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Romney Chooses Ryan to Run as Vice President

Mitt Romney has chosen Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running mate and will announce his selection with Ryan by his side at 9:00 am Saturday morning in Norfolk, Virginia.

Multiple news outlets, including the Associated Press and NBC News, were reporting as of 1:30 am Saturday morning that the choice is Ryan.

In a tribute to Ryan’s home state, the Republican ticket will appear at Norfolk’s Nauticus Museum, where the USS Wisconsin is berthed.

The presidential campaign is now a contest between conservative and liberal principles, with Romney having signalled with Ryan that he will oppose President Obama’s liberal agenda with a clear conservative alternative.

Ryan, 42, is certain to stir enthusiasm among conservative voters who have been suspicious of Romney’s commitment to their principles. But he will also present an inviting target to Democrats, who have already run a commercial depicting someone who looked a lot like the Congressman dumping an old lady in a wheelchair off a cliff.

Ryan has been an intrepid leader among Republicans in the House on issues like balancing the budget and reforming Social Security and Medicare, taking tough positions that make him a lightening rod for criticism that he wants to harm the beneficiaries of government spending.

But with the deficit running at more than $1 trillion per year, Romney has calculated that Republicans are well positioned to blunt the criticism and can convince voters that adult supervision needs to be brought in to Washington.

Here’s some biographical information via Wikipedia:

Born and raised in Janesville, Wisconsin, Ryan graduated from Miami University in Ohio. In the mid to late 1990s, he worked as an aide to United States Senator Bob Kasten, as legislative director for Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas, and as a speechwriter for former U.S. Representative and 1996 Republican vice presidential nominee Jack Kemp of New York. In 1998, Ryan won election to the United States House of Representatives . . . He is now in his seventh term.

Ryan currently chairs the House Budget Committee, where he has played a prominent public role in drafting and promoting the Republican Party’s long-term budget proposal. He introduced a plan, The Path to Prosperity, in April 2011 as an alternative to the budget proposal of President Barack Obama, which included controversial changes to Medicare. He then helped introduce The Path to Prosperity: A Blueprint for American Renewal in March 2012, in response to Obama’s 2013 budget.

By choosing Ryan more than two weeks before the Republican convention in Tampa, which starts Aug. 27, Romney will have a chance to build a crescendo of excitement leading up to the event.

But he will also have in place at an early point in the campaign a powerful fundraiser who can add even more heft to the formidable Romney money machine.

Ryan has proven prowess at opening up GOP wallets. He has already raised $4.2 million for his own House campaign this election cycle, as well as $4.3 million for his political action committee, Prosperity PAC.

Note: This is a revised version of an earlier article that was written before the choice of Ryan was certain.

32 thoughts on “Romney Chooses Ryan to Run as Vice President”

  1. bad choice. Paul Ryan is already know as the mean guy who wants to take away children’s benefits and starve them to death. can’t it be Rubio? please Lord?

  2. All signs indicate it’s Ryan, and I’m very happy about that. From the Weekly Standard article:

    Thursday night, in an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Romney responded to a question as to what he wanted his vice presidential selection to convey. “I certainly expect to have a person that has a strength of character. A vision for the country, that, that adds something to the political discourse about the direction of the country. I mean I happen to believe this is a defining election for America; that we’re gonna be voting for what kind of America we’re gonna have.”

    Ryan has spent much of the past year describing the election in similar terms—not simply as a referendum on Barack Obama’s presidency, but a choice between two competing, and very different, American futures. And Ryan has said he thought Mitt Romney shared that view.

    That’s why Ryan is a great choice. This is a defining election and we have two very distinct visions of America. Ryan will help Romney present that vision to America, and let’s pray enough people (in the swing states) make the correct choice.

  3. I’m thrilled with Ryan. He’s my favorite politician. He’ll be president someday.
    I can’t wait for his debate with Biden. Should be fun.

    We’ll hear a whole new set of accusations and lies from Obama. After a while it will be like the little boy who cried wolf. Congratulations to Romney who has shown the good judgement to pick the best man.

    1. I’m with you, Granny Jan! My dream: eight years of President Romney, followed by eight years of President Ryan. It would be the best thing for this country and its future.

    2. I am thrilled too Granny Jan!

      How can we not be when we heard pawlenty and rubio and that other guy

      Romney! never thought you had it in ya!

      stoked for this race now

  4. By the way, earlier this evening, Drudge linked to National Review Online. Robert Costa called it at 5:57 PM:

    From Boston to Janesville
    By Robert Costa
    August 10, 2012 5:57 P.M

    Take note, veep watchers: Earlier today, a charter plane took off in Boston, stopped in Chicago, then flew to the tiny airport in Janesville, Wis. Janesville, of course, is the hometown of Representative Paul Ryan, a top vice-presidential contender. According to a source on the ground, the plane is still in Wisconsin.

    Tomorrow morning, Mitt Romney will visit the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Va. For what it’s worth, Ryan is scheduled to be on vacation in Colorado.

    You can track unusual charter flights at FlightAware, a useful website.

    UPDATE: Tagg Romney was in Milwaukee today.

