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Reid Pivots off Romney, Starts Sliming Ryan

Fresh from lodging unsubstantiated charges against Mitt Romney, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is slinging mud once again, accusing Romney’s newly minted running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), of being a “radical” who wants to “destroy” Medicare.

Reid’s latest attack was included in an email sent Saturday to raise money for the Senate Democrats’ political arm, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Reid wrote:

By choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt just made the most radical choice possible.

Paul Ryan is the Tea Party’s darling and architect of the GOP’s plan to destroy Medicare. And while dismantling the nation’s social safety net, he will give even more tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires like Mitt Romney.

Reid adds that, “We need your help to stop them,” asking for a $5 donation to the DSCC.

Ryan’s Medicare reform plan would change Medicare, though the option for seniors to choose the traditional Medicare systems would be maintained. Reid is clearly suggesting that Ryan wants to eliminate guaranteed health care for seniors, which is untrue.

Reid late last month said a “credible source” had told him that Romney had failed to pay taxes for ten years. Reid has never identified the source nor provided any evidence to substantiate the charge.

38 thoughts on “Reid Pivots off Romney, Starts Sliming Ryan”

  1. If I had a dollar for every time I heard the words “radical” and “extreme” describe Ryan today, I would be typing this while relaxing on my luxury yacht!

  2. Ha! I just have to laugh at the ad I’m seeing in the upper right margin here. It’s a pic of Clinton and I think he stole Obummer’s fundraising gimmick. It says something about his Clinton Foundation and asks us to wish Clinton a Happy Birthday by signing the card. Of course, click on it, add your birthday greeting for Bubba, and it then asks you to donate. LOL, he totally stole that from Obummer.

  3. I think the more people like Reid, Pelosi, Biden and Maxine Waters talk the more the better. Like to old saying said…it is better to keep one’s mouth shut and let people think you are a fool than to open it and prove it.

    I took a look at Waters’ website.It took me to a link called Think They list 12 things you should know about Paul Ryan. It will give you some ideas about had the Left plan to go after Ryan.

  4. I’m already thinking of a compare and contrast video on Ryan vs Obama.

    Obama drove the choom wagon in high school while Ryan had a JOB driving the Oscar Weiner wagon. I don’t know if there are enough applicable Ryan photos out there to work, but I’ll keep my eye out.

    Maybe Keith, you could do one of your satire pieces.

    1. please do! I had an ex-sister-in-law respond to a facebook post quoting Ryan’s “idea” comments and her complaint was that he looks like a young John Edwards – huh?

  5. MrReid, the barking Chihuahua hiding under the cover of the USSenate, is a poor excuse for an attack dog in this Presidential campaign.. His accusations are baseless and fantastical.
    SenReid knows darn well that the POTUS doesn’t set or determine tax rates, or have the authority to change Medicare in any way.

    Both SenReid and CongPelosi have taken partisan politics over the edge of civility and common sense to a level of parody of the bad politician. MrsPelose can’t convince die-hard Dems that Repubs are of the ‘e-coli club’ because they want children to drink contaminated water as she claimed to a group in Florida.
    The Dems are sounding deranged, hysterical with claims that the Repubs are guilty of murder, felonious behaviour, and indifference to the suffering or condition of the weakest among us.

    1. BTW, why did VPBiden suddenly drop out of the public arena.
      Was his gracious congrats to CongRyan for being chosen to run for the VP slot an attempt to distance himself from the gutter politics of his party?

      1. Wondered that myself. I tip my hat to crazy Joe for his graciousness to Ryan. The rest of the dem party are floating in the gutter.

    1. News this morning is that Michelle surprised movie shooting victims recuperating at hospital in Aurora. Is Michelle vacationing in Aspen and that’s why she went to Denver? I have not seen her around lately.

        1. Well now she’s in Beverly Hills, Granny Jan. Drudge is linking to an article about her “Sunday of Fun” at Gwen Stefani’s home. Really had to laugh when I read where the pool reporters were stuffed in the garage…again. Don’t these people have any self-pride? They don’t even object to being herded like sheep to the corral, so they can’t be seen or heard by the beautiful people.

      1. In an inexplicable effort to avoid the “birthday” fundraisers for O today in Chicago, including one in their very own backyard, Moochelle left for a three day fundraising trip out west. She has fundraising events in Wyoming, Colorado, and California, including one at the Beverly Hills mansion of Gwen Stefani on Sunday. Monday, she tapes Leno (so the taxpayers can pay for the trip out there) and has another fundraiser before returning to DC.

