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Is Friday the Day? Who Would You Choose?

UPDATE: The voting is closed. Results are being tabulated.

There is speculation that Gov. Mitt Romney will announce his vice presidential pick as early as tomorrow.

That’s because he heads out on a four day bus tour that begins Saturday in Virginia and then stops Sunday in North Carolina, Monday in Florida and Tuesday in Ohio, according to Fox News.

Sounds like he will jet between locations. There is also a report Romney will be in Colorado Thursday.

What’s more, Romney is quiet today, with nothing on the public schedule. Preparing for the big rollout?

Who knows. But this could be my last chance to ask you what you think.

There are two polls below for you to participate in, and then I hope you’ll add a comment to tell us why you picked the person you did.



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66 Responses to Is Friday the Day? Who Would You Choose?

  1. The one person I DON’T want is Paul Ryan. Not because he isn’t fantastic.
    But because he is the ONLY person I trust in the House. He is too important in Congress to waste as a VP.
    Without him we would be left with Boener and Cantor running the show. We need Ryan guiding the fleet.

    Rubio is my pick.

    • It’s a toss-up for me. I watched Rubio give a foreign policy speech a month or two ago and felt that he was still a little green. In eight years he could run for President. I like Ryan because he would be a tremendous asset to Romney during the campaign, and President Romney could give him carte blanche with the Congress. (Remember Cheney?) Can you picture Biden in debate with Paul? No one can speak as authoritatively on the economy, jobs, Obamacare and other entitlements, and, of course, the deficit.

    • Solid logical conclusion. You are correct. Mr. Ryan would be an excellent VP, but there are too many marginally weak (wussies) remaining as Republican “leaders” in Congress.
      Paul should take one for the team. One with a traditional American philosophy of smaller gov’t; CUT Public sector CORRUPTION & TAXPAYER-WASTE, reduce Federal & State regulation, broaden personal income tax responsibility, lower corporate taxes, enable the return of personal freedom and self-responsibility, eliminate corporate welfare and personal welfare dependency, encourage small-mid business formation, ENFORCE laws already enacted on the books!
      That would be a good start to getting our country back on the right track.

  2. I like Ryan or Rubio. I’m just concerned that if Rubio were to be picked and then run for POTUS in 2020, his citizenship would create issues – real or made up.
    I just pray to God he doesn’t pick Pawlenty or Portman.

  3. I picked Rubio, I like him,but also for political reasons. Florida,hispanic and conservative. We need someone to win a key state and someone who isn’t Romney like. In this day and age the VP has to not only be qualified but throw some life into the campaign. My God, in addition to a piss poor record,Obama has had several missteps in this campaign and Romney just hasn’t jumped on them. He needs a spark of life!! This election is his to lose and if he picks a boring white guy,he’s toast,IMO.. Not Portman or Paulenty,please!!!
    (I could have easily picked Christie, or Ryan too)

  4. This is a tough one, Keith. Marco Rubio is my Senator and I hate to lose him. He has also said that he wasn’t interested in VP and wouldn’t be asked (although it has been quite a while since he’s said something like that). Is he young? Yes, but he is solid in what he believes. He has core values and bases his actions on those; not public opinion. He also brings Florida and the Hispanic vote as his dowry.

    I would like to see Romney choose Condeleeza Rice as VP. If only to watch her debate Biden- wouldn’t that be rich? A woman who happens to be black would take away many of Obama’s campaign talking points. She would certainly bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.

    • I like Rice too; however, I think that would backfire because she would be referred to as an “Uncle Tom” by those on the left and black voters. You would think that women, blacks, and libs would vote for them just to see the first ever black female elected as VPOTUS. However, I think we all know that they would run the other way and accuse Romney of trying to buy their vote by picking her. They would say that the only reason he picked her was because of her ethnicity. The same could be said for picking Rubio. It might turn off the Hispanic voters for the same reason.

      I’m a middle-aged, college educated white guy and I seriously will hate to see two old white guys on the ticket. It won’t create any enthusiasm. I hate even having to discuss race as the basis for picks, but it has become a real life variable that can’t be totally ignored.

  5. Thanks for the poll. McDonnell is my choice for 4 reasons:
    1. He will solidify the evangelicals that Romney may struggle with.
    2. He has 20 years service as a strong military leader. Romney needs this.
    3. He is running a surplus in his state based on his fiscal decisions.
    4. He can probably deliver Virginia. As we all know….if Obama takes is over.

