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New Romney Ad Gets at Obama’s Character

The Obama campaign has spent weeks defining Mitt Romney as a greedy, heartless rich guy. The Romney campaign has played some defense on the character issue, but it is now actually going on offense.

This new ad is everything President Obama deserves after the White House today – during Press Secretary Jay Carney’s briefing – again failed to distance itself from a SuperPac ad that suggested Romney is responsible for a woman’s death.

The Romney campaign has been given an opening by Obama himself to redefine the acolyte of Hope and Change. The campaign is finally taking the offer, adding on to the extensive preliminary work Obama has done himself by running his campaign on the lowest road available.

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      • I am more than sick and tired of the crapola. Accusing Romney, former CEO of Bain of murder by mismanagement. What about the current CinC of the USA announcing troop withdrawals and timelines while our men and women are at war. How many more dead, maimed and wounded by his “management” style.

        Three American special forces soldiers were shot dead by a man in Afghan uniform in what appeared to be the latest incident of local forces turning their weapons on their foreign allies.
        The Americans were killed after being invited to dinner to discuss security in Sangin district of Helmand on Thursday evening.
        The shooting was at least the third incident this week where Afghan forces have opened fire on foreign forces.

        • That is heartbreaking. Our military members are sitting ducks for Islamic jihadists over in that desert hell hole. Then this monster shows his concern for them by honoring Islam with an evening of fine dining and entertainment in our White House.

    • That is a much better ad that exposes the campaign’s collaboration with the Super Pac. The real icing on the cake was John Dean’s voice at the very end – “We have a cancer within – close to the presidency, that’s growing. It’s growing daily.”

  1. It’s about time. As they say at the rink, The gloves are off and there they go!

    (Unrelated: we may not hear that call for some time this year, with an NHL lockout just over a month away.)

  2. We should do away with these ads. Rarely are they truthful plus they cost a lot of money.

    Also, welfare recipients and government workers (same thing really) should not be allowed to vote. It’s a confllict of interest and not fair.

    • …been working on a ‘manifesto’ (future M.A. or Ph.D in political science) about who should be ‘qualified’ to “vote” in America in the 21st century…

      • There already is a “manifesto” on who is allowed to vote. It’s called the Constitution. It is and has been the law of the land since its inception in 1789. It’s been good enough for 223 years, and will do fine for the 21st century.

  3. That ad is lame as heck. Hey Team Romney, why are you using headlines and clips from King Kardashian’s propaganda machines to strike back? You didn’t even mention the fact that it’s all based on lies, much less the possible criminal element surrounding the making of that ad. Hit them back, rather than whining about the Marxist’s “disgusting” “unfair attack” on you. Better yet, attack Obama like you attacked Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum – viciously and personally. If the Romney campaign rolls over on its back for the Democrats, we lose this country.

    • …Im worried.
      Who the h#ll is coming up with Romney’s lame (well said) ‘anti-Obama 2012’ ads?

      Team Romney needs to hire some of the posters-readers of WhiteHouseDossier if they want some honest/hard-hitting ‘anti-Obama 2012’ ads!

  4. You want to talk about “Obama’s character”?

    Then let’s talk why Barack Hussein Obama has SEALED all his “college records”…

  5. Romney is too much of gentleman to get down and dirty. However, someone on the Republican side has to get nasty or the fight is over.

  6. So far Sununu is the only spear chucker and that needs to chage with Guilinia and some of these governors getting on board so the money changers plouffe and axelrod cant keep up the production machine fast enough. What a trailer trash roadshow.

    Best thing is that the Obama crowd fails to understand if the despised 1% takes their game elsewhere we are third world as you cant tax nothing or have a crack and malt liquor tax. We already taxed cigarettes to the maximus.

  7. THANK you! It’s about time they finally started hitting back at these slimy Obama ads. Romney has hopefully given the Obama campaign enough rope to hang itself, and maybe now people will start recognizing the truth.

  8. My 2 cents worth of an unsolicited edit suggestion to Team Salvation from a former Pol Consultant, to change your Spot’s closing question to:

    “Doesn’t America deserve better than a President who will say or do anything (to deflect from his record of failure as our Nation and it’s economy suffers from his constant Transformation to Socialism attempts),… just to stay in power?”

    Mitt/Campaign: use this sentence to close your spot,… for Mitt must not only respond to Barack now and this most diabolical attack ad ever run in American political history, revealing his nasty character, but he must constantly tie his every message to the state of the US Economy and his solutions to revive and repair it.

    To do otherwise is to fall into Barry’s campaign trap of deflection.,,,see Jeffrey Lords Am Spec Article that explains this succinctly from an historic political perspective linked below.

    This is the reason for all of the outrageous, disgusting deflecting TV spots/Dem attacks from Team Socialist, to trap Mitt into responding to constant deflection attacks,… so why not get a two-fer,… slap him back hard defining him as a liar lacking the dignity of a POTUS and the Office, and keep the focus on the One issue he runs from like a vampire from the morning sunlight – the Economy/jobs and his failed record after trillions wasted that prove his ’08 campaign and initial ’09 promises were mere lies.

