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WH Press Corps Goes Seven Weeks Without a Question

President Obama has not taken a serious question from the White House press corps in nearly seven weeks, a remarkable string that points to a campaign-style White House operation that is seeking to insulate the candidate from tough cross examination.

The last substantive question Obama took from a White House reporter was during a June 20 press conference following the G20 Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico. Obama allowed only six questions during the event, which was nearly guaranteed to keep him out of political hot water as the focus was on foreign policy.

Since then, Obama has held no press conferences, given no interviews to White House reporters, and taken no questions at the White House events he has held where reporters have been present.

After a July 26 Cabinet meeting, Obama actually laughed off the prospect of taking a serious question about gun laws.

From the White House transcript:

Q    Mr. President, can you tell us, if what the Colorado shooter did was entirely legal, how do you do more on this subject without any new laws?

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much.  I’m sure we’ll have more opportunity to talk about this.

Q    This afternoon is fine.  I’m available.

THE PRESIDENT:  Thanks.  I’ll ask Jay for your number.  (Laughter.)

During his recent trip to Europe and Israel, Mitt Romney’s failure to take many questions from the frustrated reporters traveling with him sparked an uproar in Washington, even though Romney did in fact hold a press availability during the trip.

Obama’s silencing of the White House press corps has drawn no similar protest.

To the contrary, Daily Caller White House reporter Neil Munro was derided by his colleagues when he interrupted Obama’s remarks in the Rose Garden June 15 to try to ask about immigration. Munro said he thought Obama had finished.

It turns out that was one of the last questions any White House reporter has asked the president.

Obama has done some interviews with local TV reporters during the interim. But, though they occasionally yield some news, these sessions tend to be easy home runs for the president. Obama is facing reporters less versed in national issues and politics than the White House press corps. And they are more likely to be intimidated by the trappings of the White House, where they suddenly find themselves sitting down with the president of the United States.

Obama and Michelle also swatted away mainly softballs during a July 12 interview with “CBS The Morning” anchor Charlie Rose.

Obama did get one feeble question from what appeared to be a White House reporter during his June 29 tour of the fire damage in Colorado Springs. Obama was quizzed, “What do you think when you see just this stuff right here?”

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  1. He’s obviously run out of lies. And must realize the press knows exactly what he would say to any question they might ask. So. Being the good sheep they are for Obama. They will just make something up. Like Harry Reid, to distract attention from NO FED BUDGET for almost 4 years, and more lies Obama plans to tell…when the next STATE OF THE UNION address happens…IF HE’S STILL AROUND TO LIE MORE.

  2. “Tough cross examination” from the White Houst press corps? That will never happen to Obama. Wonder what he would do if he faced a hostile MSM like conservative pols do on a daily basis?

  3. Weird how the “press corpse” sits there like zombies. Yet they can laugh heartily at every insult throw at them by Minister of Information Carney and will all blindly vote for Obama again.

  4. oblamo has made two people very very happy; the first is former President Carter who is no longer the worse President in history and the second is former President Nixon who is no longer the most secretive and vindictive President in history.

    But hey what the heck, let’s re-elect him , he is after all a well spoken half black man that has never done ANYTHING on his own and has been support and molded by some of the best leftwing anti-American radicals ever known in this country. Hey he deserves another 4 years since the first four have been so productive and America’s status in the world has risen to heights unthought-of before the wonderful mr. “it’s everyone else’s fault” or “the problem was bigger than we thought”! One question, didn’t you ask for and want this job?

    What a wasted opportunity!

  5. The White House press corp who protects this failure of a President are now finding out what President OVOMIT really thinks of them. And to think, they have been on their knees in front of OVOMIT for almost four years. Shame on the press corp for not doing their job. The Denver Post is a prime example of failure. VOTE FOR THE AMERICAN!!!

    1. He is not a failure, he is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams. He never thought it would be as easy as it is to fool the entire country.

  6. Love your column Mr. Koffler… love how it says “… by holding the White House to account.” What “account”? They do as they choose… There is NO accountability… but at least YOU let U.S. know and we can add some “witty” commentary. No one is safe… we won’t be safe no matter who is put in the next election… if they “choose” to allow for that. Rumour has it there may NOT be an election and that oBOMBa will be in because martial law will be fully implemented. If anyone thinks these are “random” acts of violence I have a bridge I want to sell you. Notice the three names of the shooters… the rabbit hole all goes to the same place… can we say Alphabet Agencies or perhaps the Big ….. House in Washington, D(istrict) (of) C(riminals).

  7. The journalists who cover the White House have become tame little puppies, eager to please the master. Heaven forbid they should be denied access for overstepping their boundaries… but then, what access? This current occupant of the Oval Office is protected and buffered more than third-world dictators. The “press offices” of government bureaucracies have become propaganda machines and firewalls. Bravo to the journalist who had the audacity to yell a question. The president’s behavior is cowardly and weak. I yearn for a president who can stand up like a man and carry on an open discourse. I think he just doesn’t know anything.

  8. Those reporters and their pesky questions. Don’t they realize they are listening to Dear Leader… to The One? As soon as we all accept this, life will be better for us all.

  9. he’s not answering questions because he has no answers, he never did have any answers.
    He has the substance of a stand up comic and not a very funny one at that.

  10. So what is new here? He almost never takes questions from the press and when he does it is usually four questions, with each response taking up to twenty minutes each, during which NO question is ever answered!
    In reallity he takes four questions and NEVER answers them and that equals NEVER TAKING QUESTIONS FROM THE PRESS!

