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Live Stream || Carney Briefing – August 10, 2012

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. I think It’s possible that Obama was not born in the U.S. Where’s the ladies who held a shower for Stanley Ann? Where’s the neighbors who saw baby BO in his baby carriage pushed around proud grandparents’ neighborhood? Where’s the dewy-eyed nurse who caught BO and now says, “I never thought that baby would be President?”

    The absence of these testimonials, these natural and inevitable sightings of tiny newborn Barack in the lives of his mother and grandparents’ Hawaiian world are as compelling to me as evidence of some fancy footwork by the family as the deconstructions of the b.c. that he’s offered.

    I can see the grandparents in particular wanting the baby to have American citizenship and taking steps to conceal that Stanley Ann flew into Hawaii with a newborn in her arms.

    I also very much want to know if BO accepted financial aid as a foreign student while in college.

  2. Way to go, Oppie, today’s episode of “Gee Aunt Bee, I don’t Know Who Ate Andy’s Pie” is almost as good as your “Where’s the Capitol of Israel” show.

    You state that you’re not a pundit, and you can’t comment on Barry/Burton/Cutter & Priorties USA’s Soptic ad, but that said, you freely jump to attack Mitt Romney’s Campaign for their ads. Then, when further pressed on the connection between the Obama Campign/PUSA Super Pac’s ad development/deployment by the WH Press, you weasel out by being the good little deflector you are and direct all pertinent questions to others in the Obama Admin., as is your daily wont.

    You are a Fed employee, Carney, and as such, you work for US, and therefore owe the American citizens forthright and candid answers to the rare, genuine and cogent questions you do receive. If you’re unable to perform this simple requisite task as WH PS, then do us a favor,…. Resign, and go count your holdings in the foreign investments and bank accounts you own, hypocrite.

  3. I heard the very end, where Carney announced Obummer’s schedule for next week. Nothing but campaigning, as usual. After his “birthday” fundraisers in Chicago on Sunday, he leaves Monday for a three day bus tour throughout Iowa. Moochelle will join him on the third day, Wednesday, and then they return to DC that evening. Thursday and Friday, “meetings at the WH”, which means he’s taking it easy after a few days on the road.

    By the way, Moochelle will NOT be with him in Chicago this weekend for his “birthday” fundraisers, including the one at their home on Sunday. Instead, she’s flying out west on Saturday for three days of fundraising events in Wyoming, Colorado, and California, including one at the Beverly Hills mansion of Gwen Stefani on Sunday. Monday, she tapes Leno (so the taxpayers can pay for the trip out there) and has another fundraiser before returning to DC.

  4. So, Carney Barker has been with the Prez alot and knows how excited he is about the Olympics, but doesn’t know if Prez has seen a controversial ad. There just wasn’t time to mention serious stuff because everyone was peeing their pants over the Olympics, I guess.

    As for MoochMORE, of course she had a good time showing off at the Olympics.

    This is how it’s going to play out in the ads: Ann Romney had a dressage horse in the Olympics – how elitist; Meesh “Keepin’ it Real” Obama jumped around with a bunch of kids and sacrificed her time to promote health for all — how WONDERFUL she and Barack are!

  5. Love to watch Sparky squirm. Has he ever actually answered a question in
    full and truthfully? They continually get a pass from the LSM lapdogs so when
    one or two of them wander off the reservation and question Dear Leader and
    his Chicgo hit squad he’s peeved instead of being embarrassed.