        1. Just call me Meesh wants to keep her career separate from BO’s. That way when he loses and she divorces him, she’ll be her own brand. It he wins, she seems already to be planning to “return” to Jackson Hole “in a few months” when she’s “taken care of a few things.”

          Either way she doesn’t have to play wifey to the President. She’s made it clear that she thinks First Lady is a co-leader position.

  6. Harry Reid is creepy — he should be selling coffins. That said, I saw a snippet of an ad wherein Ryan explains Medicare changes that was received very favorably by the Dem and Rep voters. This was one of those Frank Luntz(?) things. It was pretty encouraging. Early polling of those seniors who know who Ryan is and on Medicare are favorable. It’s too early to tell but these are good signs. Additionally I read/heard/possibly dreamed that RR are going to go out to grocery stores, cash registers and gas stations, etc. See enough of these two in real America and perhaps the MSM Obama propaganda will lose its effect on uninformed voters. Obama’s base remains Obama’s base — and if I were them I wouldn’t want to lose my free ride either. It’s a choice. Of course there are all those dead people, illegal voters, and the multiple personalities who get three votes each to contend with.

  7. Relevant only to the extent that it deals with Ryan. Here is an interesting report on the keeping of the VP announcement secret. Apparently the NBC reporter assigned to Ryan is Alex Moe and the relationship between her and Ryan appears to be respectful. If you do a little search you can also read the article that Moe wrote about Ryan’s planned Colorado vacation ruse. And as some have said, if this is an indication of how well the Romney/Ryan team can keep important things secret maybe this augurs well for an absence of security leaks in a Romney/Ryan administration.

  8. At this point, Harry Reid is so far past “blatantly lying slimeball” that the English language has no words to describe the depths of his mendacity.

    Politics isn’t mahjong, true enough, but I miss the days when we had honorable men in the world’s third oldest profession (the second oldest being motherhood).

  9. Too late there little Harry, you and your marxist boss already killed medicare with obamacare. Less than 90 days before you start fading away little boxer that lost his punch a long time ago.

  10. Destroying Medicare? How many billions will be robbedfrom Medicare due to Obamacare (Obamatax)? Some economists are giving it 6 years max…..

    Someone needs to tell that old polecat that that ship has already sailed and Romney and Ryan missed the boat.

    Looks more like Obama is at the helm on that one.

  11. I’m gonna get over Romney’s HUGE mistake of picking white-bread Paul Ryan in just a minute. but first…I have to say that I don’t understand why he would have chosen someone who’s already got baggage like the Medicare thing. wouldn’t you rather be talking about the prospect of the first Hispanic VP right now, and how it’s not really true that the GOP is just a bunch of white men from the midwest?

    ok I’m done whining now. Romney-Ryan 2012. whoopee.

    1. I’d rather be talking about the best person for the job at this time…white, black, brown, red or purple!

      Besides, the Dems would be pounding Rubio just as much as Ryan, if not more. In their eyes, any VP choice would come with “baggage”…real or invented.

    1. Update:

      jodikantor ‏@jodikantor
      @DRUDGE_REPORT Admission *began* at $51, to clarify. Obama campaign said event was sold out, though the room looked abt 1/2 full to me.
      5:39 PM – 12 Aug 12 via web · Details

  12. Harry Reid….A man who left his wife in the emergency room of a hospital with a broken neck so he could go to a Obamacare meeting……

    People are going to listen to him?

    1. “People are going to listen to him?”

      Yes…if he’s all they hear (thanks to the MSM).

      Lamentably, not everyone is following this campaign closely – they get their “news” in bits and pieces…”Romney’s a felon”…”Romney doesn’t pay his taxes”…”Romney’s company kills people” etc. etc.

  13. I was at Ashland Virginia event and there were three times too many people to be allowed in the building. The fire marshal did three checks and then sealed to entrance. Once turned away we sent down to where Romeny and Ryan were at the catering location and there had to fight one paid protester and a restarant emplyee that got physical on a public sidewalk after his customer got belligerent with me.

    Maybe not a good sign but the catering place is where Palin stopped in the weekend before the election in 08.

    All in all a good trip as I will have to sue the restarant for assault and battery and got to enjoy the paid protestors. Basically they were cursing the heat and had no idea what was on the signs they pushed in the faces of people in attendance. Good times in the south!

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