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Paul Ryan, King of the Reagan Babies

I’ve written for Politico a piece that’s running this morning about Paul Ryan titled, “The King of the Reagan Babies.”

My point? That Ryan is the best of the young conservative leaders who came of age during Reagan’s presidency and have inherited at least some of their political character from him.

From the piece:

Obama’s spin doctors are salivating at the chance to dissect Ryan’s conservative record and politically disembowel him with it.

But they don’t understand that Ryan’s conservatism is not going to hurt him anymore than Ronald Reagan’s did in 1980. Bearing, like Reagan, a specific plan of action for difficult times, Ryan may be just the man to ride his conservatism straight into the West Wing.

Because Ryan is the king of the Reagan babies. The one that most resembles dad.

I think the Beltway types, including many in the GOP, who think Ryan’s positions on Medicare and other issues are going to hurt the ticket are wrong. They don’t get that people are ready for tough answers to frightening questions about the debt this country is accumulating and its growing reliance on government.

Here’s a link to the article. You know, in case you missed the first one I provided. I hope you have a chance to check it out.

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  1. Socialism is a form of government in which the people control the production and distribution of goods and services. This system is operated based on equity and fairness and would be in between capitalism and communism.
    Sounding whole lot like Obama “help main street”

  2. Nicely written. Liked the last line, ”
    Ryan, like Reagan, is being attacked as an extremist. And, chuckling good naturedly while slowly shaking his head, Ryan may well end up in the White House too, in Joe Biden’s former office.”

    The Democrat spinsters will come out and say, “Paul Ryan isn’t like Reagan. Paul Ryan didn’t even vote for Reagan.”.

    Ryan is a Kemp Baby.
    Let’s hope Ryan’s White House plans turn out better than Kemps…

  3. Well written Keith, I enjoyed reading and remembering the Reagan days. I remember inauguration day, 1981 and hearing that the Iranian hostages were on a plane home. The whole country rejoiced. With Ryan running for VP, I’m hoping that the same feeling will be repeated Nov 7, 2012.

    P.S. I made the mistake of reading the comments over at politico. What venomous BS!

  4. Why are they making such a big deal out of Ryan taking his dad’s SSI? Just because you want to change something doesn’t mean you can’t use it in the meantime. Just like all the rich guys who think their taxes are too low and don’t pay any more than they have to now. I really shouldn’t read the comments over there. Sheesh.

    • Oh you know the libs, they would complain about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if it had anything to do with Conservative or a Republican.

  5. Being a “Reagan baby” or a “teen for Kemp” would not blow my skirts up. But he does infuse this thing with some zip–makes the Teleprompter drone and Joe sound and look kinda tired. At least for now. And I think I can count on Ryan to explain the hard subjects–where maybe I can’t so fluently. I saw a white-haired old gal in our paper with a sign saying hands off my SS–well, no hands are going on YOUR Social. this could be a slog to bite this down into chunks and get the info out there.

    • You know, she can take that sign and shove it. MY sign would reply to her: “Hands off MY paycheck!”. Our generation (I’m around Ryan’s age) is paying for her social security income and Medicare and we’re the first generation faced with the fact that it might not be there for us. Even if it is, we will be receiving far less in benefits than we put in over our lifetime, as opposed to current retirees who are receiving many times more than what they contributed.

      Interesting article on that issue from last week:

  6. I’ve noticed that both Romney and Ryan have that smiling and affable countenance that Ronald Regan had. It’s great – they can filet their opponents with a smile. No reason you have to be nasty when you gut your prey is there?

  7. Excellent article, Keith. One point I disagree with is your reference to monarchies in relation to the conservative movement. Conservatives don’t have kings or queens – we are the rulers of our own destiny. You are absolutely right about Ryan’s fluency in conservatism. I was as giddy as a school girl listening to his speech on Saturday, because he speaks from the heart. He doesn’t have to fake his love of country and our founding. Of course we’re all human and Paul Ryan is not a perfect conservative any more than Ronald Reagan was, but he gives me hope for America’s future.

  8. My younger son is Ryan’s age and a Reagan baby. He finished HS the same year as Ryan and was in college across town form Janna Ryan. He was at Babson College in Wellesly,MA, BA 1992, when she was at Wellesly (a year behind her). He went on to earn an MBA at Boston College.
    He voted for Obama (married a Harvard liberal girl) but is now drawn to Romney and Ryan…He lived in MA when Romeny was governor and liked him….Bam has been a disappointment to him.

  9. Nice piece. I don’t always agree with your opinions, but I always admire the way you present them.

    (I commented twice, only because I haven’t figured out how to use their commenting system yet. I’m not alone, you’ll see double posts from other commenters, too.)

  10. Paul Ryan is my congressman, and I couldn’t be prouder. I’ve voted for him every time and will again. I’ve seen him speak several times and always am impressed. Mitt Romney must really be a genius for picking him!! Pray our country will end up in these good hands.

    • I do get the idea that these two might stay in town and thrash out some solutions rather than sashaying all over the place and shaking hands with athletes and movie stars between golf games.

    • Well now, I must admit, I am still in a state of pissed-off-ness just about every time I hear Comrade Obama and his minions tell another dirty lie. However, since Saturday, I have felt an excitement and a hope that I have not felt since 2008.

  11. Quote for tomorrow:

    In Danville, Biden says Romney’s policies will ‘put ya’ll back in chains’
    DANVILLE, Va. –
    Vice President Joe Biden told a racially mixed audience in Danville today that Mitt Romney’s policies will let banks write their own rules and “put ya’ll back in chains.”

    Richmond Times Dispatch

    Note the subtle ‘racially mixed audience’, as if Dem rallies weren’t (a bit more than) racially mixed.

  12. Nice piece, Keith Ironically, I have heard a few commentators refer to Ryan as one who possesses many of the star qualities and youthful exuberance of the ‘young Obama’. Of course I just wanted to throw a brick through my tv screen!

    Whatever it is about Ryan, I’m sold! Anyone who spends the week nights sleeping on a cot in his office is going to be the guy who arrives at his desk at 7:00 a.m. every morning and puts in a 10 hour day!

    As far as throwing Granny over the cliff, hasn’t Obama already done that? In real life? I’m hoping that we get to meet Paul’s Mother at the Convention…I bet she could dispell all these vicious rumors.

  13. Excellent article, Keith. I firmly believe that enough people will see through Obummer’s empty slogan “Forward”. As you say, forward to what exactly? He was an empty suite when he was elected in 2008, and he remains an empty suit with no good ideas and no articulated plans. We all know this country is in trouble, but Ryan makes us realize that it is not too late to take corrective action for a better future for us and our children. If we screw this election up, well, then it really will be too late and we will have missed our chance to not only avoid a financial nightmare, but also to rebuild a path to prosperity. Hopefully, Romney and Ryan can be heard over the liberal WH talking points-spewing Lamestream Media and influence people over to their side.

  14. Good work on Reagan Babies Keith. Further, I thought it interesting that it was published in Politico and got kudos from The Ulsterman Report as well — “The always informative Keith Koffler has a column out today titled “The King of the Reagan Babies”. I like it. I like it a lot.” Nicely done.

  15. GREAT article. Do yourselves a favor and click the link, read the entire article (in Politico, no less… heresy!!), post it to facebook and tweet the heck out of it. So true.