    • McDonnell is a reasonable choice, not a knee-jerk “we need more star power on the ticket” response. Appreciate your list very much! I like Bob. He’s my choice for VP, even though he’s a young governor.

  6. I believe Paul Ryan is serious about fixing our terrible financial situation and will make tax reform a priority. I know these are not going to be popular fixes, however I am convinced he is the serious person to tackle them.

  7. For my choice, I picked Jindal. Granted, he is a geek but he can take the lead on hashing out a healthcare alternative to Obamacare. Proven to be a skilled governor with results hard to counter. He also taps the Indian market of educated, upper middle class donors. His lack of foreign policy skills concerns me but the youth & diversity he would bring to the ticket override that. That said, I think Romney will go vanilla and pick my one of my least favorites like Portman or Pawlenty.

    • Those picks would be fine to me also. It would prove to be Mitt’s first major decision, I’m fine with vanilla if it prevents the left from going cookoo bananas that it was a electoral college stategy rather than what’s best for the nation.

      Look who Obama picked, Biden. Delaware, really? So that led me to believe Uncle Joe was a “smart” move for the young grasshopper. Oh well, how did that work out….LOL.

      • Denise, Joe Biden has provided the gravitas on foreign policy Obama needed. Now that we’ve cleared that up for you, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in…..A sweet deal….. :>)

  8. My first choice is Allen West, but he’s not even being vetted. My second choice is Marco Rubio. He loves America and cherishes our Constitution. He reminds me so much of Reagan when he talks about American exceptionalism. Also think Rubio will bring the Tea Party base on board with Romney.

    Paul Ryan would be another excellent choice, but think his fiscal talents will be needed in Congress. America has to sit down and make a budget if we’re going to get out of this mess, and Paul Ryan is the best man to lead the way.

    Establishment Republicans have no respect for the Tea Party base so they’ll probably pick some RINO I’ll have to hold my nose to vote for. I’m prepared for that too. I’d vote for an orange juice can over this petulant little man child who is currently occupying our White House.

  9. None of these choices excites me. Bob McDonnell, my Governor, has recently revealed himself as less than honest in the UVA debacle, reappointing to the board a woman who should have been jailed. Portman and Pawlenty are OK – nothing more. Bobby Jindal has done well, and would be acceptable. Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio should stay where they are. Chris Christie is effectove where he is but isn’t going to be a national candidate.

    Allen West? Now there’s a man I could vote for.

  10. Rubio Should NOT be picked because he is NOT ELIGIBLE. He is Native Born not Natural Born. He not eligible under the Constitution of the USA. Other than that major big issue, What has Rubio done? Oh yeah he has pushed for a bill for Olympians to not pay taxes. Big Whoop great political move. But what has he really done.

    RUBIO’S VERY CLOSE FRIEND Florida Republican Congressman David Rivera — is reportedly under serious federal investigation. Federal investigators say he was “essentially living off” the state Republican Party credit card over the past decade.

    RUBIO, himself, has been accused of racking up $100,000 in Amex bills on the state card. He paid $16,000 back, apologized for the error, and says the rest is legit. .

    He took $210,000 in campaign contributions that the Federal Elections Commission said were not legal and he paid a $8,000 fine for doing so.

    He double-billed for nine plane trips. Said it was an oversight and paid it back.

    He didn’t report a $135,000 home equity loan. Again, he apologized and reported it.

    HE Gutted 30 Immigration Bills in the state of Florida,


    People say they have been researching and Reading and Want real reform, But they will Vote for the Very Man the Media is Pushing on them, and Not look into who or what they are.

  11. Jindal may not be pretty but, from what I have read about him, he sounds almost too good to be true, a decent and intelligent man. Heaven knows, it’s time for a principled man!

  12. Why is Rubio even under consideration? I like him and think he would be great, yet he is not Constitutionally eligible if I understand it correctly.

  13. With all due respect to those who have the opinion that Senator Marco Rubio should be VP, my reading of the Constitution and associated papers written by the Founding Fathers says otherwise: neither he nor Gov. Jindal do not qualify for the same reason that Obama did not: neither had both parents who were U.S. citizens when they were born.

