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White House Dodges Questions on Reid

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today bobbed and weaved as he ducked numerous questions during the daily White House briefing about whether it was appropriate for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to accuse Mitt Romney of not paying taxes for ten years without evidence to prove the point.

Carney, while not condemning Reid, also sought to distance the White House from the statement, saying the White House didn’t put him up to it.

Again, I don’t have a — you can talk to Senator Reid.  He, I’m sure, will address this issue if you ask him.  He certainly speaks for himself.  The President is focused on the issues that matter most to the American people.  And we now have a situation where Congress has left town . . . and blah blah blah blah blah.

Okay, the blah blah part is not an exact quote, only a concise summary of the sentences that followed.

This is called having your cake and eating it too. The White House gets the benefit of a dirty charge lobbed at Romney, but then washes its hands of it. Nice.

19 thoughts on “White House Dodges Questions on Reid”

  1. I fell off my chair laughing at the “President is focused on the issues that matter most to the American people.” How can he say that with a straight face, today especially???? Obama is, as I type, eating lobster and filet in a 13,000 square foot home on the water in Westport. Good one Carney.

    1. I’ve been following politics since JFK, and this administration beats all. Fox News is almost impossible to watch now, I crave someone in journalism getting mad as hell and not taking it anymore…. and not worry about their sponsors and jobs. Keith is the closest I can find for this generation’s Howard Beale :D

      1. I can’t seem to find ANY channel that suits me. You are right about Fox. They take one story and run it into the ground. I do like O’Reilly but I can’t watch a whole hour. Thirty minutes is my max. And I need to be in a coma before watching Piers Morgan or Rachel Maddow. I try CBS in the morning with Charlie Rose as GMA is all about laughing and celebs and NBC is, well, it’s Matt Lauer. The cartoon channel is looking better and better.

        1. 65 and Counting – You took the words right out of my PC. I couldn’t
          have said it better myself. I too, am down to watching CBS, if only because they seem to behave more like adults. There is so much
          injoking on ABC, that I have no idea most of the time what the heck they are laughing about. I watch Fox cable, but their ads are so repetitious.

  2. I heard from a reliable source that Harry Reid is a pedophile who rapes babies. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but due to the seriousness of the charge, Reid must prove his innocence immediately.

  3. I’d tell MrR to hit him hard, take him down by demanding that MrO release his college records and the information that he is hiding on the Fast & Furious disgrace.
    If MrR does give up his tax returns, then he deserves everything that the MSM and the Obama campaign can spin, twist, and use to destroy him.

    SenReid is a dangerous, evil man.

    1. As Reid goes on vaca, he launches this just to stir up controversy.
      It may very well backfire big time.
      Romney should say, speaking to Obama, I’ll show you mine if show me yours.
      Obama will never do that and it should end the controversy.
      Obama never saw a level playing field he didn’t like.

  4. He is a dangerous, evil man, srdem. The nefarious Harry knew he could perjure himself in the halls of Congress without fear of reprisal. He could have been sued for libel if he made the same accusations in the lobby of his D.C. abode at the Ritz-Carlton –

    What I’d really like to know is how someone can live in a place like that when he earns less than $200K/year as a ‘public servant’. This fossil has been a Senator for 26 years. I’m thinking it’s about time we get a peek at his tax records.

    1. Susan, he purchased the Ritz Carlton place in 2001 for $750,000. It is now estimated to be worth 1 million. In 2009 his net worth was estimated between 3.1 to 6.7 million. He made it from real estate, land and mining properties near his home in Searchlight, NV.

  5. If the media had any integrity or self-respect they would remove themselves from these farcical WH briefings, but instead they just roll over and take the beatings, the lies and the spin, day after day.

    Even a whipped and beaten dog, with his tail between his legs, knows enough to remove himself from the situation.

  6. Forget Hapless Harry Reid, I doubt he could have come up with this on his own. This is Harry Reid doing the bidding of Comrade Obama and Comrade Axelrod. This is nothing more than a distractor from Comrade Obma’s very real problem of his piss poor record as president.
    I read somewhere that Mitt Romney was going to unleash Donald Trump on Comrade Obama. I think The Donald should do a “Harry Reid” on Obama about his secret college transcripts – how he got into college and law school, who paid for it and how he managed to graduate. After all, if there is nothing detrimental there, why not boast to the world how absolutely brilliant Comrade Obama really was in college and law school?

  7. Next someone in the White House will be asking if Mitt Roney still beats his wife!!!! Oh and by the way Keith, I think “blah blah blah blah blah” WAS actually part of the exact quote

  8. So… the Dems want to talk about paying one’s “fair share” and Romney’s old tax returns? Okay, if they insist…

    36 Obama aides owe $833,000 in back taxes. And that’s just three dozen of the thousands of federal employees who owe the country more than $3.4 billion.

    Also, WHO KNEW? “the only federal employees who can be fired for not paying taxes are IRS workers.”

  9. .Just business as usual for POTUS to hide behind his pals while they sling the poop, hoping that some of it sticks. He has no class, ethics, integrity…nothing. Dingy is in a class by himself, just a real POS.

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