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Obama: No Comment

President Obama this afternoon ignored reporters who were attempting to ask him about Mitt Romney’s selection of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan to be the GOP vice presidential nominee, deciding to reserve comment for another occasion.

Reporters shouted questions to Obama as he emerged from the White House and headed across the South Lawn to his chopper, which took him to Andrews Air Force Base for a weekend trip to Chicago.

Though Obama was silent, his campaign was out this morning with an email suggesting it will begin to try to tear Ryan to pieces.

28 Responses to Obama: No Comment

  1. Just read on Drudge Report how Obama and Ryan have tangled repeatedly so I conclude that Obama is simply scared. Young Ryan gave masterful speeches in the Congress and of course he never needed any Teleprompter. He knows what he talks about.

  2. Das Comrade has to consult his belly button before he can reply. He certainly could not do that in public. Besides he probably didn’t have his pocket TOTUS with him at the time.

  3. He’s just mad because the limelight is on team R&R and not on his Chicago birthday party. It’s not all about him today so he’s pouting. It sure will be nice to have the adults back in charge next year.

      • He can’t even get his wife or kids to show up for his BDay. Guess they
        didn’t have the cash. Wonder if the girls get a student discount? Hey
        how about since the wedding gift donation thing flopped parents could
        just donate their kids allowance to Obama after all it’s for everyone to
        learn to,share the wealth and we might as well start early:)

    • I just mentioned that below. I had heard about it earlier today on Fox and was shocked that at least one person in this administration did something decent.

  4. Everything is personal with this thug in the WH. He despises Ryan and he’s intimidated by him. Obummer knows that Ryan is light years ahead of him as far as intelligence, competency, and understanding the difficult issues facing our nation. Obummer has been faking his way through life and his Presidency, and he knows that someone like Ryan sees right through the facade.

    As POTUS, the decent thing to do, if O had an ounce of class, would have been to make a brief statement acknowledging Ryan’s seven terms in the House, welcoming him to the race, and wishing him and his family well in the months ahead. I almost fell out of my chair when I heard on Fox earlier today that Biden issued a statement saying he had called Ryan and welcomed him to the race. Too bad the current (and very soon to be “former”) POTUS lets personal grudges rule his decisions. He is a very, very little man.

  5. He forgot his new handheld prompter and they forgot to tell him what to say if
    ask. Congrats or to even acknowledge Ryan would require class and we all
    know neither Obama has any!