    As far as my VP suggestion, I don’t have one at this point in time. As “Scottso” said, Rep. Paul Ryan needs to stay in the House. Gov. Christie is a RINO. Gov. Pawlenty is as good as any.

    • My own research leads me to believe that Cuba was under US protectorate status when Marco Rubio’s parents were born. That would automatically give them American status (i.e. Guam, Puerto Rico). Just as Barry’s daddy was considered a British citizen because Kenya was under British control at the time, Marco’s parents were considered American before they ever stepped foot on the Florida coast.

  14. Liz Cheney, because she looks so sweet but is every bit as tough as her dad. She learned from the best, and has a great resume in her own right. Barring Cheney, I’d go with Allen West because he’d make Obama look like the child that he is, and it would confuse the hell out of all the people who voted for Obama because of his skin color.

    • Anne, the Liz Cheney selection is brilliant! Every cranium in the DNC, White House etc as well as those of millions of liberals would explode! It would get pretty gross but Romney would win in a landslide!

  15. Ryan’s talent would be wasted and can be used elsewhere. Rubio could add the flash for the win, but brings problems. McDonnell could bring VA which is critical so he would be my should pick. Romney probably will go with Portman. And if they win he would be a good working VP, unlike the bozo that currently serves.

  16. Rubio has too many financial miscues to explain.
    The appearance of misconduct with political funds and credit cards is going to get never-ending coverage by the liberal media.

  17. Reconsidered. Chris Christie. Someone has to go out and tell America what is going on and Christie will do that. Pretty much I don’t have that much respect for “independents”. All due respect, at this point Independent to me indicates wishy washy. Can’t pick a party, don’t want to put anything on the line, aren’t willing to do the hard work, and can always back out at the last minute. But they do like to be courted. But this time around it is not about politics, or party. It is about the country. The choice shouldn’t be all that hard for those who refuse to party identify. 2 cents.

  18. Paul Ryan is the pick because he has the big picture view of how to reverse our position of insolvency and has provided a specific plan. Without stopping the growth of the deficit, everything else is mute.

  19. It’s too soon for one of my favorite newcomers, Sen. Mike Lee (Utah) – a strict Constitutionalist and former clerk for Justice Alito. Two Mormons on the ticket would never work, but I do think he has a future.

    Paul Ryan would be my first choice but we have to keep him in the House.

    Rubio was 4 years old when his parents became naturalized citizens. How does he qualify?

    Bob McDonald has been angling for the job since Day One…seems over-anxous.

    Jindal leaves me cold.

    Same with Pawlenty.

    That leaves Portman and Christie.

    I don’t trust Christie, especially after he attended the State Dinner for the Chinese President last year.

    That leaves Portman.

    Back to Square One. I’m going with Clint Eastwood!

  20. I think Romney will probably go with the boring pick and choose Portman, or maybe Pawlenty. My preference is Ryan, although I only recently changed my mind about that. I had wanted Rubio for quite a while, but I am afraid there are just too many distractions to muddy the waters. We need to keep the economy as the focus of the next eighty-nine days and not give the lame stream media and the Obummer thugs any material to distort and smear.

  21. By the way, this might be a good time to read this article if you havent already seen it (from July 13th):

    EXCLUSIVE: Democrats Dump Opposition Research On Top Vice Presidential Contenders

    ABC News’ Jonathan Karl, Michael Falcone, Gregory Simmons and Arlette Saenz report:

    Mitt Romney and his team in Boston aren’t the only ones feverishly vetting potential running mates.

    In a non-descript Washington, DC office building within sight of the United States Capitol, a team of more than a dozen Democratic researchers have spent the last few months examining every nook and cranny of the records of several GOP vice presidential contenders.

    The researchers work for the super PAC, American Bridge 21st Century, which is unveiling a new website on Friday called The site features more than 1,300 pages of opposition research and scores of video clips.

    Political prognosticators can only speculate who is on Romney’s short-list, but now we know who the Democrats are preparing to target. The super PAC is shining their spotlight on three of the mostly likely contenders: former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. Their research files, which the group is making public for the first time, also offers a sneak peek at the attacks the Democrats are poised to use against whichever potential V.P. ultimately gets the nod from Romney.

