In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Romney Chooses Ryan to Run as Vice President

Mitt Romney has chosen Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running mate and will announce his selection with Ryan by his side at 9:00 am Saturday morning in Norfolk, Virginia. Multiple news outlets, including the Associated Press and NBC News, were reporting as of 1:30 am Saturday morning that the choice is Ryan. In a tribute to Ryan’s home state, the Republican ticket will

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Obama Defends Huma Abedin

President Obama today used the annual White House Iftar dinner to show his support for Huma Abedin, the senior aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton whose family was said by Rep. Michele Bachmann and other GOP lawmakers to have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. From Obama’s remarks: We know this, too, for here in America we’re enriched by so many faiths, by men and

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Obama Raffle Price Rises to $5

The Obama campaign is not where it wants to be. It needs more money. It’s been asking for $3 for those who want a chance to meet the president. Forget that. Now it wants $5. President Obama today sent an email out to supporters raffling himself off – normal asking price $3 – but throwing in Michael Jordan as well. So that will be an

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New Romney Ad Gets at Obama’s Character

The Obama campaign has spent weeks defining Mitt Romney as a greedy, heartless rich guy. The Romney campaign has played some defense on the character issue, but it is now actually going on offense. This new ad is everything President Obama deserves after the White House today – during Press Secretary Jay Carney’s briefing – again failed to distance itself from a SuperPac ad that

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White House Dossier Readers Want Rubio for VP

As Mitt Romney enters the final stages of his vice presidential selection process, Marco Rubio is the choice of more White House Dossier readers than any other of the main candidates for the post, with 43 percent saying Romney should put the Latino senator from Florida on the tickWHD VP poll resultset. The readers, who generally lean conservative, cast a total of 1,025 votes in

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EXTRA!! The Latest Obama Headlines

Where are the crowds? . . . New York Times Obama’s ahead, but is he winning? . . . The Atlantic The great VP fakeout . . . John Fund Reid aide says source is Bain investor . . . Fox News Obama campaign resorts to truth-telling . . . Daily Caller Democrats to include Republicans in convention . . . Politico 

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