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Ryan Heckled at Iowa State Fair

I gather these ladies rushing the stage at Ryan are groupies. Of Stalin.

21 Responses to Ryan Heckled at Iowa State Fair

  1. Do they have to wait til after the convention for secret service protection? In this political climate, post Giffords shootings, nobody should be rushing a politician’s stage.

  2. Leftist Insanity = Squash the free speech of anyone who disagrees with their backward ideology.
    What did these women think they were going to do to Paul Ryan once they got on stage. Intimidate him with their bad breath?
    Their ability to make total asses out of themselves must be some sort of badge of honor for them or something. They do it so frequently.

    • The crowd behavior at the o’s inauguration would be hard to beat. It was rude, scandalous and an international embarrassment: another piece of the Hate Bush Industry.

    • They protested at Obama’s. My son was part of a Miami special ops team that provided extra security for Obama and were assisgned to Union Station (next to the Capitol bldg). Code Pink was doing a “lay-in” to block passengers arriving for the Inauguration and had to be carried out of the station. These “ladies” screamed and spit on these guys for “violating their rights to free speech”. My son had no idea who they were or what they were for or against.

      I can’t imagine what these whacko lefty groups will do at Romney’s Inauguration.

      • Denise –
        I know how your son must have felt. Back in my previous life, when I was healthy, I, as the old saying goes, had been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

        People don’t realize, as an old mentor of mine used to say, your right to swing your arm ends just before the tip of my nose. The right to free speech is one of the greatest freedoms we have, however with that right comes great responsibility. With that right, also comes the responsibility to NOT be violent, to BE respectful, and to express your views in a manner that does not violate someone else right to enjoy their own space and thinking.

        We must question authority, but we MUST do it in a manner that is civil and intelligent. To storm a stage, or event places all participants at risk of injury, and from a security stand point is one of the most frightening things that can happen. Unfortunately, I think we will see more and more of this kind of behavior over the next 80+ days, with it escalating the closer we get to the election.