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Obama Swoons for Anne Hathaway

President Obama Monday heaped unusual praise on actress Anne Hathaway, calling her “spectacular” and extolling her performance in the lastest movie version of Batman.

From the transcript:

I want to thank Anne Hathaway for taking the time to host us.  She’s spectacular.  (Laughter.)   And I did get a chance to see Batman.  (Laughter.)  And she was the best thing in it.  (Laughter.)  That’s just my personal opinion.

Hathaway, who was helping host a ritzy East Coast-Hollywood fundraiser for the president, “beamed and laughed.” The actress, according to the pool report, was dressed and seated so that Obama couldn’t miss her.

Seated at the table closest to Mr. Obama was Anne Hathaway, wearing a silver dress with puffed sleeves gathered from the elbow to the shoulder, and a tight bodice.

The fundraiser, priced at $35,000 per ticket, was held at the Connecticut estate of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and included actress Joanne Woodward, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, and fashion editor Anna Wintour.

A reporter described the mansion as a “graceful, white home with black shutters, looking like a large, updated classic New England farmhouse.”

The pool was stuck in the garage and given Dr. Pepper to drink.

37 Responses to Obama Swoons for Anne Hathaway

  1. When does he have the time to see a 3 hour movie?

    Between golf, fundraisers and 15 minute meetings regarding the drought that affects all Americans, plus meetings with Championship Athletes, vacations, etc.

  2. BO and MO are obsessed with Hollywood. At one of the State dinners MO wore a dress designed by Weinstein’s wife. BO sent Harvey a spy novel that he had read – suggested it be made into a movie. Weinstein has a documentary coming out soon on the killing of Bin Laden starring you know who. Don’t be surprised if Obama’s next gig is on the silver screen!

    Weinstein calls Obama the ‘Paul Newman of American Presidents’. Wrong country, Harvey. There was a mix-up with birth certificates in Honolulu!

  3. Now we know. Obama arrives at the White House late from one of his fund raising trips, slips on his slippers, goes to the WH movie theater, eats popcorn and relaxes from the heavy work day.

  4. Sucks to be a pool reporter with Obama, locked up in closets, stuck in garages, hidden away in Kitchens with the help no less… Soon enough they’ll be asking the pool reporter to help carry out the trash…

  5. “And I did get a chance to see Batman. (Laughter.) And she was the best thing in it. (Laughter.) That’s just my personal opinion.”

    Just his ‘personal opinion’? Sounds familiar. In other words, Ms. Hathaway, don’t take him too seriously. Gay marriage is okay, too, in his ‘personal opinion.’.

  6. I think Obama’s comments to Hathaway are pretty horndog; I mean he’s saying she’s hot! It’s one thing to compliment someone on their acting skills but quite another to say dressed in her Catwoman suit she was the best thing in the movie? How stupid is Hathaway anyway? [rhetorical!] I bet Michelle isn’t thrilled about his comments. Wanna bet the Preezy slept in the dog house with Bo last night?

  7. Hmmmm… In the movie, Hathaway’s character declares that the “system of haves and have nots” will be reduced to “ashes.” Hmmmm…

    • Silly Catwoman, we don’t have a caste system in America. Heard it is a great movie with a conservative message. I hate crowds so will just wait until it comes out on video. Good to see you posting again, William.

  8. How sad it is to have a President and First Lady who reserve their “personal” admiration for entertainers. What about scientists, educators?

    • Mo1: Most excellent comment, but I’d add their personal admiration is also for athletes as well as entertainers. It’s like we’re living in a TMZ White House Reality Show.

