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Biden To Blacks: Romney Kept Your Chains for You

Well, my first thought was that this was nonsense, and that Vice President Biden was using a figure of speech by suggesting Romney want to put people in chains.

But unfortunately, this is completely consistent with other Obama campaign efforts to inject race into the campaign – whether it’s Attorney General Eric Holder implying that voter ID laws are about suppressing the black vote, or Vice President Biden telling Hispanics that those who want to limit immigration are racist, or the constant claims by President Obama and Michelle that they want to win so people can succeed “no matter what you look like.”

There’s more, but I won’t list it all here. But know that Biden’s metaphor fits naturally into what is a clear strategy to make minorities afraid of Republicans. Whether planned or not, it emanates from the campaign playbook. It stinks.

Here’s the quote, from Biden earlier today in Danville, Virginia:

Romney wants to, he said in the first 100 days, he’s gonna let the big banks again write their own rules.”Unchain Wall Street!” They’re going to put you all back in chains.

And here’s the video:

Notice Biden has slipped into a black accent. So there’s one hint he’s talking to black people about Romney putting them back in chains.

What’s more, according to NBC, Danville is about 50 percent African American, and the audience reflected the area’s demography.

What’s with all these chameleons? Hillary, Biden, and Obama himself all start talking black when they appear in front of blacks.

The campaign gives Biden its seal of approval:

This came after a long duel in which Cutter tried not to specifically say that the Obama campaign condoned the actual words. Didn’t earn her paycheck today.

And one other thing. I’m beginning to have a lot of trouble imagining Biden as president. And it’s not linked to politics.

I can just see him in the middle of the night with nothing on but his slippers, and his finger on the nuclear button: “DONT MAKE ME DO IT! DON’T MAKE ME DO IT!”

And now for the musical entertainment portion of our post:

The Beatles did a good version too, but this one is better, in my opinion.

62 thoughts on “Biden To Blacks: Romney Kept Your Chains for You”

        1. Actually, a few years ago Biden had an aneurysm in the front of his brain. It affected the part of the brain that allows us to censor what we say. So if Biden is thinking it, it comes right out, whether it makes sense or not. So his synapses aren’t firing on all cylinders, so to speak.

      1. Yes, the dems probably would be thrilled if Biden had to retire, but I’m not even sure Hillary could help BO. If ever she wants a career as POTUS (heaven help us if she does!), going down with the Titanic II would not bode well for her chances. And Czippy knows that if he got Hillary as the VP, he’d have Bill as the assistant VP. I think only the lure of $$ with his speeches has kept Bill at a safe distance from the State Department.

    1. The Antithesis of Cowardice: Brovadic Brovado

      EHHHH… Babby Bidden is such a little puny moron that his brain has dripped from his nose! It is the OBAMADEMARCOTHON that wishes to put us in CHAINS. I like being in chains, but only for pleasure, if you know what I mean.

  1. He certainly wasn’t saying that White people would be put back in chains, so it’s safe to deduce that he was talking the the Blacks in the audience.
    It’s scare tactics 101; Gramma’s going over the cliff, children will breathe dirty air, we’re all going to die of e-coli poisoning, or worse if the current President isn’t re-elected.
    That this particular scary scenerio of a chained people is directed at the Black community is nothing more than race-baiting.
    There are many people who expect to see a racial conflict before the election in November.
    What criteria did the MSM use to declare the tea party movement as racist; that it seemed that they were mostly White people who opposed the Black President’s agenda.

    1. The Antithesis of Cowardice: Brovadic Brovado

      MSMSMSMSMSM… evil evil people those MSMs are … we should read our newspapers from the back of a golden spoon! or better yet! a lima bean!

    2. You are absolutely spot on srdem. I’m afraid the left is coming unhinged. They are beginning to realize President Kardashian does not have the consent of the governed to fundamentally transform America. They know they have lost the working class white vote, so they are desperately trying to hold on to the black vote. They have such little regard for the intelligence of black Americans, that they are using low brow bully tactics to scare them away from Romney/Ryan. You can almost smell the desperation in the air…

    3. I think the dems are really scared with Paul Ryan being the VP nominee. After seeing how well Scott Walker did with his recall election, they have to fear someone whose congressional district is primarily democrat, and yet wins every two years by 60-70% of the vote. I would think we will see every scare tactic they can think of, plus a few extra thrown in for good measure.

      srdem65….I was at the huge TEA party rally in DC in September, 2009. I’ve never seen so many people in one spot in my life, but I was so pleased to see people who were of all races and ethnic groups, coming together to protest the spending being done by Congress. One of my favorite pictures that I took that day was of the residue left by the horses from the Park Police…most appropriately seen in front of the Capitol.

