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Gallup Poll: Obama’s Issues are Not The Nation’s

Look at this. Just look at it.

It’s a Gallup poll, released July 30. The issues favor the Republicans.

Strange, nobody reported on it. Okay, not so strange.

Excuse me, but class warfare comes in LAST in the poll. What do you know, Americans don’t resent the rich. They think, “YOU BUILT THAT! Nice job!”

Let’s look at the top three concerns:

1. Creating good jobs? Unemployment is over 8 percent.

2. Reducing corruption in federal government? Well, Obama is the federal government.

3. Reducing the federal budget deficit? It’s currently more than $1 trillion per year.

Overcoming political gridlock is ninth. Translation: Americans don’t just want Congress to “get something done” and start a love-in for the sake of it. They want specific actions.

Obama also can’t stop talking about making college more affordable. Third to last on the list.

That is: Dude, get a summer job.

I’m not sure what polls the Obama people are reading as they craft their campaign message. But it’s not this one.

30 thoughts on “Gallup Poll: Obama’s Issues are Not The Nation’s”

  1. Why is Obama ahead in some polls or at least neck and neck with Romney in others? Pollsters favoring dems? Pollsters favoring stupid looking people shopping at wal-mart? Pollsters asking leading questions?

    1. Yes, all of the above. That’s the only way they can get a poll that favors Obama. And at this point in an election cycle, the incumbant should have the lead due to recognition. I’m not taking anything for granted, but I’ve got a really good feeling about November.

      1. I want to wake up on November 7 and see Rasmussen’s polls vindicated. He’s got the best track record for pollsters. If Obama and his New Black Panther Party types don’t Odinga-this election, a rational bet would go with the Rasmussen polls and dismiss the rest…and wake up happy.

  2. The Obama campaign is playing for the cheap seats, the have-nots, and the distracted. It’s all they have, along with the lying and distorting of the truth.
    MrObama lied to an audience in Iowa today; he claimed that the Repubs are holding up the passage of a farm bill that would help those suffering from the drought. The lie? the Repub-controlled Congress passed that bill two weeks ago and it’s now sitting on someone’s desk in the Dem-controlled Senate.

    It’s about jobs and the economy. It’s not about contraception for women, it’s about forcing a religious group to deny their faith. It’s not about MrRomney’s income tax payments, it’s about 50% of Americans not paying any income tax.
    The Obama campaign and the Dems will pay the price for their gutter politics, Americans don’t like dirty politics and lying politicians.

    1. I simply cannot fathom why there are not Republican operatives at every speech listening for lies such as these. How powerful it would be to have an ad up and running showing the clip of the lie and then the truth stated much as you did, Srdem65. No hype, just the facts. How easy is it to prove Obama a liar using his own words! Why, oh why, does no one do it? I get so frustrated!!

      1. Amen WKRW. Team Romney and the RNC REALLY needs to reach-out/hire! some of the readers of WhiteHouseDossier to create hard-hitting campaign ads.
        We (conservatives) have to admit… American voters are ‘stupid’ nowadays (re: American Idol gets more important votes) look at 2008… So we as Patriots & conservaties have to create ads-stories that simpleton American voters can follow! (Obama = socialism. Too much government = less freedom. America can end within our lifetimes)

        1. The distracted are their hole card–they think. People are vacationing, getting the kids ready for school, millions of them are still job hunting, yrs into it. Others can hardly bear to watch the news. Our local Gannett paper is going to charge more–so more will drop out of the news following business. So the Obama people count on snippets entering the national DNA–Romney killed some woman, there will be no more Medicare, rich people will have armored cars pulling up giving them more money….etc etc. It’;s a sad commentary on America 2012–but there it is.

