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Obama Schedule || Monday, August 13, 2012

9:40 am || Departs Chicago
10:55 am || Arrives Omaha, Nebraska
11:25 am || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Bayliss Park, Council Bluffs, Iowa
5:15 pm || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Herman Park, Boone, Iowa

All times Central

26 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, August 13, 2012”

  1. Doing the work of the American people. Oops….wrong president!
    85 days from tomorrow, Aug. 13, until he’s voted out of office
    160 days from tomorrow, Aug. 13, until the van is loaded up and BO & MO are moving out of The People’s House.

  2. Between Baraq in Chi-town and Michelle in LA, they hit a total of 7 fundraisers today. No time for doing ‘President’ though (which in his case is probably a good thing).

  3. I wonder if they’ll go like all previous presidents, or if they’ll refuse, or refuse to leave nicely. I have a sense Obamao’s attitude will be one of a deposed dictator. I hope I’m wrong, but neither have any class or decent manners.

  4. Is he going to make it in to the office at all this week? I know he doesn’t actually do anything for the good of the country when he is there, but at least he could give the appearance of doing something other than spending taxpayer money like water. He certainly doesn’t seem to care what the proles think about his slothful behavior. Why should he? With the LSM flying monkeys so firmly in his pocket, he’s confident they won’t breathe a word about his work ethic or lack thereof to their diminishing audiences.

    Paul Ryan is going to Iowa tomorrow too. Wouldn’t that be something if he draws a larger crowd than King Kardashian? That would be poetic justice in my book…

    1. He really should spend more time in the Oval Office, not that he does anything while he’s there. It would just look like he’s more than a ceremonial figure, like, say QueenElizabeth.
      What with all the lunches, medal awards, greeting of sports teams, shaking hands with visiting foreign leaders and generally passing time there, he can’t complain about the stress of the job. Excuse me, his ‘day job’ as opposed to his fund-raiser-in-chief job.
      Oh well, maybe it doesn’t make any difference what he does anymore.

      1. The Queen may be a only a ceremonial figure but at 86 works a hell of
        a lot harder than BO & MO together. And she actually loves her country
        what a concept:)

  5. You want to know what a real day in the life of BHO is?

    Wake up–look in the mirror and “lie” to yourself–it’s gonna be a great day

    Go to breakfast–look at MO and “lie” by telling her how lovely she looks today

    Briefing in the Oval Office–listen to the “lies” Valerie Jarret and others in the administration tell you and encourage you to repeat

    Head out for a round or golf–no body’s looking so go ahead and “lie” and change your score card from a bogey to a birdie

    After the best game of golf you ever played in your life (lie), do a quick change and head out to a fund raiser with Anna Wintour as she regales you with how marvelous you are darling (a really big fat lie) and while you are shaking hands with all the beautiful people from Hollywood, don’t forget to lie to them and tell them that it’s the “other” rich guys/gals who will have to pay “their fair share” when you’re re-elected

    Finally call it a night, jump into bed satisfied that you have spent yet another day destroying America, one lie at a time.

    But now that the GOP ticket is Romney Ryan, gonna have to get Harry and Nancy in on the act even more. . .ah, now you can sleep knowing that the more liars, the better!

    As BHO drifts off to sleep, he can hear his favorite propagandist, Joseph Goebbels say, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    The Lies in the Life of, oops, we mean the Life full of lies from Barry Soetoro, Barack Hussein Obama Barry Harrison J Bounel

  6. Romney has raised over $2 million since the Paul Ryan announcement (the figure is as of Saturday).

    Obama should return 90% of his salary, since by my calculations (they are fuzzy, it could be more/less) he only spends 10% of the time at his desk. Part-time POTUS, full-time campaigner – he’s a perfect example of “waste” – I hope/pray he gets recycled in November and the dumpster backs up to 1600 in January to cart him off.

    1. Sadie, one of my greatest fears is that the two of them will clean the place out, making the Clinton departure look absolutely polite by comparison. We may need an Expeditionary Force of Marines to guard the White House starting on election night!

      1. I can see Mooch chaining herself to the columns on January 21st, screaming that she’s not leaving HER house, and forcing security to cut her loose so they can drag her to the plane to take them somewhere, anywhere!

      2. RickW, they’ve pretty much emptied the pockets of voters and small businesses. Clinton departure: Didn’t they take the “w’s” from the keyboards with them-as I recall they thought it was hilarious.

        1. IIRC, they took furniture and silverware, thinking it “belonged to them”, and the loot had to be returned to the WH. There were no ashtrays to be swiped, as Hillary had broken all of them when she threw them at Bill. I suspect the current two occupiers in the WH will make Bill & Hill look like amateurs.