  5. Unlikely. My well connected, anonymous source says there is a dark horse — who will win over some of Obama’s base. Rumor has it that it is a gay Muslim black man of Indonesian-Hispanic descent.Academic credentials include Columbia and Harvard. The candidate also has experience in cooperative capitalism but is ideologically flexible and is not challenged by ethics. Although it’s possible that this person is not gay or male but transgender so as not to alienate the female vote. And for all you doubters, let me remind you that George Zimmerman is a “white Hispanic”.

      1. I was just blowing off some steam. Happy to give a chuckle. But it appears that it is Paul Ryan — a solid guy and IMHO a good choice. They’ve both stood the test of slime — Romney for “murdering” someone’s unfortunate real life wife, and Paul Ryan for “murdering” the fictional old lady in the wheelchair. And a Mormon and a Catholic to boot! Expect full on Chicago style campaign, the antithesis of these guys.America has a clear choice.

  6. Keith, I want to thank you for your email alerts. LOL, but I do have to note that this time my crazy mother beat you to it by two minutes. Our phone rang at a few minutes to midnight and I almost had a heart attack. She was listening to talk radio and heard the news. It was one of the very few moments these days that I happened to be tuning politics out and was vegging out to an episode of House Hunters International on HGTV. So much for relaxing!

    Also, I have to disagree with the pundits claiming this was a hurried decision to suddenly move the announcement up to tomorrow all due to the public beating Romney’s taken this week by BHO and his slimy super PAC. I’ve been saying for over a week that Romney would be announcing the VP pick before leaving for the bus tour on Saturday. When it became clear there would be no announcement on Friday, and it would therefore have to wait until later next week after the bus tour concluded, I thought it was very odd. It makes no sense to leave on a four day bus tour and then after the tour, announce the VP selection.

    I think Romney is a hell of a lot more shrewd than he is ever given credit for. Of course he planned on announcing the VP pick before the bus tour and having the VP candidate on the tour with him. He fooled everyone by not announcing it on Thursday or Friday, and then putting out a surprise notice very late Friday night that the announcement would be Saturday. This way, his bus tour gets a ton of promotion and attention, and his VP pick will be traveling the country with him for a few days.

    I really hope people don’t buy the pundits’ narrative that Romney rushed this and moved up the announcement a week because he had a bad week. That’s total bull and it’s what Obummer, the Dems, and the lame stream media want everyone to believe.

      1. even my 9- and 12-year-old granddaughters were praying last night. now the prayer intention will shift but still pour on strong ;)

  7. Nobody’s sleeping tonight at the Obama headquarters; they’re getting ready to pump out press releases of MrRyan’s bad acts.
    Did he forget to let the dog back in the house the night of the terrible rainstorm or did he push someone in gym class when he was in JrHighSchool. Does he have a financial interest in wheelchairs that he’s going to use when he pushes Gramma over the cliff or is he a tax slacker who claims multiple deductions from his income on his returns.
    Oh, so many ways to slime someone, so little time.

    1. Good, let them be sleepless and Change and Hope “less” too!

      In fact, I hope they all look like raccoons with a “Visine” hangover.

  8. What a relief… and what a gutsy, bold move on Romney’s part! Ryan is my favorite politician, too! He is is a lightening rod and Romney will get a much needed boost from his youthful vitality and appealing personality. Romney’s expertise in the private sector and Ryan’s economic background makes for a dynamic duo. Romney could not have made a better choice – let the games begin!

    Meanwhile, DEMS are euphoric – their prayers have been answered. ‘Vulture Capitalism’ is now being paired with ‘Vulture Vouchers’!

    Fasten your seatbelts, we’re in for Mr. Toad’s wild ride! Obama has to put up or shut up now that Paul Ryan is the new sheriff in town.

    1. Speaking of good vs evil — “Baltimore Archbishop: Catholic Voters Can’t Vote for a Candidate Who Stands for an Intrinsic Evil”

      And to make Ryan an even better choice, he based his politics on his principles, and his principles are based on those of St. Thomas Aquinas.

      I think we truly have been given a “match made in Heaven” and I’m am thrilled and grateful!

  9. Ryan is an excellent choice,he was my pick in your survey. I have followed politics very closely for 41/2 yrs. and I believe in the American people that are freedom lovers. We are not a nation of takers and slackers.This Nov.will tell the tale. To take America back won’t be easy but will definetly be worth the fight.

  10. I can’t say who is the BEST choice, but Ryan is a GREAT choice. Saw him speak at his alma mater, Miami University (Ohio) in ’09. Wonderful communicator. Go, R&R!

  11. I like Ryan but I’m not sure what he brings to the ticket other than to put the debate squarely back to where it should be, on the economy! I’m not sure that independents will be completely blown away by him. He probably won’t help to deliver Wisconsin, and conservatives were going to vote for Romney regardless of who the VP was. So what does he bring? Hopefully he will prove to be a great debater, he is articulate. But he is also a fairly easy target for Obama’s slime attacks and most of the media will be glad to support those attacks. It does show that Romney is serious though. I only hope that America is as serious too!

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