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Jon Stewart Pokes Fun at the Ryan Intro

What was with all those stairs, anyway? Honestly, the battleship looked great, but I’ve never seen a more poorly choreographed entrance.

Maybe they could have shot the two of them out of the ship’s turrets instead.

20 Responses to Jon Stewart Pokes Fun at the Ryan Intro

  1. The staging and theatre of polictics are sometimes as important as the message.
    Case in point; the longer it takes for MrRomney to get to the podium, the longer the applause and cheering. Second case in point; the photo of MrObama standing alone in front of a drought-stricken corn field is not reassuring.

    BTW, who is in this guy’s audience, junior high students who laugh at anything? I guess I miss the humor of someone walking down the stairs, and don’t find making fun of obese people funny.

      • Hey, no, SRD, moonshine runners tend to be red-state types. Maybe a healfhful-16-oz-only-soda-drinkers for Obama Group?

        “DJs are about motivation, inspiration, celebration.” What a bunch of bull. I thought they were about pushing records and collecting paychecks. Everyone, it seems, has some sort of deep “journey” to their job.

      • Should I apologize for those in the music/arts field for their love of things liberal? I simply do not understand their lack of clear thought in things political. In 2008, flutist friends of mine had a “flutists against Sarah Palin” on FB. I’ve already unfriended two extremely well-known musicians because their rants against anything conservative simply got on my last nerve, and there’s another one on my radar!

        • Not to quibble, pianogirl, but it’s “flautist”.

          Another one of those words like “restaurateur” that makes the English language a never-ending challenge.

          • Not to quibble, creeper, but either one can be used, and this particular group decided not to be high-brow and they used “flutists”. It’s just like some musicians always use the word “concerti” when talking about multiple concertos, and others of us simply stick the “s” on the end of the word and don’t worry about the high-faluting thing to do. :~)

        • I think there’s a neurological explanation — seriously. The brain has a sort of filter that screens out useless input so we’re not overwhelmed by it all. In the “artistic” brain, the screen is more porous. More input of all kinds gets through, which may lead to creativity but it also results in a greater likelihood that nonsensical ideas will be accepted as true or possible. The conservative brain might tend to be less creative, but it’s more efficient at recognizing nonsense as such.

    • Liberals who don’t actually read “real” news find the Stewert show hilarious. I know a few. One LOVES the show, an bragged to me last week that she’d like to … [cough cough] have sex with him. Which is funny, because she accused me a while back of being a “fat” hater (she’s a bit overweight) since I’m sort of a fitness buff. I wanna go ask if she laughed and laughed that the Chris Cristy fat joke.

    • “who is in this guy’s audience, junior high students who laugh at anything?”
      It’s a laugh track. Maybe it’s really fake, maybe it’s a recording. Like soap operas and sit-coms, the faux entertainers have to tell the audience when something is funny, because most of the time it is not. I want to know how much Obama pays certain people, and how they find such useful idiots, in his audience to say stupid stuff like “right on,” etc after every other unintelligible syllable that comes out of the great blah-blah’s mouth.
      With the Dreamworks guy, why don’t they just CGI his entire audience?

      • On some shows they have applause signs to cue the audience to go wild — maybe on this show they have “laugh uproariously” signs?

  2. Fat people are the last sector of people with whom it’s fair game to make jokes. Every other group is now a no-no: gays, handicapped, blacks, etc.

  3. Being a US Navy vet I know how to walk off a US Warship…
    1.ask the Officer Of the Deck (OOD) “Permission to go ashore”
    2.walk off the Quaterdeck
    4.salute the US Flag on the fantail
    5.and walk down the gangway/steps

  4. Oh please. John Liebowitz is an obnoxious, unfunny moron. Just another idiot who thinks he’s a hell of a lot smarter than he really is (like Obummer). I won’t even say what I think of his viewers who consider his show real “news”.