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Quote of the Day || August 8, 2012

“All I’m saying is that Mitt Romney doesn’t pay his taxes, might be a felon, and helped kill a woman. I don’t think that’s negative campaigning.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. “…and helped kill a woman. ”

    As despicable as that ad was, the whole thing has been debunked as a pathetic lie:

    There’s a video of Wolf Blitzer, CNN, and they give the timeline:

    1999 – Romney leaves Bain to work on SLC Olympics, still CEO but gave up oversight of day to day operations

    2001 – Joe Soptic loses his job at GST Steel when Bain closes the plant
    – BUT, his wife still has insurance at HER job

    2002 – Romney formally leaves Bain (no longer CEO)

    2002/03 – Soptic says his wife left her job due to an injury
    – at that point, she no longer has “back up insurance” through him

    (Mind you, unemployment was low back then, the economy was good, and he should have had another job with med insurance by then, two years after he lost the GST job)

    2006 – his wife goes to hospital, diagnosed with cancer, passes away days later —> This is FIVE YEARS after he lost his job at GST!!

    The video says that Soptic is a BHO supporter, he was in that ad that BHO’s campaign did in May about the plant closing.

    He says he blames Romney for the loss of his job and medical insurance!

    This guy had FIVE YEARS to get another job that had medical coverage for his family, but he’s blaming Romney and Bain!

  2. The take-away is voters have selected hearing and the Obama campaign is counting on that; the average person is not going to check to see if the ad is factual, they just won’t. The message is loud and clear from Obama. They are desperate. They want you to hate Romney’s private equity job. They want you to hate wealth (but only Republican wealth!) and they want you to believe that Romney’s work killed this woman.

    I’d love to know how many jobs Obama has cut in his tenure so far and how many of those people have lost insurance?

  3. Looks like we have the ghost of Kim Jung Il squatting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

    Since 2010 taxpayers have been unwittingly footing the bill for Obama’s personal videography propaganda machine, West Wing Week, to burnish his image for posterity and for the campaign!
    The weekly episodes appear on the WH website, You Tube, and Hula.

    Barack Hussein Obama – Con Artist Extraordinaire!

    • The take-away from the link:

      Deputy White House Press Secretary Joshua Earnest, who narrates the weekly video, declined to provide any information about the costs, salary or budget lines for the project. And more than a dozen officials in the White House, ranging from the budget office, which monitors spending, to the digital outreach office, which supervises the videographer, declined to answer questions.

      “I just don’t think we’re going to engage here,” White House spokesman Eric Schultz said in an email Tuesday.

      Episodes would be best suited for the Sy/Fy Channel.

  4. It’s not a direct quote but it’s pretty much what his campaign has said.

    According to Obama, the squeaky clean Romney is also a Rapist, Racist, and Random reveler of evil.

  5. “I don’t think that’s negative campaigning.”

    In the eyes of the democrats, this is very positive campaigning….they see nothing negative about it!