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WH Sides With Reid, Calls on Romney to Release Taxes

The White House today clearly sided with Senate Majority Harry Reid in the dispute over Reid’s contention that Romney paid no taxes for ten years, refusing to condemn Reid for the unsubstantiated charge and calling on Romney to respond to Reid by releasing his returns.

“This issue could be resolved now” if Romney released his returns, Carney said. “The process of running for president is not always pleasant . . . This whole thing cold be resolved in a minute.”

Reid has widely been condemned, including by the mainstream press, for his failure to back up his charges beyond citing what he says is a “credible source.”

Romney has released one year of taxes, for 2010, and has put out an estimate for 2011 and vowed to rmake available last year’s return in full once  it is complete.

Carney Monday said the White House was not involved in prompting Reid to make the charge, saying the senator speaks for himself.

28 Responses to WH Sides With Reid, Calls on Romney to Release Taxes

  1. Dear Mr. President: Your point about your opponent needing to release more years of tax returns appears to conflict with your refusal to publish your college transcripts and bursar reports which would help determine the source of funds for your tuition. Your privacy is as important to you as his is to him.

    The ball, Sir, is in your court!

    The American People

  2. What a pathetic bunch. Even if you are in the camp that believes he should produce 10 years of returns (give me a break), common sense tells you that all of a sudden in 2010 the man started paying taxes and the 9 years prior he paid none; there is no discussion about a blind trust and what that means. Idiots all of them. I don’t profess to be the smartest person in the room, but like my daughter says about lots of things you read and hear about – they just don’t make sense.

  3. The OFA is starving for some red meat. MrR has refused to give them a VP candidate to chew on,and he doesn’t even have a closet to hide a skeleton if there was one(thanks, DrK),
    They need some proof that he’s rich beyond most people’s imagination and hopefully find some exotic deduction or income source that will prove that he isn’t the squeaky clean businessman he presents.

    Give us your tax returns they scream, whine and screech; we need something to smash your image into the ground.

  4. It’s all a part of a coordinated effort to define Romney on their terms…evil corporate raider, outsourcer, felon, Swiss bank account tax cheat, etc. etc. They’re hoping the “folks” will remember all these buzzwords when they think of Romney come Election Day…”Oh yeah, he’s that felon who’s never paid any taxes!”

    Here’s hoping people are smart enough to see through it all.

  5. I pray to God Romney doesn’t give in. The only people who care about this issue aren’t going to vote for him anyway so whats the point? Believe me,if the guy didn’t pay taxes, he would have been outed way before now,and if he didn’t pay and it was done legally,who cares? I hope he can make all of us rich.

    • I pray he doesn’t give in too. Besides, what kind of authority would a Bain investor have to check IRS returns on Romney? Reid made this story up so the peasants won’t focus so much on Obama’s failures.

  6. Yesterday the white house was running away from Dingy Harry……
    Then the late night phone call from Dingy harry to Barack…telling him he better get in line with him if he knew what was good for him.

    Today the White House wants Romeny to release the records……

    Dingy Harry must have photos of the messiah in some way to make him turn 360 degrees….

  7. “Carney Monday said the White House was not involved in prompting Reid to make the charge, saying the senator speaks for himself.” And yet the same day this started the Obama campaign runs a new ad on TV that has the words felony and taxes in large letters throughout the entire thing. And we’re supposed to believe this is not all connected? Give me a break!

    • King Kardashian and his jackals believe we’ve been so dumbed down that they can carry out their plots in plain view. Their useful idiots certainly have been malleable enough.

      • The educational system has dumbed down the US for generations now. I think they’ve finally gotten the little “consumers” down to swallowing whatever they’re fed. Sad, sad, sad.

  8. The president is playing with fire in demanding documents be released. Apparently the charges of him being a foreign student are again arising. Mr, President, release your records that prove you did not get into Columbia as a foreign student.

  9. When you spend millions to hide your composite past ,it must be damaging to your credibility and until these HIDDEN things are exposed the american people are left in the dark to speculate. IMHO these things would nullify his presidency.

  10. With no due respect, Mr. Obama should unseal all his records and disclose them. This includes all school applications and transcripts, all passport records, access to his purported Hawaii BC on microfilm. WHAT IS THIS P.O.S. HIDING? Obviously, he is a criminal – forger, liar, perjurer. THE SCUM OF THE EARTH.

  11. “The process of running for president is not always pleasant . . . This whole thing cold be resolved in a minute.” this is the EXACT same thing as obama not releasing his birth certificate during HIS first presidential campaign. Repubs and conservatives were saying those EXACT words to him, yet it took how long to release that document…?!?!?

    • Hillary was the one that started the whole Birth Certificate issue, not the republicans. And the only qualifications for president are that the person be 35 and they be a “natural born” citizen. Neither of those qualifications will be answered by a tax return.