    1. Offended, yes, but I’m ashamed, too. Ashamed of libertard politicians that I would never, could never vote for in a million years.

  2. Biden already has a number of books he is plannin’ on donatin’ to his Vice Presidential library. And he hasn’t finished coloring most of them in yet!!

  3. Keith, the thought of Joe Biden with his finger on the nuclear button is almost as scary as the thought of Obama with HIS finger on the nuclear button. But nowhere near as scary as the thought of Joe Biden wearing nothing but his slippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Biden’s finger on our nucs bothers me less than Obamao’s. Biden is a fool; Obamao is the Devil incarnate.

      Are Biden’s slippers BUNNY slippers? The difference might be important.

    2. Well, Dr. Jill in just slippers isn’t very comforting either … I’m a woman “of a certain age,” so I can say that without the PC Police hauling me off to a FEMA re-education camp, right? … oh, maybe not — there’s a black helicopter overhead now …. remember me fondly … :-D

  4. This President and his merry gang of disrespectful, cynical thugs get lower and lower into the mud every day. They are truly revolting people who are so beneath the Office they hold it actually makes me angry. I can’t even believe these race baiting tactics work on African American citizens, who should be the most offended of all of us. I pray that they are voted out of office, the country I love can’t take four more years of them.

    1. Kevin, you summed up my reaction to this latest despicable statement better than I ever could. You said it all, so I will leave it at that.

    2. Hi Kevin, your statement is race bating. First, the use of the term “gang” implies people of non-white ethnicities. Second, the use of the term “thugs” further implies people of non-white ethnicities. Third, the use of the term “mud” again implies people of non-white ethnicities. Fourt, and finally, the use of the pronouns “they” and “them” in the fourth sentence is clearly referring to the proper noun “African Americans” in the third sentence. This is clearly racist because you are hoping that “they” — ie “African Americans” — are voted out of the office. You are truly despicable human being.

        1. chain
          1 a: a series of usually metal links or rings connected to or fitted into one another and used for various purposes (as support, restraint, transmission of mechanical power, or measurement).

          That too, my fine feathered friend, is from Webster’s. As you may (or may not) know, words have colloquial meanings such as are not printed in the literal dictionary of record. The course of the human tongue is winding, and no man’s attempt at recordation is eternal. To the contrary, words have meanings that change over time and, given their context, have meanings that change. Thus, the words “gang,” “thugs,” and “mud” all have racial subtexts not mentioned in Webster’s dictionary. The dictionary does not define the context of the universe. The collection of human experiences, however diverse and sporadic, combine in an eternal flame of life. I am right, you are most certainty wrong. As my father would always say on a cold, candlelit night off Maine’s windswept coast: in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

          1. Well for what its worth, you have taken the traditional conservative tact of attacking statements irrelevant to the main argument, rather than the argument itself. This is particularly useful when you know you’re wrong on the merits. Also, I am not a “folk” as you say. A more fitting adjective would be Supreme Libitron Demofan on the Conservo-Blog.

          2. OK Supreme Libitron Demofan (That title sounds like something sold on cable TV at 3am for $19.95 plus $88.50 S&H) You have a nice evening for yourself and a pleasant day tomorrow………Ooops, I have attacked statements irrelevant to the main argument again since I know I’m wrong on the merits.

          3. Gee Lib, (hope you don’t mind me using your first name, I feel as though I know you) you try so hard to seem erudite and then you go and use “tact” instead of “tack”, making yourself seem like an ignorant oaf. You should stop doing things like this!!!

          4. What fun, can I play too? I love word games.

            I’ll take “thug” for $100.
            Thug; used to describe a SEIU member intent on vandalizing a bank employee’s home.

            OK,now “mud” for $500
            Mud: what the Dems are throwing on the Repub candidates
            Gang….I pass.