    The political character assignation of Mitt is the only formula Obama has left to try to deflect from his record until November in order to win reelection, so we’re going to see much more of these odious and offensive broadsides.

    Why not start applying this tactic now to block his “squirrel chases and “Fat Jap Attacks*” and keep the narrative consistently on the economy/Gov Romney’s plans to repair and restore it.

    Obama told us in ‘09 that if he didn’t turn around our economy with his “Scamulus” by ’12, then he’s a one term proposition.

    Now hold him hard to his own words, and promote your solutions to generate the needed hope and optimism Reagan provided when he came from 30 points down to Landslide Jimmah “Malaise” Carter and his compliant/complicit Mediocre Shilling Media in ’80.

    * see Lord’s article, “Mitt is Right, No More Tax Returns”, here:

  9. Never mind his “Character” that is as false as his IDENTITY. Why is Romney not attacking the false identity and DEMANDING that this man reveal who he really IS?
    Why wont Romney CALL Obama a Marxist, a LIAR, a CHEAT?
    When is someone going to stand up to this individual and his thugs?

        • Romney has never even made an appearance on the Levin show, and Mark was hoping that Romney’s people would contact him and set something up. That in itself speaks volumes about how the Romney campaign views the unbridled truth: it’s something to be avoided.

          Personally, even though Romney has my vote, it has been a major disappointment to me that he has sidestepped The Mark Levin Show; however, if he chooses Marco Rubio for VP it’ll ease a small portion of my disappointment.

          • The reason the Romney campaign has never granted him an interview is because Tea Party and Mark Levin are synonymous. The establishment despises the Tea Party. During the primary I was anybody but Romney, but the right conservative never picked up the torch. When Romney went to kiss the ring of former President George HW Bush, I saw the writing on the wall. I’ll still support Romney no matter who he chooses as VP…because the alternative is so unthinkable.

          • Yes, and yes, the alternative is “unthinkable”.

            As much as I was hoping for Romney/ Rubio, Paul Ryan (the more I think about it) is probably the better choice. The way he rattles off irrefutable numbers and narrative facts is like garlic to a vampire. Remember the health care summit? Obama was mute after Ryan finished with him. And Joe Biden, his plugs are gonna be popping out of his head.

      • The video showed a cross section of ages, both white and black, who could not correctly answer the questions and yet are “smart” enough to vote for Obama. No wonder this country has so many problems.It also proves what a failure government education is.

  10. If Romney can’t stand up to the enemy within – how in the heck can we expect him to stand up to Obama’s anti-American allies all over the world? Once again, Obama is AWOL in Afghanistan – too busy campaigning! There is so much fodder for Romney, it’s pathetic. Ads are aids – we need to hear from the man himself. How about some ads on Obama’s total abandonment of the Oval office for the last 6 months – the fundraisers, etc. Who’s running the country??? Valjar??? Get with it, Mitt!

    • All he has to do is point out that in the last 3 1/2 years, Obama has not worked an eight hour day or a 40 hour week in the Oval Office. He is getting a full time salary and working a part-time job.

  11. As soon as Romney got the nomination he should have come out with the gloves on. He could have spent 24/7 since that day until election day with point after point as to why Obama should be defeated and still not covered all of the reasons. Instead, as usual, the Republicans spend most of their time responding to attacks from Democrats. Its a wonder they win anything.

  12. Michelle speaks but nobody can question. Following a Drudge Report link I read that a local reporter tried to interview people standing in line or attending an event at which Michelle Obama was speaking. He was prevented from contact with the public by the Obama campaign staff. I don’t know this reporter or this blog, but it seems reasonably reported and well sourced. And disturbing.

    • Another shocking aspect of this story….Dave Davies works as an NPR reporter. Will NPR stand behind him, or kick him under the bus like they did Juan Williams?

    • Apparently there is little this campaign thinks they can’t do or control as they try to bulldoze their way to another term for Obama. Little things like right to free speech and freedom of the press are just things to ignore and brush aside. It has seemed as if any time this administration is questioned or attempts are made to hold them to account, they just ignore it and go on with whatever they intend to do.

      I’d be interested in Keith’s take on this behavior towards a reporter at a campaign event. Sure seems wrong to me.

  13. I remember during the ’08 campaign many talk show hosts were complaining about having MO on their show because she brought with her a list of 100 topics and questions they were not allowed to ask. They loved Cindy McCain because nothing was off limits with her.

    This story is a bombshell, especially because it involves NPR…of all people. Listen to the audio recording – the reporter is a class act. Oh, I do hope the media will take this shocking turn of events and run with it. We’ve always known the Obama’s are communist dictators – this is straight out of the Manifesto.

    Interestingly, the reporter said the line was SHORT! Did the campaign have to pay these ‘fans’ to show up? Did they provide the signs? What are they hiding? Were they bused in by the campaign?

    Keith, please see if you can get to the bottom of this. The country (and free speech) is on the line with these dictators.

  14. The Romney campaign needs to concentrate on every day citizens who are not caught up in the full scale BS reporting of the lame stream press.
    Address those in the hinder-lands who are still civil and have retained their sense of fair play, and love of country.
    The big cities are loaded with liberal nuts and welfare leeches who would vote for a Dem if they were proven Serial Killers.