        2. WKRW, et al: you all would want to keep an eye out for RightOnline. I snuck into their conference at Las Vegas a couple months ago. It was the best day of my life. I suspect that Keith Koffler was there. If I could turn back time, I would have loved to look for Mr Koffler and meet him.
          I had to sneak in because the group is kind of all about bloggers and journalists and I am neither.
          The RightOnline conference was dedicated to Breitbart and to encouraging more people to get involved with blogging and the “New Media.” That means you and me! We don’t need operatives, we just need ourselves and cell phones. Meet a Keith Koffler type and feed them what we see and hear. The faster the New Media rises, the sooner we can say sionara to the Old Media.

  3. “I’m not sure what polls the Obama people are reading as they craft their campaign message. But it’s not this one.”

    All Obama previous and current polling is done on the golf course and aboard AF1. ; )

  4. Great interpretation of those poll results, Keith. Voter angst over political gridlock is a myth. I believe America issued a restraining order with the 2010 mid-terms. This November we’ll be delivering the eviction notices.

    1. Compromise is how we got here. “Oh, lets spend $200B.” “Oh no, lets only spend $100B” “well lets compromise at $150B.” “OK, that was some tough spending cuts.”

    2. Keith’s work brings me hope. However, being in the Democratic People’s Republic of Pelosi-Land, there’s no shortage of group-thinkers who spew the Obama talking-points verbatim. It is winter here all the time, like Narnia under a witch’s spell.

      1. Dau Tieng 59, in my opinion, compromise has been the good-intentioned pit-fall of the establishment Republicans.
        Back in 2011, despite the Tea-Party protests, the establishment Republicans compromised and agreed to raising the debt ceiling, believing the false promises by the Democrats to look for real spending cuts the next time around.
        In the same spirit that betrayed the North American Indians with one false treaty after another, the Democrats have broken those promises of real spending cuts. Sequestration is coming. The Tea Party protests against compromise have been vindicated.
        Have you seen Okalahoma Senator Colburn’s nice list of good places to cut spending? It’s nice. Unfortunately, like all of Paul Ryan’s hard work, group thinkers and the Old Media don’t believe any of that kind of work ever occurred.

  5. And pray tell, which of the two political parties has a clue or a desire on how to resolve all of the issues on the list as all are a result of the lack of morality, honesty, the courage to do what is right, and wisdom? (The Bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. How many in the political class understand the wisdom of this truth?) In other words, our underlying problem is we are in a moral crisis and that is a truth no one cares to address.

    1. Unfortunately, evolution is also disproven by the delusioned. One could wish that they would become endangered and extinct much faster. It seems they are a product of entropy, which is rampant on this side of heaven.

  6. Huh? That’s a list of the top twelves issues of concern to people in this election and “reproductive rights”, contraception, and “fair pay” for women aren’t on the list? Somebody better tell Obummer that his phony “war on women” rhetoric is a waste of time. Maybe he needs to stop taking advice from Sandra Fluke, lol.

  7. major concern for this country is to reduce the deficit and create jobs and stablize hand outs and check uncontroled spending for all government agencies.

