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White House Dossier Readers Want Rubio for VP

As Mitt Romney enters the final stages of his vice presidential selection process, Marco Rubio is the choice of more White House Dossier readers than any other of the main candidates for the post, with 43 percent saying Romney should put the Latino senator from Florida on the tickWHD VP poll resultset.

The readers, who generally lean conservative, cast a total of 1,025 votes in a White House Dossier survey polling their preference for a running mate, with 441 of them choosing Rubio. They selected Rubio by nearly two to one over his nearest rival, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, who received 236 votes, or 23 percent. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was third with 8.2 percent, barely ahead of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal who was fourth with 7.8 percent.

The results suggest a potential enthusiasm deficit among conservative voters if Romney taps someone judged to be less passionately conservative than Ryan or Rubio.

The two candidates most often cited by analysts as the most likely Romney choices, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, received almost no support. Portman got only 26 votes for a total of 2.5 percent, while Pawlenty gathered 21 votes for a 2 percent share.

Both trailed Florida Rep. Allen West, the African American conservative firebrand whose name was written in by 44 readers. Condoleezza Rice received 19 votes, also as a write-in.

What’s more, the results indicate conservatives may be deeply disappointed if Romney fails to choose Rubio or Ryan. Defying conventional wisdom, 32 percent of those surveyed said they expect Romney to take Rubio while 20 percent believe he will choose Ryan, compared to 18 percent who believe Romney will select Portman and 11 percent who say he’ll put Pawlenty on the ticket.

Feeling wistful, three readers said they wanted Romney to choose Sarah Palin.

Voters were asked to cast their votes in a post on the White House Dossier website that appeared late Thursday afternoon. The voting remained open until Friday morning.

11 Responses to White House Dossier Readers Want Rubio for VP

  1. I vowed to vote for a potted plant if that’s who the Repubs chose to be their candidate. They chose MrRomney
    I’m just as willing to vote for MrRomney if he chooses the watering can as his running mate..

  2. A couple of thoughts. . .don’t really care for the fact that he has his own version of the “Dream Act”–as someone who’s family came to this country legally; waited years to be processed through the immigration system, don’t support any type of amnesty for current illegals–it’s like giving them a pat on the back and saying good job for doing something that is against the law–JMHO!

    Also, could someone once and for all make a determination if Rubio is a natural born citizen–yes he was born here, but his parents weren’t citizens at the time of his birth–does that make him an “anchor baby”? Would really appreciate knowing once and for all what his “legal” status is with regards to being eligible for POTUS.

    And finally, is it really prudent to pick a VP simply because they may get the votes (from one state/group of folks/demographic) and this applies to anyone being considered for VP? Please don’t say, well, it’s how things have always been done–that’s not a very viable reason, IMO. Shouldn’t the VP be someone who would also be a good POTUS (in the event of an emergency)–does Mr. Rubio have the experience at this point in his career?

    Appreciate everyone’s insight!

    • Here is Susan’s answer to question number two yesterday:

      Susan August 9, 2012 at 7:36 pm

      My own research leads me to believe that Cuba was under US protectorate status when Marco Rubio’s parents were born. That would automatically give them American status (i.e. Guam, Puerto Rico). Just as Barry’s daddy was considered a British citizen because Kenya was under British control at the time, Marco’s parents were considered American before they ever stepped foot on the Florida coast.

      Makes sense to me.

  3. Uugghhh! This makes my sun tanned hide burn more than normal. Rubio, you say? He’s a gigantic stud, that’s for sure. But he’s also a liar. As governor of Florida he has opened up cross border ties with Cuba, allowing free crossings of the border. I enjoy a fine Cuban cigar as much as the next Floridian, but last time I was down in Key West the place was overcome by 1950s Chevys and Buicks, all painted bright pink and lime green. And what has he done for our senior citizens? Privatizing the state funeral parlor system was a great idea initially, but this process has been plagued by abuse. Can you say Solyndria 2.0 in Spanish? Finally, as governor Rubio has spent far too much time in Washington, D.C. I mean, I know he has national aspirations, but ay carumba. He’s spent more time there than a lobbyist prostitute combination.

  4. How is Rubio eligible to be POTUS? He was 4 years old when his parents were naturalized. Were’re back to the big controversy – natural born vs. native born. At worst, he is an anchor baby.

    Yesterday one of WHD’s readers, Karen, posted a laundry list of Rubio’s shady dealings. That, and the fact that he embellished the story of his parent’s emigration to this country, has convinced me that he is not suitable to be heartbeat away from the Presidency. No one is more unfit to serve than the Kenyan thug who highjacked the Oval office….but why choose another unknown entity because of the color of his skin? We do not need to cater to hispanics – they need to assimilate and drop the hyphenated politics! Rubio needs to go to the back of the line – he has many more years ahead of him.

    /end of rant.

    • You make excellent points, especially about the “hyphenated politics”. When in other countries, do folks call them selves “hyphenated” Italian, “hyphenated” German, “hyphenated Spaniard”, “hyphenated” whatever country they are living in–I’ve never heard citizens in other countries refer to themselves as “hyphenated” as much as they do in this country. We realize that we are a “melting pot” and the blending of all the different cultures is what makes our country unique and great. . .and we are not suggesting that you forget or fore go your heritage. . .but why can’t folks simply consider themselves “American”?

  5. Disappointed if Romney selects either Pawlenty or Portman, yes. Disappointed enough to vote for Comrade Obama…not only no, but hell no.

  6. Since many Americans seem to be comfortable with the news that Romney could be a felon and a murderer one can assume that the VP will be slandered as well and the voters will not question the veracity. There is a vigorous ‘dig up the dirt’ campaign on Rep.VP picks going on. Rubio especially will be covered in slime. More importantly nobody will care whether it is true or not. So, although voting is closed I still maintain that Christie is the only one who can slug it out with Obama and his machine, because that is what this is about. Amazing that as a nation many are so non- plussed by Chicago thuggery and the move to smother the American spirit and tradition with some evolving form of statism.

  7. You know, the other day I was thinking, and yes it gave me a headache, about Cheney thinking picking Palin was a mistake. I agree.

    Just think if Palin had not been picked, she would have served her 4 years as governor, been reelected for another two years, and now would be a VP candidate with 6 years of governorship under her belt. Timing is everything.