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The Roots of Paul Ryan

Here’s a video of Ryan from 1998 – after having just been elected to Congress – discussing his family and its history. I assume we will be hearing much more of this soon.

I thought this video was pretty compelling, showing the earnestness and sincerity that would win him the trust of his colleagues years later as a leader on tough issues like the budget, Medicare and Social Security.

I don’t think it will be easy to demonize this man. But Obama will try.

H/T to Chrissie Siggelakis, who unearthed this video.

22 thoughts on “The Roots of Paul Ryan”

  1. With Paul Ryan, I don’t have renewed hope for 2012.
    It extends through 2020, then, 2028.
    It’s “his time”. 8 yrs as VP, another 8 in the driver’s seat.

    Thank God.

  2. RYAN is not a boring white man

    he is white yes-boring no, smart as a whip yes-he has not been afraid to call out this administration

    I am thrilled with Ryan being the VP candidate

    WTG Mitt-I am happily surprised

  3. You are right, Keith, this video shows an earnest, sincere and bright young man and I feel convinced that he is into politics to service and improve his country. He is an Irish Catholic as well, might be good to balance Romneys mormonism. I like Ryan very much and I am so glad that he was the choice. Congratulations to Romney and his staff, this will be a great team!

  4. Good choice by the Romney team.
    Paul Ryan is smart and motivated to see that our country gets back on track, he has ideas (God knows this campaign has got to put forward their ideas NOW), and he has a definite likeability factor which is important for the “American Idol” voters.

  5. Ryan can understand the concept of a budget. That puts him heads above ole
    Dingy Harry and his gaggle of fools who haven’t passed one in over 3 years
    and they are to do it every year!

  6. There I was this morning; waiting for the coffee to brew. My husband turned on the news … and I saw the “BREAKING NEWS”.

    I think – but I’m not sure -that I did a bit of jumping. There were definitely tingles going not only up and down my leg, but through my entire body.

    I did vote for Ryan in the little thing the other day. SO RIGHT. Such a good, bold choice.

    BRING IT ON, Dems.

    (oh, and I just get silly thinking about the VP debates – Biden is probably crying already)

  7. I will also add, that as a Miami Grad myself – this *could* help energize Ohio. Miami grads are awfully proud of their Alma mater – and they all certainly know he went there. It’s *not* a small school, but has that feel so engenders that sort of community. Moderate Miami grads in Ohio will be attracted to the ticket by him.

    1. Miami couldn’t get Obama for its bicentennial commencement in ’09, so they invited two grads in Congress: Paul Ryan was electric. Great communicator.

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  9. Ryan — isn’t he the guy with a budget? Where’s my budget? What do you mean we haven’t passed a budget? I want a budget. Call Harry. Get it done. I’m going to play some golf and I expect it on my desk when I get back. And if Congress won’t do their job on this well, well,well then I’ll just use my Executive Order. Have one of those on my desk too. Later, Barack

  10. Yea! I got out the CC and made my first donation to Romney to show support of Ryan!

    Thank Heavens! I have been against Rubio since he served as Speaker of the House in Florida and blocked debate and votes on over 30 bills against illegal immigration. In his case, blood is certainly thicker than water. Why the Tea Party supported him I will never know. In addition, haven’t we learned by now that when the media is shoving a candidate down our throats — BEWARE! Rubio is only interested in promoting Rubio!

    Paul Ryan — great choice by Romney! Makes my day. There is hope!

  11. Fantastic acceptance speech by Paul Ryan. He hit all the right buttons. What really struck me most is his promise of an administration that will take responsibility, and a commitment to tell the American people the truth. What a refreshing change that will be after the last 4 years of lies, obfuscation, and division. I’m a happy camper today. Ryan wasn’t my first choice, but he will be an excellent VP. Gives me hope that America will make a comeback.

  12. I think it will be interesting to see if Obama keeps Biden on the ticket now that Ryan is the VP candidate. I would almost expect the O Team to dump Biden in favor of a more “diverse” candidate in order to contrast themselves from the “white bread” candidates of the GOP.

    Perhaps O will drop Joe for a female, African-American, lesbian to show how inclusive the Dems are, and to show the radical fringe how much the Dems are like the “99%ers.”

    Biden will end up looking like a fool when it comes to talking specifics with Ryan, and will make one gaffe after another in any debate. All Romney has to do is to bait the “One” with the right words and watch Obama’s real character come out in the debates. Obama will revert to his thuggish past, and the vitriol and contempt for anyone who dares to question his authority will become even more visible.

    The New Yorker ( is already calling into question Ryan’s lack of “private sector” experience, something they never questioned with Obama. The repeated label as a “policy wonk” will be run through out the campaign, and it is something that the R&R team need to capitalize on. With Romney you have a business man, governor, Olympic organizer, and overall success. With Ryan, you have someone who understands the necessity of bringing the federal government under control, and someone who can articulate the need to revamp and revitalize how the government is run.

    The R&R ticket covers a broad spectrum of experience, business to government, and with Ryan as the attack dog, the role usually left to the VP candidate, I would predict that the campaign is about to get white hot really quick.

    If Obama and his minions talk about how Ryan has no private sector experience, the GOP should flip it and point out the POTUS’ only real experience was that of community organizer before he went into politics. Further, Ryan can be the point man on how the Dems have failed to present any budget for three years, while he and his party have tried to bring a budget to the floor every year since ’10.

    The majority of Americans know that things are unsustainable they way the are now, it was just a matter of picking which devil you wanted to deal with, and choosing the least distasteful. With Ryan, there is and will be a very sharp contrast in ideology and direction.

    The choice of Ryan was, in my opinion, a well calculated and decisive move. The Congressman will be able to articulate the need to reform government in order to make America a sustainable economic force, and can be the pit-bull to Obama’s chihuahua Biden (or whoever).

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  14. An excellent choice by Mitt, I was hoping for Ryan or Rubio. I can’t wait to see Ryan and Biden in a debate. Joe’s foot in mouth disease will be in full display.

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