  8. The affordability of college tuition may not be a big issue for most, but it fits within the narrative of patching together a collection of special interests (i.e., gays, latinos, enviros, public unions, college students, seniors, etc.) through pandering. It is all Obama has – he simply cannot run on his record or the promise of “four more years”. We are coming down to having national elections based on whether you are a giver or a taker and Obama has done all he can through executive order and during the first two years of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid majority to create as many takers as possible. The sad fact is that we really do not know what he would do in a second term. More government by executive fiat? Four more years of an Executive Branch submitting unrealistic and entirely politicized budgets and a Democrat Senate putting forward no budgets at all so that we have government by Continuing Resolution? Worse yet, continuing refusal to address the serious state of our nation’s entitlement programs so that they eventually collapse under their own weight? For a party that professes to stand for the sanctity of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, they are surely presiding over their eventual demise. Against this backdrop of fiscal lunacy, we have so seriously debased our currency that we are at risk of losing the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency. If this happens, prices for everything we import shoot up overnight by overwhelming percentages – fuel, raw materials, finished goods, you name it – it all goes up 20, 30, maybe even 40% in price overnight. The Obama/Reid/Pelosi deficits are made possible by the curious flight to “quality” evidenced by people and governments all over the world investing in our T-Bills as the only perceived safe haven in an international financial wasteland. Perhaps it can be said that the worst thing that could happen to the US is for EU/China/India to crawl out of the global recession and to show real GDP growth – once this happens, and people feel they no longer need to buy our Treasury Bills because there are other safe investment alternatives, the interest rates on our bonds will increase quickly to attract bidders and this will devastate our ability to borrow to fund the $1.5 Trillion annual deficits. The incremental reduction in the size and attendant cost of our federal government people like Paul Ryan propose will appear tame by comparison to what happens when nobody shows up to buy our T-Bills and we have to stop spending as much as 40% of our budget because nobody will lend us the funds we otherwise do not have to spend. We have to come to grips with the simple fact that the US is a financially impoverished nation with a debased currency and runaway federal expenditures and liabilities that far exceed our ability to meet our obligations in the absence of loans from China, Russia, India, et al, in the form of T-Bill purchases. The fact that Wasserman-Schultz, Axelrod, Reid, Schumer, Pelosi, Hoyer, Clyburne and their leader Obama want to act like nothing is wrong and any proposal to anticipate such a devastating outcome is a “radical” threat to this country is not just a lie, but a damned lie and one they will have a hard time explaining when the consequences of their conduct and policies are made manifest.

    1. Jim W. I agree with most if not all of your thinking. I would further elaborate on the thought of college tuition. I believe that the national expectations of college education need significant change. A very small fraction of people really have any need going to college.
      I would argue that most college degrees simply have no value. Most of what a lot of Americans are learning in college, should have been learned in high school. In other words, the value of the college degree has been watered down. People think the college degree means that they are educated and entitled to elitist thinking. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
      Let the private sector decide which college degrees have value. There’s a lot of loans being taken out for vacations, not educations. A great number of tuitions are nothing but waste–yes, that means a large fraction of the liberal arts degrees–the bastion of left-wing “intellectualism.” Banks and states should stop lending to support vacations that masquerade as education. The Aurora Colorado shooter bought all of his “toys” using such funding.

      1. I have two children who have made it through college and fortunately both are employed. We discussed there classes and decided a majority of the degrees could be obtained in three years. With the increase in tuition, colleges need to consider doing away with required classes that have nothing to do with the degree. They could reduce the necessary credits by also eliminating electives if you choose to fast track your degree. Although it’s nice for students to learn some things outside of their core curriculum, the cost of college today makes it hard to justify.

  9. I don’t care what Bill Clinton thinks about definitions, but I would argue that the rhetoric of “rich,” even Koffler’s usage, is wrong and a misnomer. There is a difference between the “rich” and “those-who-are-still-trying-go-get-rich.” The latter is the working class.
    The “war on the rich” is usually a war on the latter not the former. That is a travesty.
    There’s another dichotomy. There are those who got rich through diligence and work ethic–they built their success. And then there’s those who got rich by free-loading–they did not build their success.
    No matter what their station, I will have respect for them if and only if (1) they invest themselves to real toil/work as they are able and (2) they did not deliberately/persistently exploit anyone in the process.

  10. My fantasy for the US is for it to turn into a more of a confederacy–more power at state level and less power at federal level. Obama has destroyed my fantasy and gone in full reverse. Some people want socialism/communism, maybe the left-wing bastions in certain parts of the country. That’s fine with me, but don’t make me and others pay for it. Let them drive themselves into the dirt but not at anybody else’s expense. Universal healthcare sounds like a nice utopian idea. Never mind that Obamacare is a complete farce of an attempt at it, but realistically, the US federal government is 50 times bigger than Canada’s for starters. Efficiencies and other things are not scalable. The solution is a confederacy. If the Democratic People’s Republic of Pelosi Land wants it, let them have it. But let it be isolated and they have to go broke on their own doing it. In fact, build a wall around it and have real border patrol and immigration control going in/out of it.

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