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Trailing in the Polls, Obama Scurries to Save Colorado

President Obama is allotting a full two days this week to campaigning in Colorado, and a new Qunnipiac/CBS/New York Times poll provides a simple explanation: The president now trails in a state he won handily over John McCain in 2008.

The poll of 1,463 likely voters gives Gov. Mitt Romney a a five point lead over Obama, 50-45 percent. This represents a dramatic swing from four years ago, when Obama thumped McCain by nine percentage points, 53.7-43.7 percent.

Colorado has nine electoral votes and is considered critical to Obama’s reelection effort.

Obama has been forced to sweep into the state because weeks of Romney-bashing by the Obama campaign machine has failed to take enough of a toll. Despite the negative ads and personal attacks by campaign operatives, 47 percent of Coloradans have a favorable opinion of Romney compared to 42 percent who don’t. And Coloradans like Romney even before he gets to counter the Obama attacks when he fully introduces himself at the Republican convention later this month.

Obama’s unfavorability rating in the state stands at 50 percent, with 46 percent viewing him positively.

Obama trails even though Coloradans are far from disinclined to support Democrats. Colorado’s Democratic governor, John Hickenlooper, is wildly popular, sporting a 66 percent approval rating compared to 19 percent who don’t like him.

Obama Wednesday was in Denver and Grand Junction and today is appearing in Pueblo and Colorado Springs.

19 thoughts on “Trailing in the Polls, Obama Scurries to Save Colorado”

  1. First of all GO Colorado! You can do it!!

    Secondly, this now answers my question of why Governor Hickenlooper has been Obama’s shadow the last few weeks, even in CT at the Weinstein dinner. They are busy cooking something – let’s hope it’s Obama goose!

  2. He’ll be out there courting women and Latinos….droppin his ‘g’s’ and accusing Mitt of taking us back to the 1950’s. As I remember, the 50’s were pretty darn good! I remember my father having us participate in an “I like Ike” parade in 1956….good times. (I was 8 years old at the time)

    1. I personally liked the 50’s:). I liked Ike and Leave it to Beaver give me
      June Cleaver over Michelle Obama any day. Also loved the title of the
      article ‘scurries’ yes Barry scurries just like a rat.

  3. You mean to say Obama’s quickie campaign stop in Aurora backfired? Why, he even attached the Presidential Seal to the podium when he made his television pitch to comfort the victims and families! Instead of mingling with the families and mourners at the Memorial, he felt his presence would be ‘disruptive’. Besides, he had to catch the last flight out to SF – no time for the little people. His celebrity donors were awaiting his arrival… the following day.

  4. I like that headline Keith, “Obama Scurries to Save Colorado.”
    I would venture to say that soon the scurry will change to flailing as the election nears.

  5. BO: Harry? Its Barack
    HR: Yes Mr President
    BO: Listen you got any friends that know anything “bad” about Bain Capital and Coors beer?
    HR: Well…..uh……I did happen to hear about a angry employee who peed in a vat of Coors some years ago…….
    BO: So how do we connect them???
    HR: Maybe the person’s grandmother was from Boston? Had an apartment near Bain HQ?
    BO: OUTSTANDING, Dude! Lets run with that. Tell some reporter now and I’ll mention it before I leave Colorado.
    HR: Yes, Mr. President…………..

  6. How’s this work? he goes to Colorado, speaks to his supporters and a Romney supporter then changes his mind? That’s not going to happen.

    The candidates and their pollsters are kidding themselves, there are no likely “undecided” voters out there. We all know who we’re going to vote for in November and no nasty ad or puff piece is going to change our minds.

    1. we are being bombarded out here with three Obama commercials. The babe who says these are dangerous times for women, the friendly Obama talking about this election choice between the old trickle down method that didn’t work and his ideas, and now the woman dying of cancer.

      I don’t know how stupid most people are to fall for either of these commercials, they all play on emotions. I despise any politician that resorts to children, old people or puppies; tells me they don’t have any facts.

  7. Just heard ole Barry channelling his inner regular ‘folk’ personality in Colorado.
    He was moaning about evil Republican PAC’s and the evil Romney people
    writing big checks how dare they?! This from a man who can’t go more than
    a day without rubbing God only knows what with Harvey and Anna and the
    Hollywood robots!

  8. I’m telling all of you, unless something major happens, rampent voter fraud, or Romney picks a really bad VP, Romney is going to win big and Obama won’t win more than 18 states; probably closer to 15. FL, NC, VA, OH, MI, WI, CO, NV are all going Romney. Obama will win RI, CT, NY, MA, VT, MD, DE, IL, CA, OR, HI for sure and probably pick up NJ, PA, WA, and NM. Everything else goes Romney.

    1. i sincerely hope you are right!!! i have barely survived his first 4 years, don’t think i’ll survive the next 4 if this yahoo is re-elected!!

    1. I’m from NJ, and the state newspaper featured this story. Truth is that the wedding party followed Romney to his destination. They probably wanted his autograph and to let him know how wonderful they think he is and to tell him they will vote for him. How did that story get told backwards?

  9. Never, never, ever underestimate the sheer stupidity of old hippies, granola eating tree-huggers and Subaru drivers who call Colorado home! Trust me, I live here and see and hear the evidence every day.

    Our political “Hall of Shame” is inhabited with the likes of:

    Mark Udall, Senator ( what a joke )
    Michael Bennett, Senator ( even sicker joke)
    Diana DeGette, Congressperson, (please, don’t get me started)
    Ed Perlmutter, Congressperson
    Jared Polis, Congressperson, and on and on…

    Each and every one of these people is a rubber stamp automatic “Yes” vote in total lock step with the “Dear Leader”, this time , every time.

    One of the main reasons Colorado has seen such a dramatic shift to the left in the last twenty or so years is mostly due to the huge influx of out of state libs from California, who realized that they so completely destroyed that place and that it was time to move on to greener pastures.

    I would agree with the statement that Gov. Hickenlooper is very popular here. I’ve met him and he is a nice man. Sincere, genuine, heck, he used to own a brew-pub/micro-brewery, how bad could he be? Unfortunately, thatis the personal side of the man. Politically, his ideology and performance are less than stellar.

    I am encouraged when I see poll numbers such as those shown above, but remain cautious, for as they say, “It’s not over till the fat lady sings”.

    1. Like swarms of locust, liberals move from state to state, destroying freedom and liberty along their path. I see pockets of these destructive critters all over Texas.

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