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Obama to Empty Chicago of Money

Will there be any cash left in Chicago after Obama leaves Monday?

The president Sunday will hold what is, as far as I can tell, an unprecedented five fundraisers in one city in one day. He’s in Chicago, passing the hat all over the place.

From the press pool report:

President Obama will attend fundraising events in Chicago on Sunday, August 12.

First, he will attend a small roundtable in downtown Chicago.  Tickets for the event cost $40,000 per person.  The President will then attend a Gen44 reception at the Bridgeport Arts Center.  Tickets for the event start at $51 per person.

Following the Gen44 fundraising reception, President Obama will deliver remarks at a fundraiser at his home in Hyde Park.  Tickets for the event cost $40,000 per person.

Following the President’s remarks at his home, he will visit a private residence in Hyde Park for a fundraising event. Tickets for that event start at $5,000 per person.

In the evening, the President will deliver remarks at a private residence in Chicago.  Tickets for that event cost $1,000 per person.

Sweet home, Chicago.

Obama has spent much of the day Saturday holed up at his campaign headquarters in the city.

47 thoughts on “Obama to Empty Chicago of Money”

  1. Barry and his slimers must be sweating bullets. They have a formidable challenge on their hands in the form of Paul Ryan. This guy has the facts on the economy, Obamacare, finances and is ready to stand up and fight. A great match for Romney.

  2. The dead may be able to vote, but it’s probably difficult to get money out of them, so Czippy has to hit up the the living to do that.

  3. “Obama has spent much of the day Saturday holed up at his campaign headquarters in the city.”

    Sweating bullets for sure, Cooper. I’m stocking up on the popcorn for this campaign.

    1. GJ, I started seeing the “Ryan does not have any private sector experience” stories when I woke up this AM to the news. A few coffee snorts later, I thought “but we know where he came from, and it wasn’t outer space, Toto” Personally, I love the idea of Obama trying to “destroy” Ryan. My sense is that Ryan will mop the floor with him and his team.

      1. They’re also crying that Ryan has no foreign policy experience. Hmm, that didn’t seem to bother them with Obummer and he was at the top of the ticket!

  4. For the life of me, I cannot understand why people that have the financial resources this man craves would donate to him. Liberal thinking not withstanding, he has proven himself to be poison to financial success, capitalism and wealth. As Cosner said in the Untouchables “Do they think this is a GAME?”

        1. I’d love to know if Oprah plans to attend any of these Chicago events. She’s been conspicuously absent (I know WHDossier has talked about this before) but any more conspicuous and one can conclude she’s going to vote for Romney!

          1. Well, Moo is not there so….Oprah might get an invite. I say wait until September and all will be forgiven as they will need every cash cow (ooops) they can get.

        2. I think the egos of some of the enormously wealthy on the left don’t see that far down the road. Imagine Soros thinking he could be swept away by anything? I can more understand the people hoping to have influence in the WH/Congress than I can the ordinary, every day person who has to struggle to hold on to a job, a house, etc. Many people I know simply don’t pay enough attention to anything political, which is how he got elected in 2008.

  5. This lot puts Al Capone and Frank Nitti to shame. What do you expect from a city named Chicago, an Indian word for dirty, smelly, old onion, more or less.
    I got that G-2 from a guy who was a professor at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. It has been forty years, but the TV station where I worked aired his daily reports at the end of the early evening newscasts. His name was Ed something or other. He was black before it became fashionable for people to call themselves African-Americans
    I wonder whether Charlize Theron calls herself African-American?

    1. Meet a proud Afrikaner (who became a US citizen) once in college who told Profs. he was “African American”. A Prof. thought he was making some ‘racist’ joke, he explained his ancestory and the Prof. still thought he was making a ‘racist’ joke and told him not to ever say that in class -LOL

      1. If “African-American” has nothing to do with heritage and is just PC code for “black,” it does nothing to minimize racism. We’re still identifying people by their skin color. What’s the point?

        In related news, I hear “illegal alien” is racist now, and “undocumented” is falling out of favor. Apparently it’s racist to call a spade a spade.

  6. From a Fran Speieman, 7/22/2012 post on the Chicago Sun Times page:
    Mayor Rahm Emanuel closed the books on 2011 with $310 million in cash on hand, $167 million more than the year before, but added $465 million to the mountain of debt piled on Chicago taxpayers, year-end audits show. …..The new round of borrowing brings Chicago’s total long-term debt to just over $27 billion. That’s $10,000 for every one of the city’s nearly 2.7 million residents. More than a decade ago, the debt load was $9.6 billion or $3,338-per-resident.