    Read the rest of the article here:

  22. Sadly, he’ll likely pick Portman, but should pick Paul Ryan. Romney needs to shake things up, get off his keester, and make some waves by having a bold plan and sticking to it. Ryan can help him develop that plan, and more importantly, articulate it to America.

    If he continues to play tit for tat with Obama, he (and we) are screwed.

  23. As opposed to the WaPo, General Petraeus would be my first choice. Phd, combat leadership and can’t stand the preezy. He would scare the $hit out of obama and speak the truth.

  24. Rubio should help Mitt shore up votes from Fla and the Latino block. He has some minor closet BS but all in all, he’s a good solid speaker who can connect with a crowd and has solid Conservative ideas and ideals.

  25. I love Rubio, but he is not a natural born citizen. I love Paul Ryan, but he is too valuable in the House where he chairs the budget committee. Jindel is great, but will turn many off. Christi needs more experience and success in the job he is doing. Pawlenty is just plain boring. I picked Portman because he is solid, has few negatives and understands budgeting and debt.

  26. I’m definitely an outlier. My “other” is Catherine McMorris-Rodgers. She’s smart, capable, articulate and could take the “war on women” right back to Obama, Pelosi and the rest and has the experience that if had to could step into the Oval Office without missing a step. And she’s young enough that even after 8 years of Romney could run as the first woman candidate for President.

  27. Bob McDonnell has shown political prowess in his ability to work with the Virginia legislature. He’s a likeable figure with the courage necessary to make unpopular, but necessary, budget cuts.

    • Bob McDonnell has permanenty disqualified himself from any further elected office by his appalling decision to reappoint the dreadful Helen Dragas as chairman of UVA’s board after she committed the most awful treachery. He has shown the worst possible example. It’s all about money, of course, but Bob McDonnell cannot be trusted.

  28. Rubio. The future of the GOP depends upon the Hispanic vote. Might as well start now.

    And that foul-mouthed comedian was right, Romney should talk about his father being born in Mexico.

  29. Instead of worrying about the bottom of the ticket, I’m beginning to think we should worry about the top of the ticket. Romney is slipping badly with Independents. The latest FOX poll has him down 9 points; CNN has him down 7 points. If I could read his mind, I would say he’s getting a bad case of stage fright! Could it be that the realization of actually being President, as opposed to being a candidate, is sinking in with him? Could it be that he really doesn’t want to give up his comfortable family life with his various homes and lifestyle? He’s going through the motions but something is terribly wrong.

  30. I agree Paul Ryan would be a wonderful choice, but he needs to work on the money and debt. Going with Rubio, will bring in some much needed energy to a flat campaign.

  31. I picked Mr. Rubio because I think it would help with ANY hispanic vote, in addition to Florida. He is eligible based on the “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” statement in the 14th Amendment. See this article at:

    HOWEVER, now that I have read “KAREN Aug 9, 6:10pm”, I’m not so sure. I wasn’t aware of his financial issues or of his stance on immigration issues or especially his views on the Muslem Brotherhood. Hmmm.

  32. It’s going to be Bobby Jindal. You heard it here first.

    Christie already has his hands full. Pawlenty is old news. McDonnell is just now getting wet. Rubio, Portman, and Ryan are legislators. ‘Nuff said.

  33. How can Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal be considered as Vice Presidential candidates? Neither one of them is a “natural born citizen.” Or do the Republicans do like the Democrats and ignore what the Constitution says when it displeases them?
    Once we start ignoring the Constitution, where do we stop?
    Just because the Democrats selectively enforce and ignore the Law means that Republicans can do that now? We all know they think they are above the Law. They constantly show that.

  34. How is Rubio eligible to be POTUS? He was 4 years old when his parents were naturalized. Were’re back to the big controversy – natural born vs. native born. At worst, he is an anchor baby.

    Yesterday one of WHD’s readers, Karen, posted a laundry list of Rubio’s shady dealings. That, and the fact that he embellished the story of his parent’s emigration to this country, has convinced me that he is not suitable to be heartbeat away from the Presidency. No one is more unfit to serve than the Kenyan thug who highjacked the Oval office….but why choose another unknown entity because of the color of his skin? We do not need to cater to hispanics – they need to assimilate and drop the hyphenated politics! Rubio needs to go to the back of the line – he has many more years ahead of him.

    /end of rant.