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Obama Ad Suggests Romney Role in Woman’s Death

This is the worst, slimiest, lowest thing I think I have ever seen in politics at a national level.

Suggesting that Romney’s actions helped kill a woman ranks with Lyndon Johnson’s famous ad suggesting Barry Goldwater would blow up the world.

This ad is by Priorities USA Action, a technically independent political action group supporting Obama. The PAC was founded in 2011 by Bill Burton, who had just been White House Deputy Press Secretary and failed to get the top post, and another former White House staffer, Sean Sweeney. The PAC also includes veteran Democratic operative Harold Ickes and TV-based Democratic operative Paul Begala.

Where’s the outrage in the press? Imagine if Karl Rove had put together an ad in 2004 suggesting Kerry had killed someone. That is, someone who was not Vietcong.

I realize the people who put this up won’t take it down. It’s their nature to create such things.

The White House should dissociate itself from this ad immediately or be labeled as complicit in this calumny. It won’t, because the press doesn’t care, and there won’t be enough outrage. But it should. And until the White House says this kind of thing doesn’t represent President Obama, it’s an Obama ad, even if technically made by former staffers.

What’s spooky is the depths to which these people will go to maintain power. It suggests a lust for power and a willingness to do anything to preserve it that should frighten Americans.

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  1. The depravity of these people is stunning. They will do or say anything to maintain their hold on power. The mouthings of Reid, Pelosi, Obama, Rahm, Axlerod, etc should scare the hell out of anyone and the media just lets them slide. Hardly a peep of disbelief or questioning, just business as usual, anything goes in the democrat gutter. Just disgraceful.

  2. Unfortunately anyone listening to this ad with one-half or less of their brain (which describes the average American voter I’m afraid) is liable to have the “Romney Killed A Woman” seed planted in their underused gray matter.

  3. Their internal polling numbers must be horrendous. Desperate Dewhurst didn’t employ this tactic against Ted Cruz until the last few days before the runoff election. What worries me is the fact that we still have 90 days until the election day. How much lower will they go to retain the power and perks of the presidency? Be wary of the Reichstag event…

    1. Excellent point. How do you go lower when you’ve already hi the bottom? I’ll bet Obama and his ilk (or should I say PAC?) will find a way!!!!!!!

    2. Great points, Susan. My personal fear is more executive rulings and, God forbid, military actions, all designed to keep this lunatic in office. When will the Dems/Libs with intelligence realize what he represents?

  4. You are absolutely correct, Keith. Obama’s lust for power and willingness to do anything to achieve it is indeed frightening – terrifying! As Mark Levin has said so many times, Obama is playing a game of ‘catch me if you can”. He will do or say anything – knowing full well it’s going to take years and an Act of Congress to catch him.

    If he gets another term (and it looks ominous), Congress should declare it a National Day of Mourning.

  5. Disgusting as it is, unfortunately, it’s catnip for his base of Romney haters. These PACs and OFA know exactly what they’re doing as this poor widower will soon be joining Obama’s dead grandma under the bus. They couldn’t a rat’s patootie about this guy’s sad story.

    I know local print and broadcast medias are making a lot of money on campaign ads now, but I think they should starting putting disclaimers with them “This ad’s facts have not been verified” . In my perfect world ;)

  6. Obama and those like him killed her. The aunties and uncle Odingas of the world come here and suck the life blood out of the country. It’s scum like Obama, Reed, Pelosi….that caused her death.

  7. Using the thinking in this ad, one could extrapolate that anyone who loses their job, and their insurance, should blame the employer or organization for anything negative that happens in their lives.

    When I became sick several years ago, I made the mistake of telling my employer of my condition(s), and within a month was “no longer needed” by the company. I lost my healthcare and ended up in the public healthcare system (a nightmare of delays, waiting, and at times incompetence due to overworked and understaffed facilities).

    I have a close friend that has membranous nephropathy, a disease that causes renal failure. He was unaware of the problem until he was in end stage renal failure. He is now living on borrowed time, doing peritoneal dialysis and constantly dealing with one infection after another. Many late stage illnesses, cancer, renal failure, etc., may be asymptomatic for months or years. The only reason doctors find these illnesses is due to another illness appearing (related or not). In my friend’s case, it was a sever foot infection, one that led to the amputation of a portion of his foot. It was only then that it was discovered that he had MGN. He had all the signs over the years that there was a problem, but ignored them, not because of a lack of insurance, but because they had become so common place in his life that it really did not concern him. And thus is the case with many terminal patients.

    The headaches that won’t go away, swollen legs, the persistent cough, and many other medical symptoms are ignored by presumably healthy people because they do not want to admit they are sick. To blame Romney, or anyone else for the death of this woman is unconscionable. We do not know how long she was asymptomatic, or symptomatic. We do not know what kind of cancer she had. Was it an aggressive form that spreads and claims the patient quickly? The EMTALA (1986) requires hospitals to treat and stabilize a patient within the hospital’s ability, or transfer the patient to a suitable facility for treatment, regardless of ability to pay.

    Had the woman talked about in the ad sought out medical treatment, if she knew there was a problem, she could very well have been treated before the cancer became stage four, assuming that she knew she was sick. Again, many patients are asymptomatic and do not even know they are ill.