  7. Did I read that correctly (from Politico) that he is spending THREE days in Iowa?

    The president flies to Iowa for the first day of a three day campaign swing through the state, with grassroots events in Council Bluffs and Boone.

    Three days?

    Please someone tell me I misunderstood.

    Good thing there’s nothing else he could be doing but trying to insure a lock on Iowa.

    1. Car, the good people of Colorado took up a collection to buy him a 3 day hotel stay in Iowa…….simply because they were sick of him coming to their state.

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  9. Now that Obama is in full campaign mode, having done 11 “campaign events” and nine fundraisers so far this month, the question I have is who is covering the $2,282,867 in costs for AF1.

    Thus far for August he has traveled approx. 6,908 miles in AF1, with a MTD cost = (6,908 /550 avg. air speed of AF1) * $181,757 p/hr for AF1 = $2,282,868. I know that the campaign is to reimburse the government some of the costs of the POTUS’ campaign travels, however how much of the actual costs are the taxpayers stuck with? And this does not even include the costs of any other support aircraft, ground transport, or other travel related expenses.

    The Congressional Research Service recently (May 17, 2012) published a paper on how the costs of presidential, vice-presidential and family members are assessed the costs of and reimbursement of travel expenses ( It is a very complicated under taking and formula, one the ensures the incumbent will leave the taxpayer holding the money bag for the majority of expenses.

    And from what I have read, the O Team still owes local governments money for the overtime and additional security costs that these trips generate. The other question is, will cash strapped local governments ever be paid, and if so when?

    1. Hmmm,

      tmac, no one in this thread has really said anything regarding Obama’s vacation time. The major complaint is the campaign time, fundraising travel, and the constant use of AF1 as his own private corporate jet. Personally, I would have preferred Obama take as many days off in his first term as GW did for the his two terms.

      The ironic thing is that, while the article you cited states that Obama has taken significantly less time off than his predecessor, GW returned to HIS or his FAMILY’S home, or to Camp David for R&R. Obama like to take his vacations at other people’s homes, and tie up islands, beaches, and local resources for his and his family’s pleasure.

      If Obama wants to take vacation why then can’t he follow in the footsteps of other presidents and return to his home, his family’s home, or Camp David? Why must he seemingly always travel to some fancy location and mooch off the largess of others?

      1. Dear Shofar….you are a super whiz at math, so please correct me if I am incorrect (got out the trusty calculator for this one), but in Dubya’s 8 years in the WH, he had a total of 2,922 days (giving him two Leap Days), of which 832 days took up the weekends. Giving him a 2 week vacation each year adds another 112 days to the total, leaving 76 days unaccounted for. He could take another 9.5 days per year of vacation time (a few days at Kennebunkport with the folks, New Years at Crawford) and, BINGO, you have the magic number of 1020 days that he spent “on vacation” in 8 years. Whenever you read a lib article, you have to check their “facts” against the truth. This will become more important the closer we get to the election.

        1. PG, THANK YOU for doing the math! Every time the libs cry about the “1020 days on vacation” for GWB, it infuriates me that they’re counting weekends. The Bushes spent most weekends at Camp David, and sometimes went home to Crawford for long weekends. All the weekends at Camp David are getting counted as vacation, while BHO rarely goes to Camp David for the weekend or back to their home in Chicago, so his weekends do not get counted as time off or “vacation”.

          If we’re really going to do a comparison, I’d like to see the total cost of four years of shipping the O’s, Secret Service, WH staffers, and vehicles to Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard where security had to be put in place in advance each time, as opposed to the Bushes simply flying back home to Crawford.

          1. Both Bush 41 & Bush 43 spent Thanksgiving & Christmas either in the WH or at Camp David, so their support team (security) could be with their own families as much as possible. I think Thanksgiving at Camp David was almost considered mandatory so the scores of volunteers had easier access to decorate the WH for the holidays without having to worry about having the First Family nearby.

            Never forget, SnarkEsq. when a lib tells you something, you have to check and double check, and perhaps triple check their numbers, not to mention their lack of logic!

          2. Yep, PG you’re absolutely correct. I knew that both Bushes spent the holidays at the WH and Camp David out of consideration for the staff. It amazes that the O’s have to go to Hawaii every Christmas instead of experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity and extremely rare privilege of celebrating with family and friends at the WH. Getting them, the staffers, and Secret Service over to Hawaii is a colossal effort that takes weeks of advance preparation, including installing securing communication and security measures each and every time since they don’t have their own home to go to. What I really want to know is if they already have Hawaii booked for this December, because we should NOT have to pay millions for this vacation this year when Obummer will be on a permanent vacation after January 21, 2013.

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