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London’s Bookies Betting on Obama

In London, you can bet on anything. And in London, if you want to bet that Obama will win reelection, you have give odds.

From Smart Money:

Do you think you know who’ll win? The U.K. bookies now heavily favor Obama: He’s quoted at 2/5, compared with 15/8 for Romney. Put another way, they currently give Obama a roughly 70% chance of winning, against 35% for Romney. (Those odds have moved sharply towards Obama in recent weeks, following Romney’s missteps, although the polls in the U.S. don’t reflect that.)

Looking for a punt on Romney’s VP pick? The bookies heavily favor Rob Portman (2/1) and Tim Pawlenty (9/4).

The betting on Intrade, which bills itself as “The world’s largest prediction market,” also points to an Obama victory, though not as sharply.

Intrade “shares” on an Obama win are trading at $5.80, which translates to a 58 percent chance of victory. Romney’s chances are rated at 39 percent.

Of course, it’s early, and the notions of gamblers are not necessarily the most reliable means of forecasting the election.

But I don’t rule out their calculations. Money, and the prospect of winning or losing it, does tend to focus the mind.

18 Responses to London’s Bookies Betting on Obama

  1. If MrObama does win re-election,here’s what he “wins”; a scorched earth political arena in Congress, a polarized, divided and hostile country, and the opportunity to have the impending disaster of the unintended consequences of Obamacare on the economy placed directly on his shoulders.

    If MrObama wins his position, but the Repubs take Congress, calls for investigations at every level, or even impeachment are not impossible.
    There is no upside to MrO’s re-election.

    • I don’t see an upside either, srdem. He seems to want to win this election “by any means necessary”, even if it causes the destruction of America.

    • But srdem, you are looking at whether there is an upside for Americans as a whole. I no longer believe that Preisdent Obama cares about an upside for us. He cares about an upside for his political philosophy and himself, and possible his family, nothing more.

  2. Your scenario is very real, srdem. I can’t believe this guy would want to inherit his own disaster – who is he going to blame this time? He’ll blame the Repubs for ‘gridlock’…and take off on 4 year victory lap odessey across Europe. Either that, or he will start his memoirs, build the library, and star in a movie or two. After all, Harvey Weinstein is touting him as the Paul Newman of American Presidents.

  3. If he wins it will be a repeat of the last 4 years on steroids. More executive
    orders to finish off the America we love and he and Michelle hate. We will be
    a footnote like the other failed European countries he dreams of changing us
    into. He remarked that First Ladies don’t get a salary but I bet he will pay
    Michelle one if he’s elected again. In another 4 years we won’t be able to
    breathe without permission and forget eating we’ll be lucky to get MRE’s.

  4. please please PLEASE don’t tell me that these lies about Romney are resonating with the people. I don’t want to believe my countrymen could be so stupid. and I don’t see how THEY don’t see what a danger a second-term Obama could be.

    on the plus side, tho: O’s Jewish support is down from 78% in 2008 to 62% today. that and Rubio’ll get you Florida.

  5. My guess is that you guys don’t know that the London bookies NEVER MISS calling the US Presidential Election result. They are far more accurate than any American opinion poll could ever hope to be. Remember, the opinion polls are based only on opinions. The bookies work with the MONEY and can’t afford to lose.

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