    And this is the mentality that we are supposed to entrust the national checkbook to for another four years?

    The mud will sling, the dirt will fly but in the end, on the morning of November 7th, 2012 we will all awake to one fact:
    Did we reach Tocqueville’s tipping point and those who produced were finally outvoted by those who wanted more or did America survive?

  7. I can’t seem to get the comments to come up tonightl But I was able to get Granny Jan’s/Jihad Kitty’s latest video via MOTUS (Michelle Obama”s Mirror). It is titled “Crude, Rude. and Not Very Sherwd (sp?)- We’re Screwed.” Hope I quoted everything right = I don’t know how to link,
    A must see – please watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. VPBiden issued a congrats to MrRyan in a very nice message.
    It’s time for all of them to treat each other as the ‘loyal opposition’ and bring some dignity back to this most important campaign.

    1. I don’t think Biden is a bad guy, just a boob. In fact, I would not be surprised if he did not catch Hell from Barry for even making the call. Obama and Ryan are like a bottle of nitro and a roller coaster….Heh heh

  9. He has been hiding all day trying to figure out how he can tie Paul Ryan to Jeffrey Dahmer.. I don’t look forward to watching him get the inevitable butchering, though I think he will fight back hard.. I’m watching for Barry to pull the no fly zone in Syria trick, that will warp into the Iran strike in October.. Let him, then as a lame duck the Iran issue can be dealt with and Romney and hopefully a Red Senate can start changing things in Jan.. Too bad Harry Reid can’t retire for 2 years… I will miss DWS though, always stupid n good for a laugh..

    1. If you think O was being snotty and arrogant today, just wait until he’s a lame duck. He’ll be like my poodle that is backed into a corner. Somebody will end up bleeding.

  10. And what would you expect from “CROOK COUNTY” Illinois?…..Obama “fits” the profile of Chicago and all of you fat dumb and happy “bloggers” (especially Koffler) should get your butts into the “mainstream” media and bring this to light…..OR ARE YOU ALL TOO “LIGHTWEIGHT”??

    1. Thats what I never understood… Chicago is VERY corrupt political city. So how did this ‘nobody’ Barack Hussein Obama of Chicago get as far as he has without being part of the corrupt-filthy “Chicago way”?
      How did the “media” NOT make the connection of dirty Chicago politics + Obama rise to power?

  11. Keith, Obummer might be getting some good cash out of Chicago tomorrow, but I read that Romney got about $2 million while he was there last Tuesday. In June, Romney picked up $3.3 million at a fundraiser in Chicago.

    Also, Governor Nikki Haley and Beth Myers will be in Chicago next Wednesday, August 15th for an event (not a huge one, $500 tickets).

    More money from Chicago goes to Super PACS supporting Romney. A hedge funder and former Obummer supporter now backing Romney, Kenneth Griffin (of Citadel LLC), has already given $1 million to the Restore Our Future Super PAC, and $1 million to American Crossroads Super PAC.

    By the way, I just read that Obummer spent about three hours at his campaign headquarters in Chicago today. Then, he went out for a nice dinner:

    It still think it’s odd that they booked Moochelle on a fundraising trip out west for this same weekend O would be spending a couple of days and nights in Chicago.

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  13. I just finished reading “The Case Against Barack Obama” by David Freddoso. Written before the 2008 election, it goes into great detail about Obama’s Chicago connections, as well as other irregularities never touched on by the liberal media. No-one who read this book would ever have voted for Barry.

  14. Will Diktator Obuttma be attending any of the funerals of his young black “brothers” who have been gunned down over the weekend while he is in Chicago to scoop up all of that liberal guilt campaign cash? Didn’t think so.

    1. Of course not. But, I just heard that while out west on her fundraising trip, Moochelle went to Aurora and visiting the victims of the movie theater massacre.

        1. If she did it was to justify using all of the taxpayer provided planes, hotels, Secret Service (SS), on her campaign raising trip. Narcissists like Moochelle are only interested in how people can be of use to themselves. The milk of human kindness does not run through her veins.

    1. It’s really cutting into Barry’s golf, poor baby! Plus, without the traditional Martha’s Vineyard vacay he’ll surely miss playing on the courses there with his buddies he hangs out with all day on their “family vacation”. I still think Moochelle and the kids, and friends, will go on vacation anyway.

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