they could be, for all we know, leftovers from 2008 (

    Only merchandise with Obama’s name on it has 2012–why???

    • . . .and before anyone jumps on our post, yes we did look up Romney’s online store as well and yes, most of his merchandise simply has Romney’s name on it with 2012.

      Just have “Mother’s intuition” that Joe Biden will be going bye-bye real soon. Either that or else the folks running BHO’s campaign are dumber than we thought and simply don’t care how America perceives either BHO or Biden!

        • I’m sure Fauxcahontas would jump at the chance, same with Napolitano. Or maybe Ms Fluke would be chosen to shore up the women vote. Lots of good options out there.

          Seriously, are there any good young democrats out there?

          • I’m a fan of Cory Booker (Newark’s SuperMayor), but he’s been tossed under the bus for “misspeaking” (rather defending venture capitalists). Won’t be speaking at the convention.

            Otherwise, I’m seeing nothing else in the Dem stable.

      • Replacing Crazy Joe would only smack of desperation and Ubama’s ego is WAY TOO BIG to have a woman, let alone a Clinton, appear to help him on the ticket. Why do you think he picked Joe to begin with? To prove that it’s all really about HIM. He won despite having a freaking CLOWN on the ticket. Do you really think he would have picked a VP if he didn’t have to? All that extra print for someone else’s name to appear on the bumper stickers and yard signs. Geez.

        • Obamao couldn’t risk a running mate who has good sense, ethics, and willing to stand up against our Dear Leader. Obamao will keep Biden to prove to himself that he really isn’t the dullest knife in the drawer.

  6. Well Biden isn’t mentally fit to serve as President but Obama isn’t fit because
    he’s in so far over his head it’s scary. Not to mention the fact that the man
    never works!!!