          5. I wanna play too. I am going for the Daily Double “Body Parts” for $2,000 – Yes, everyone gets to join in and guess the body parts. ; – )

  5. What can you expect from a heretic who is also a Democrat? Truth? Sanity? When your political ideology trumps the truth of God himself and all you care about is lying to an unprecedented degree in order to benefit yourself and your family, is there any doubt what has to come out of your demonic mouth?

    1. Oh no, Sadie ~ don’t you think he got his accent from being at the beach last week in Delaware? And surely, Hillary picked up her accent during the years BJ was governor of Arkansas. :~)

      Just imagine the outrage if Republicans talked like this ~ it would be front page, above the fold for months on the money-losing, left-loving newspapers in the country.

      1. pianogirl – Indeed. The “ink” would run red with a bloodbath of racist headlines. As we move closer to November, I fully expect the D’s to light more fires, cannons and whatever else they can ignite and from a variety of sources, too.

        O/T (maybe) The NWS bought 46,000 rounds of ammo as reported today.
        Jack Hayes, head of the U.S. National Weather Service retired unexpectedly (in May) after an internal investigation found that agency employees improperly shifted millions of dollars ($36 million) in budget resources to weather service offices around the country.

  6. Keith, I’d love to see you do a post on this story. This is what happens when we have a POTUS who has no understanding of, appreciation of, or respect for small business:

    His damn photo opp is all that matters to him. Screw the little guy. Can you imagine if a Republican cost a small business owner $25,000 in the worst economy in our lifetime?

  7. Its a turnout thing. Biden knows that if blacks stay home out of annoyance with the president’s incompetence, lousy employment, loss of houses, and his position on homosexual “marriage” they are guaranteed to lose. So this comes out. The sad thing is I bet it works to drive greater turnout among blacks.

  8. Biden in Danville VA: Nasty Vicious Racist

    Today, Aug 14th 2012 marks a new low in Virginia politics dating back to Reconstruction.
    Biden tells a Danville VA audience that Romney and Ryan would:

    “put y’all back in chains.”

    Has there ever been such a nasty and racist team in the White House as Obama and Biden and Holder? All Biden needed was a stove-pipe hat and a carpet-bag with his y-all crap!
    Apparently Biden found it necessary to be even nastier than Obama at his Roanoke Fire House #1 speech.

    Is this what “hope and change” means?
    Are these the type of people and leaders that represent America’s best?
    Are these the people of big ideas?
    Or are these just typical of Chicago gutter politicians?

    This is a great Country! We deserve better!

  9. Yes Ms. Cutter, it would be hypocritical for the Obama campaign to have a problem with Biden’s “chains” comment because we know how hard you folks fight against hypocrisy [trying to contain myself].

    In fact, the Obama administration is all about chains, just take a look around the democrat plantation. Oh look, there’s Emanuel Cleaver and James Clyburn; over there Elijah Cummings; and we can’t forget Maxine Waters and the lovable Charles Rangel (he was recently fitted for a new set of chains).

  10. The brains behind this one was Tom Perriello a one term Congressman from my hometown, Cville, Va. He beat Virgil Goode by having his father campaign for him non stop for over a year. The father was a well loved pediatrician who put Perriello through Yale for college and law. The poor father then dropped dead after the election.
    If you look up the Perriello resume it is about like an Obama as he does work for anti American groups and once thrown out of Congress in 2010 he is President of one of the Podesta sideshows. The younger guy on the stage with Biden is Perriello. Perriello really sees himself as the next Podesta but he is not very bright when I have talked to him.

  11. The thought that Biden is a heartbeat away from the presidency is very frightening.The thought that Obama OR Biden have access to anything stronger than a microwave is really concerning.

    1. “microwave” is damn funny line.

      From Stilton Jarlsberg: “This was no simple slip of the tongue on Biden’s part. Note that he didn’t tell the largely black audience that they’d be put in chains – he said they’d be put BACK in chains. So it wasn’t just colorful metaphor, it was a deliberate invocation of slavery.”

  12. yes, they will keep you in chains people. this really makes me sick for many reasons, but if this was romey what would we be hearing about today.i can’t wait till nov. i am so sick of these twisted sick people

  13. Note to Massa Joe: Your ‘…put y”all back in chains…’ remark is not correct.

    Y’all is singular.

    It should read “…put ALL Y’ALL back in chains…”.

    If you are going to be condescending and pathetic, at least be accurately pathetic. Lawd Lawd.

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