      • I read that Mrs. Obama is now BFF with Grant Hill – says she doesn’t think she is old enough to say he is like a son. It really is incredible – and we thought Bill Clinton was tight with Hollywood! It is incredibly disgusting. And you say – what about scientists and educators? Only if it will generate him votes. My husband watched the landing of the Mars Rover on Nasa television and he said it was so cool. I know the President has commented on it but I doubt that he oohed and ahhed over it. There are so many incredible people in this country and most of “Hollywood” is not in that category. My husband’s uncle (owned several retail businesses before he retired) was talking over the weekend. He is a very wise businessman and citizen. He first commented about the disdain for bigotry and then went on to talk about the gutter politics of our President. He said he expects some gutter from an opponent (doesn’t like it but expects it), but said he is the President for goodness sakes – you really do expect more of him. This is what we have to overcome – President Obama is nothing but an empty suit with catchy slogans, class war fare and adulation with the rich and famous (and not the self made rich). How sad. And BTW – I feel sorry for his girls – who sends their children away for the summer to go to extended camp – maybe the idle rich, but most “normal” families send their kids to camp for a week maybe two – we keep being told how normal they are and how they relate to the middle class. All fluff – no substance.

  9. Just another ‘actor’ to nixed from my movie watch list.

    Your comments are really in poor taste Mr. O – better bring the tel-o-prompter back.

  10. Dear Miss Manners,
    I’m hosting a gala for a special guest in my 30,000sf home. My guest, a prominent person, always brings his hangers-on with him to every occasion.

    I’m wondering if it’s OK if I sit the uninvited hangers-on in my garage? They’re really not our kind of people and I don’t want them in my home.

    H. Weinstein

    • Dearn Mr. Weinstein:

      No it is not proper. It would not be proper even if the hangers-on did not adore your special friend and cut him slack. But since they do, I expect that poor etiquette on your part will not produce any unwanted effects.

      Miss Manners

      • Yo, wis up Mr. Weensteen,
        Yo, dont you waste yo ear bout Miss Manners ! In da hood, it’s fine & dandy to dis any punk you want… even if they dont disserf it !! yous in control…now if theys some fee fees amongst them.. bring them in to da party.. even the scanky ones.. and leeve all the dudes out to da street… Party on bro !!

        “in the hood’s” little book of urban etiquette

  11. Locking the pool in the garage? My neighbor did that to his dog, and the city said it was animal cruelty. So shouldn’t that also apply to the pool? After all they are lap dogs.

  12. Is this the event where he called Gov. Romney a “Robin Hood in reverse” – or, cleverly, “Romney Hood”? So I guess that would make Barry Robin Hood – stealing from the rich to give to the poor??

    Who over there at the WH thinks up this crap? It’s like they’re in a grade school election or something.

  13. Ah yes, wealthy Hollywood celebrities who give so much to enhance humanity by getting paid handsomely to play pretend and then insulate themselves in their fantasy world. Spectacular!

  14. Mr. Koffler –

    Found your site the other day and read of the beach closure. Recommended site and the story when on air talking to WCCF ‘Charlotte County Speaks’ host, Ken Lovejoy.

    Thank you for providing names of those whose films and other products we can save money on by not seeing or buying them.

    This is an old, old story. I well recall thirty years ago when first researching the gun issue and learning to shoot, all the hollywood lefties who used money paid them from our movie ticket purchases to fund communist rat groups who work tirelessly to destroy the Second Ammendment. I learned long ago that these same phoney-baloneys never get up to use the toilet, the middle the night, without an armed escort or three.

    Mr. Weinstein pimps some of the most vile films in history, so of course he alleviates his guilt by shifting it to all those evil guns and their owners.

    I for one will not hand money to people who use it against me or fellow citizens. No doubt many others have come to the same conclusion and are sick of this, and will no longer fund these societal termites.

    Besides, weinstein looks like missing a meal or three would be good for him.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    07 August, 2012

  15. I don’t understand — how can the pool tolerate being put in the garage? Isn’t that a violation of free speech or is it cuz it was a private event and the pool doesn’t have access to those events?

  16. Well considering his very happy hand holding marriage he would swoon over
    a really pretty girl. That’s as close as he’s ever going to get sorta like old
    Jimmy Carter lusting in his mind. Both very creepy.

  17. Correction: The press pool WAS NOT served Dr Pepper in the garage. They were actually given their daily dose of Kool-Aid to ensure that their reports would comply with The One’s talking points as scripted by Mr. TelePrompter.