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Obama Raffle Price Rises to $5

The Obama campaign is not where it wants to be. It needs more money. It’s been asking for $3 for those who want a chance to meet the president. Forget that. Now it wants $5.

President Obama today sent an email out to supporters raffling himself off – normal asking price $3 – but throwing in Michael Jordan as well.

So that will be an extra $2 please. I mean, this is Michael Jordan.

I thought $3 had been scientifically deduced by Obamaland technicians as the perfect price level at which people will throw away their money. The Romney campaign has been raffling their candidate off for more. Maybe they had it right.

From the president’s email:

When Michael Jordan wrote a check to my campaign for U.S. Senate in 2004, I wasn’t sure whether I should cash it or frame it.

Now Michael Jordan is taking his support to the next level. If you chip in $5 or whatever you can today, you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to meet both of us at an event later this month in New York City.

You’re invited to bring a guest — so if basketball isn’t your game, I encourage you to bring someone in your life who might enjoy meeting Michael and me over dinner, and maybe even shooting some hoops with some of the other basketball stars, past and present.

Now, I don’t know if I’ll want to sprint up and down the court that night, but I’m always up to launch a few jump shots. If you join me, don’t be surprised if I challenge you or your guest to play.

I don’t understand. If he’s not going to run, what are they going to play, Horse? Around the World?

So here’s your chance to play Horse with Michael Jackson. Are you in?

13 Responses to Obama Raffle Price Rises to $5

  1. wait…wait…
    $3 for obama but only $2 for Michael Jordan?
    Are they kidding me? It should be flipped…at least!
    Let’s put it another way…I know where Michael Jordan went to school. I know what he accomplished at school. I know what he did after school. I know what he accomplished after school.

    Actually it should be $10 for Jordan and $1 for the President.

  2. I don’t believe for one minute that the o’s campaign is $$$ behind Romney. As far as I know, the unions are still hiding the amounts of money they’re spending now and will spend. And the unions are only one piece of the o’s fabric. And those unions aren’t even AFSCME and all the federal employees the o has found jobs for.

  3. Bravo to those who have $5 to waste. Lots of people gamble with their lives, not just their money. This election is about both. Lose your money (if you are lucky to still have any) and then your life as a citizen of a Democratic Republic.

  4. I thought Michael Jordan was better than this. Here he is endorsing socialism and a guy who will do anything and say anything to retain power. I wonder if Michael thinks it is ok to slime someone with an accusation of causing someone elses death? Or maybe he and all the other Obots think it is ok to make the most slanderous, unfounded, vicious lies they can think of. After all, the end justifies the means, thats the Chicago way.

  5. “So here’s your chance to play Horse with Michael Jackson. Are you in?” No way, Keith. I have an idea where Michael Jackson resides in the afterlife…

    Looks like Nike, Gatorade, Hanes and anything else Michael Jordan endorses is off my buy list. I’m sure our few dollars mean nothing to these people, but I will not voluntarily support tyranny, and Obama is the face of tyranny.

  6. OT but just took a look at Mrs O in a new frock $525 but it comes in only two
    sizes 0 and 2. Wonder how many they had to buy to get one in her size?:)

  7. There are a lot of people who have already donated to one candidate or another without having the honor of actually meeting them in person. We donate to our candidate for Mayor or CityCouncil, those seeking State office, Judges, Sheriffs or federal positions and never even get to shake their hand.

    So, how hard is it to raise money if you’re the POTUS that they have to adorn his message with an offer to meet a celebrity or sports figure? Even the high-roller big donors want to have a face to face and a group photo with the candidate before they’ll part with their cash.