    The husband’s angst over his wife’s death is palpable, and for the O Team to use this man’s grief, and his obvious need to find blame or fault for his wife’s death is sickening. Obama needs to distance himself from this kind of advertising, but he won’t. This is exactly the kind of thinking and perspective that he and his minions follow, and it is truly disturbing and disgusting.

    1. Thank you for your story, because it helps to shed light on something most “news” doesn’t want to talk about. I pull my hair in frustration every time this ad is mentioned, because my mother went through something similar – unemployed, no insurance, but seriously ill. We understood she could go to the hospital, where they would run basic tests and stabilize her. The hospital was very kind (believe it or not, because I was shocked), and helped by getting us in touch with organizations and government agencies which helped her find care and pay the medical bills. Heck, we even called the pharmaceutical companies (they’re supposed to be evil, I know), and ended up getting her meds at steeply discounted prices. Yes, it took a lot of work. No, it wasn’t easy. Yes, it could be frustrating sometimes to wade through the mire of paperwork and red tape, but the fact is help is out there if you need it. And, as you’ve rightly pointed out, this woman may not have realized she was gravely ill; there are plenty of people, even with insurance, who don’t know until they’re extremely sick. This man is being used by O and it’s just a horrible disgrace. This woman shouldn’t be remembered as the death that was manipulated for political gain.

  8. Wow, MSNBC didn’t even like the ad:

    Former White House press secretary and now Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs tries to change the subject when asked on today’s Morning Joe about this cycle’s most despicable ad — the one accusing Mitt Romney of causing the death of a wife of a laid-off steelworker. Never mind that Romney had left Bain years before GST shut down, and that Obama bundler Jonathan Lavine was actually a Bain managing director at that time. Never mind that the woman had her own health insurance through her own job, and never mind that the death occurred years after the layoff, let alone Romney’s departure from Bain. Robert Gibbs instead wanted Morning Joe to focus on how nasty Romney is … for criticizing Obama’s unilateral action on welfare.

  9. Politico’s lead in the ‘Arena’ discussion asks if it’s “fair” to blame MrR for the death of someone. FAIR!? That’s what they want to know, not is it accurate or is a charge of manslaughter acceptable in a Presidential campaign.

    The President, his supporters, the whole Democrat party should be ashamed of exploiting the death of a woman and her grieving widower.
    I know I’m ashamed.

  10. It may be run by a PAC but I’ve yet to hear anyone in the Obama bunch do the
    right thing and come out against it so it leaves you to think it’s OK with them.
    For heavens sake even Alan Colmes was against it so you know it’s bad.
    What kind of man would use the death of his wife for a vote? Has humanity and the mentality of an Obama voter sunk that low is BO so desperate for four
    more years? They make it sound like Romney was the sole man responsible
    for anyone ever having lost their job to a buyout. Downsizing is just a sad part
    of the free economy the company I worked for was bought and sold 3 times
    in the 20 years I was there and people were let go it was horribly sad but it
    happens everyday. What a low for Obama and the buck stops with him like
    it or not.

  11. Obama is afraid he’s going to lose the election and has hit the big red panic button. Romney has been called a felon when they suggest he hasn’t paid taxes and now they’re suggesting he’s guilty of murder. Obama’s just getting started, look what he did to his opponents in Chicago. The DOJ is already investigating the big Republican donors, Reid is spreading lies from the senate floor, the Obama team and DNC keep doubling down on those lies and just when you think you’ve seen them at their worst, they spring yet another surprise upon us. Despicable and evil doesn’t even start to characterize these people.

    1. I think I’d throw in stupid as well. They’ve done a really poor job of judging the backlash by ads such as this one. The Bain ads backfired etc. Evidently they don’t get backlash in Chicago….they’re used to it. It’s a good thing that Mitt doesn’t have a divorce in his past!

  12. I don’t run campaigns and I certainly don’t know what should and should not be responded to – but there comes a point where the accusations are just so outrageous to spend time trying to dispel them may be fruitless. This is only appealing to those who are already in Obama’s corner – I guess it is a signal to fire them up. I still can’t believe that “undecideds” and “independents” falls for this crap but then stranger things have happened. I for one will be glad when the nomination process is over and all the resources the RNC and Romney are amassing will be able to smother Obama. I also hope that Obama is truly burning through his cash and will be floundering come late September and early October due to lack of funds. The man thinks he is a college jock and that is how he tries to appeal to the masses – cool, with ya, Anne Hathaway comments – grow up!

  13. Saw an Obama ad during (yawn) the Olympics. Pathetic, pitiful excuse for a President. He’s like you’d be worse off with the other guys. The American people are sick of that kind of rhetoric. Keep it up Barry and a fool’s fool you’ll be.

    1. My husband has been complaining about all his campaign ads on ESPN too. Maybe preezy thinks athletes and sports fans are stupid enough to buy the bull malarkey he’s trying to sell.

      1. I haven’t watch much Olympics, but when I do and one of his commercials comes on I change the channel. Do the same think with other channels that run his ads.

  14. Keith: There is nothing “spooky” about pure evil. The leaders of the Democratic Party are truly a bunch with evil hearts and minds as how else could they do and suggest what they do and hope to accomplish?

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  17. How low…there is a backlash against these types of ads in my area. Hope the rest of the country says enough is enough also.

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  20. If anything is “spooky” — a “lust for power” — “a willingness to do anything” — or something that should “frighten Americans” it’s Willard “Mitt R. trying to pin this matter on Obama.

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