As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Hillary Makes it Clear She Won’t Run in 2016

Wanted to make sure you saw this video of the Secretary of State on psychedelic mushrooms.

I mean, really, this has got to stop.

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46 Responses to Hillary Makes it Clear She Won’t Run in 2016

  1. That’s a wonderful way of expressing yourself. I’m sure the administrator of this site could have removed this comment of yours, but probably left it so that all could see what you are really made of.

  2. Oh, so Hillary is relaxing and dancing. I suppose these rather silly moments have happened through history, but were not recorded because everyone didn’t have a cell phone and there was once a sense of what was private and what was public.

    Why uptight people such as Hil accept the invitation to let a stranger pretend to rub their ass into her groin is a puzzle to me. I suppose this is part of her adapting to local customs? Or is it part of our recent cultural belief that crude things are somehow more “real?”

    • Nothing says Presidential like Dirty Dancing … lol. This really doesn’t bother me, she knew the cameras were on her and having some fun.

      I bet she never used our White House to hold potato sack races ;)

  3. Is it just me, or do all of the progressives think that they are on 24/7 vacation? Look at Mooche and all of her trips/vacations, Barry and all of his golfing and riding his bike and now Hillary. As for Hillary, it seems to me that she spends more time out of the country than in it. By design? Apart of the perpitual vacation? To stay away from Bill? I watched one of her dance videos and thank goodness I had not had my lunch yet. I can not watch any more of them and am probably going to need therapy to deal with what little I did see.

  4. I’ll go against the grain here and say Way to Go Hilary. As a New Yorker, I was deeply offended when she chose to make NY her “home” to begin her political ascension, even wearing a Yankees hat one day, but she did an OK job as our senator and while I didn’t think she’d make a good President, I’m thinking now she may not have been a bad choice. I like what she’s doing as SofS; she’s one of the few who never needs notes; she KNOWS her stuff and speaks well, under pressure and not. I think this video says she’s human, something so many politicians today, on both sides, refuse to let us see.

    • I second your comments, 65. No fan of Hillary’s, I have considered her the adult in the room when Slick Willy was in charge. I do fear though that her being kept under wraps and Biden almost invisible MIGHT mean a last minute plan to swap her in as the running mate. Obama and his team are scared and such a move would energize his base (This video alone could become a campaign ad immediately) and sweep Obama back into office. Romney can beat Obama/Biden but he cannot beat O/C. I’ll be glad when the DNC is over and we know who Romney is really facing.

      • Bet she did her party girl act to send a subliminal message to Obama that she won’t EVEN consider being his running mate, don’t even ask :D

        I think Hillary’s done with politics, because she’s young enough to go out on the speakers’ circuit and make a boat load of money.

        • I think ditching Biden would be the last nail in Obama’s election coffin. Nothing says “failure” like changing VP’s mid-stream, because it would make Obama look like a meanie who doesn’t value loyalty. Having JOBS Biden as the VP has been his ace in the hole for not being impeached, because nobody would want Ol’ Joe having access to the red phone at 3am. OTHO, if Czippy puts Hillary in the VP slot, he’d have to add a new cabinet position….food taster. He’d never be able to turn his back on the Hill & Bill.

          • But Obama is a meanie who does not beleive in loyalty to those who have helped him along the way. See “The Amatuer.”

            Which makes me wonder why all those businesses who have been helped by others and by government should show the govenrment loyalty. They are just following the OBama example if they do not.

  5. Hillary seems to be letting her hair down lately – in more ways than one. It does, as 65andcounting said, humanize her. Watched the video twice….and find nothing undignified or offensive. On the other hand, watching the First Wife doing the Dougie and shaking her booty in front of the little kiddies is extremely disturbing. But then, everything about her is disturbing. The only election that matters is 2012 – what Hillary does in 2016 is anti-climatic. We won’t have a country if ObaMao gets another term.

    • Yeah, up thread I added sack racing in the WH. Oh, and stealing the spotlight from our Olympic Athletes by doing crazy Sporty Michelle tricks for Let’s Move (aka Obama’s ReElection Campaign)

  6. Ugh. Such grace and dignity displayed by the SoS. I’m hoping she and the philanderer walk off into the sunset along with President Kardashian and the mean-spirited Mooch after they are dethroned in November…

  7. Oh, for cripes sake-did I miss something?
    What’s the big deal here?
    She’s dancing. So what?
    She’s not indecently exposed. Or shirking her duties.

    The State Dept. under Hillary hasn’t exactly been Party Central.
    Now, all the dancing that goes on constantly at the White House-on the taxpayer’s dime-*that* pisses me off.

  8. Wondering if Huma Mahmood Abedin is still working for Hillary? Never did find out how she was able to obtain a security clearance to work for the U.S. Government with her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Of course President Kardashian has already opened the doors of our White House to the brotherhood so looks like they’ve already infiltrated this administration…

    • Yes, and only 5 members of congress signed the letter to question the fact that she ever did.
      And those members were told to stand down by the likes of John Boehner among many others.

      • Susan and AFVET

        The invasion of the MB is a political landmine neither party is willing to address. Other than Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, conservative blogs won’t touch the topic either with a 10 ft. pole.

        “If the camel once gets his nose in the tent, his body will soon follow.”

        There’s a damn caravan and the idiots think they’re at a petting zoo.

  9. Varying feelings in this blog. I have mixed emotions. I have no problem with her letting her hair down on occasion, but you do need to be careful – she is the Secretary of State of the United States. Maybe she really doesn’t care because she isn’t going to be serving in any administration come January and she has had to spend all of her adult political life as a bore – who knows. Maybe she is so looking forward to the possibility of having a roll as a grandparent someday that she is preparing herself for chilling out for those great times when you can get down on the floor with your grandkids and act like a kid. She has spent so many years defending her husband’s indiscretions and playing a “role” – maybe she has decided to let it all hang out. Having said this, I don’t feel differently about her because of it. What I do resent is this administration just seems to treat everything as a party and it isn’t random. I do think Mrs. Clinton is one of the few adults in the room – Although I would not have voted for her – I have said on more than one occasion – I believe she would have been far superior to what we have.

  10. Whats with the Nehru jacket? Reminding us of the 60’s when women broke out,as opposed to Romney’s supposed women’s supression movement. Harry Reid heard from someone that Mitt has a fondness for June Cleaver.
    Maybe Hillary will burn her bra next in protest.

    • Sweet Sufferin Succotash! Harry’s bringing June Cleaver into this??? Whats next, Obama showing clips of Leave It To Beaver to smear Mitt? Is nothing sacred? The Beaver’s Mom dragged thru the mud too?

      Blondie, the thought of Hillary disrobing to burn any garment is too much for me….. :>)

  11. Thank goodness, no one had a cell phone camera to capture the goings on at the XXXX’s wedding reception around midnight.

    MrsClinton is having fun, wish I had been there, too.

    • I see it as her having fun, too.

      It’s unfortunate that almost all of life’s moments seem to be caught on someone’s camera nowadays.

  12. PLEASE, PLEASE!!!! Give some warning before you post stuff like this. I was right in the middle of breakfast and damned near lost it. Had I known what I was about to see……..

  13. We’ve got a wannabe singer/ comedian/ basketball player as a “president”, and an AfroFusion dancer for “secretary of state”. They can do everything except lead and negotiate.