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Get to Know Paul Ryan

Here’s one way to get to know Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan before the Obama campaign explains him to you: An article in the New York Times.

I know what you’re thinking. But this is a very fair and informative piece that will really give you a sense of the man, his ideas, and how both the man and his ideas were formed.

Here is a link to the piece. It’s pretty good journalism

17 thoughts on “Get to Know Paul Ryan”

  1. I can’t avoid asking how is it possible that in such a short time the NYT knows so much already about Mr. Ryan and quite a few years later so little about obama?

  2. Well done piece. If you listen to the dems, his only private sector job experience was driving a weiner mobile. They forgot to mention McDonalds, etc.
    A good man.

  3. I must remember to NOT read responses to newspaper articles…I feel like I need eye bleach after seeing the thinking of the looney left.

    1. Agreed! It’s like watching a train wreck. It’s appalling and compelling at the same time.

      They criticize Ryan for the same things they gloat about over Obama. It makes my head hurt. Why don’t their heads explode?

      1. Lots of room in most of those brains so whatever words they utter just float around in the emptiness, which keeps things from exploding!

  4. It’s impossible not to compare and contrast the individual backgrounds of Ryan vs. Obama. While Ryan was serving as an altar boy, Obama was attending a Medrassa in Indonesia. While Obama was chooming his way through HS, Ryan was a counselor at a YMCA camp. While Obama was being mentored by Frank Marshall, Ryan was doing research for Sen. Jack Kemp.

    Of the two, who sounds more likely to throw Granny over a cliff?

  5. About as fair a piece one can expect from one of King Kardashian’s mouthpieces. They still managed to get some digs in…”trickle down economics”, attending college with SS assistance, the $350 wine “event”, topping it off with a hint of political corruption.

    One thing I’ve learned in the last few days is how much vitriol the left has for the writings of Ayn Rand. Has me scratching my head because she was a fellow atheist…

  6. A few snipes at Mr. Ryan but overall a good piece. He looks about as squeaky clean as Romney. Let’s watch the libs and LSM tear him into pieces like they have Romney.

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