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Romney: President Serving Up a Bunch of Obamaloney!

Mitt Romney today responded to a charge by President Obama that he is a Robin Hood in reverse, terming the suggestion that Romney wants to rob the middle class to give to the rich “Obamaloney.”

“If I were to coin a term, it would be Obamaloney,” Romney said. “He’s serving up a dish which is just is simply in contradiction to the truth,” Romney said during an interview with Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron.

Obama had charged Romney’s tax plans would raise taxes on the middle class while cutting them for the rich, terming his opponent “Romney Hood.” From the White House transcript:

THE PRESIDENT: He’d ask the middle class to pay more in taxes so that he could give another $250,000 tax cut to people making more than $3 million a year.


THE PRESIDENT:  It’s like Robin Hood in reverse.  (Laughter.)  It’s Romney Hood.  (Applause.)

Obama spoke at a fundraiser at the home of movie mogul Marvey Weinstein that was brimming with well heeled donors, including actress Anne Hathaway.

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  1. Obama continues to exhibit his ignorance of our economy and many citizens are struggling as a result. This “Obamaloney” has got to end!

      • Obama didn’t attend Columbia University. He attended Zbbswsiwitzocsiosbia University in Bulugiazamiatriza, Kenya. GET YOUR FACKS STRAIT WOMEN AND LETS ROCK THIS BOAT. DOMINATE.

        • Donna Jean: Your comment is racist and borderline anti-American. Obama is an American born patriot, raised in Hawaii, who attended high school in Maryland, university at Harvard, and law school at the University of Chicago. He served in the military for four years, before receiving a purple heart for saving the lives of his crew mates. “Romney Hood” is a tax dodging egotistical, soulless millionaire. Obama is not a millionaire. You “Fox News” dumbos better learn some facts. Pick up a book, besides the Bible, and READ IT. MORONS.

  2. Obama expects his base to be dumb enough to take his statement of a hypothetical scenario as a report on what Romney actually proposes. Note the weasel words “He [would] ask …” rather than “He will ask …”— the latter formulation implying a more factual base. (Not that Dems care much about facts, in any case.)

    Unfortunately, the majority of Obama’s base is either very dumb or willfully delusional.

  3. I’ve been trying to get help caring for my mother, who has Alzheimers. It’s been revelatory to see how many programs there are for POOR people and that there are very few that will help those who are not poor.

    Medicaid, EBT, etc., open the door to a wealth of help and tax-payer funded programs. Everyone else can go kick themselves.

    So if one stops being poor, one loses all sorts of help and access to free goods and programs. Interesting, and certainly not the “helping hand” in a crisis concept.

    • As a volunteer for a well-known national and international organization, which I probably should not name because it is non-political and non-partisan, I find that people who receive social welfare benefits have a wide range of services that assist them with emergencies. These people can find financial assistance for housing, clothing, food and replacing lost household items. But there is virtually no help available for people who do not have insurance and who earn too much to be on welfare. Very few charitable groups aid such people. It has really opened my eyes to the need to support groups that help the working poor and others who normaally earn enough not to be poor but who run into emergencies.

    • Anonna, I am so sorry to hear about your mother. Alzheimers is a terrible and dreadful disease. My mother was also a victim. Have you contacted your local Alz. group. I am grateful that my mother had LTC(long term care ins.) but …the policy could not and did not kick in until she was unable to do “x” amount of things, which meant that “help” was out of pocket for years before her policy became effective.

      • There are two “local” support groups, each of which meets once a month. There is no Alzheimer’s Association offices within 75 to 150 miles. That’s it.

  4. From what’s been reported on Twitter, most of MrO’s supporters think “RomneyHood” is a place, not a fictional character. They also heard “robbin’ hood” instead of RobinHood.

    It’s the black hole in the universe all over again.
    It’s almost funny.

    • I follow many of the msm reporters on Twitter and as you might imagine they are not amused. @chucktodd, who I swear was born without an ounce of a sense of humor, says ‘shame’ for name calling. I thought Obamaloney was the perfect word of the day. I’d like the bumper stick and the t-shirt!

  5. “Obamaloney”… really Mitt?

    Romney needs to get some ‘cojones’ and learn ASAP to really go after that neo-socialist Obama.

  6. Why can’t the Romney Plan be for a stronger America, rather than middle-class? The term middle-class is part of the class structure originated by Karl Marx. We’ve been fed that propaganda as long as I can remember. Just wish Romney could see the danger this country is facing from that failed ideology.

  7. OT:
    The lastest Obama ad accusing MrRomney of being responsible for a woman’s death by cancer is the most disgusting, despicable charge yet.

    • Reminds me of the Dewhurst-Cruz battle. The week before the July 31st runoff, Dewhurst ran an ad with a mother who had lost her son to suicide. She actually blamed Ted Cruz for her son’s death because he represented a client (in a civil case) who had connections to a Pennsylvania detention center scandal. It was the most despicable, slanderous ad I’ve ever seen…until now.

  8. The difference between Obama’s economics and Romney’s is….

    Obama has two cows.
    His neighbor has none.
    He feels guilty for being successful
    He pushes for higher taxes so the government can provide cows for everyone. .

    Romney has two cows.
    He sells one, buys a bull and starts a herd.

  9. After Taxmageddon arrives next January, Obama will be compared to the evil King John who ruled England while his brother, Richard I, was away fighting wars in the ME. John lived a lavish life-style by overtaxing the peasants – and imprisoning them if they could not pay. Robin’s own father, a wealthy land owner, was also imprisoned. Robin did not steal from the rich – he returned their ill-gotten gains to the rightful owners.

    ObamaCare is going to be one of the biggest tax hikes ever levied on Americans. It will affect the poor more than anyone. At one point there was talk of prison time for those who don’t (can’t afford) to pay the fine. We are going to need ‘RomneyHood’ next year to save us from the evil tax collector, Obamaloney.

  10. Keith, I just saw you on Bret Baier’s show, in a piece James Rosen did on your article yesterday about BHO not taking any press questions lately!

  11. Got to see you, Mr. Koffler, on part of an interview on Fox News. You are even better in person than you are online. Bless you for speaking truth to all the BS. Thank you.

    • Darn, I missed it. Someone, Keith even, when the video clip is available, post it here so the rest of us can say nice things.

  12. Here’s a video of Mr. Koffler on Fox. I missed the show so I’m not sure if there was a longer segment. Anyhow, Mr. Koffler, thank you for all that you do!

  13. Thank you for the link AZ_Granny. Congrats on the Fox exposure, Keith. Excellent interview with James Rosen. Get ready for the backlash from the Obot squad. You earned a spot on their enemies list ;-)

  14. Welkome to the ObamaNation comrades, where an abomination occupies our white house. The Resident Present-dent is a lying, scamming community agitator.