  11. “WH Press Corps Goes Seven Weeks Without a Question”

    The dissembling, failed, racist, wee-weed up, narcissistic, America-hating,golf-vacationing, one-term-is-one-too-many, Alinsky socialist, effeminate,limp-wristed, scandal-diverting, U.S. border patrol agent-killing,media-anointed, self-proclaimed Obamessiah’s nakedness is exposed on the world stage.

    Time to spark up another Newport, Barry, or something a little stronger, as you advocate:

    “Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it.”

    Probably snorting more blow, lately, eh President FoodStamps?

  12. Darn that Jake Tapper – always asking Obama the toughies!
    I think the POTUS should face the same kind of grilling that the British PM regularly endures in the House of Commons. There should be a similar mandatory “availability” for the press.

  13. Just like his friends Pelosi and Reed – they can ask Romney for his returns beyond what is required by law, but when questions come back to them, they clam up (Dirty Harry’s latest flap being the millions he’s funneling into the companies 3 of his 4 sons are lobbying for.

  14. Frankly who cares what an angry racial black man has to say to a country that he has penalized with bias for all the wrong reasons while in position of authority after taking an oath to uphold the constitution? How he feels about this country has been reflected and recorded in the books and any future podium drivel will only add the finishing touches on a man wishing to destroy the very country he took an oath to protect. History will be very negative and will define liberalism as socialism which is just another form of communism. I long for those years gone past where individualism and simplicity ruled.

  15. Considering Michelle Obamas 200,000.00 raise to a 300,000.00 salary at a hospital in Chicago that recieved a favorable monetary vote from newly appointed Barack Obama;that when she left the job to become the first lady they didnt even have to replace her with anyone to fill the ” job spot”?? Why open a can of worms about the wife of a potential candidate. She’s not gonna run the country.

  16. Obama’s cavalier attitude, and unwillingness to take and answer questions of any importance leaves me to believe, “without question, “that he is a fraud.

  17. What do you mean? He hasn’t taken real questions from anyone anytime since 2006. If he had he wouldn’t be screwing up the country right now as the President. Obama is an orchestrated sophist with an immature, defective world view center in Marxism.

  18. “…a remarkable string that points to a campaign-style White House operation that is seeking to insulate the candidate from tough cross examination.”

    Oh come on Keith. The WH press operation is going to provide us with tough examination of this guy? Surely you jest. There may be one or two in the room who are inclined, but they rarely get called upon.

  19. Shhhh! Don’t mention FAST AND FURIOUS! Obama and Holder are trying to keep FAST AND FURIOUS out of the headlines. They won’t even give the Congressional investigating committee the FAST AND FURIOUS documents asked for by that committee. ( What are they hiding?) Besides, if FAST AND FURIOUS and “YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT!’ are kept in the limelight it might be considered a distraction against Obama’s re-election! So, please keep it quiet about FAST AND FURIOUS AND “YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT”! TIC

  20. Beware Americans. Like the good socialist that bho is, they come from a different moral/cultural background, where the ends justify the means and they will do anything legal/illegal to get re-elected.

  21. I wont watch the debates. The reason why is that I am too embarrased for him. I know he will say something that will do him in and I just feel bad for people when they fail and especially when it will happen on national tv. I will just read the transcript.

  22. Come on guys, lighten up. The King can’t be bothered by the little people. Just be thankful he waves at you as he walks by you…(Romney 2012!)

  23. Some reporters are purportedly beginning to stray from their Liberal concentration camps.

    Free speech would doom President FoodStamps.

    Ergo, no more questions.

  24. Why does the press willingly lead *itself* toward a role they would play within the context of a totalitarian regime? I don’t get it.

  25. Without prescreened questions and his teleprompter with the written answers this Gomer we have as a president couldn’t answer a question intelligently. He can’t even talk to preschoolers without a teleprompter. I see why he keeps his college records sealed.

  26. I’m glad someone in the press is reminding us of this. The President doesn’t want to face the Fourth Estate and the American public. If he could just do away with election day altogether……

  27. King Barack hides from the press. Brave Lady Hillary of Reset flees from bees in Malawi. Where is Biden the Wise when the. country needs him lost? Err….most.

  28. He’s busy planning a few more false flags so he can get that UN gun Control Cyrbersecurity Bill out the door by Executive Order.

    A few more military PsyOps veterans, a few Ron Paul supporters and Pro-lifer’s for flavor and Walllah! A Dictatorship!

  29. When you cannot defend your foreign policy, economic policy and all the other failures in an administration, you blame someone else; Bush comes to mind.

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  31. The idea that the average journalist will put their politics above their job–a job that is supposed to be all about objectivity–is a disgrace. The shoes will drop like crazy after Obama is voted out. There is so much to delve into with the guy that it isn’t even funny. In a normal world he would be an investigative journalists dream, but the overwhelming support of the MSM has effectively squelched all subjects. Ayers, Wright, Resko, CT ss#, no college records, no medical record, authorized bio indicating he was born in Indonesia, F&F coverup, and the list goes on…Oh! But stop the presses to get GWB’s flight logs!

    1. Unfortunately, even that can be toyed with by the moderators. Obama will fillibuster like crazy like he always does. What we really need is for the press to turn on the guy. Part of me is suprised they haven’t, but then I realize how incredibly taken in they were by this fraud and it makes a little more sense that they are reluctant to let go despite the overwhelming failures and disgraces to the office he has brought wth his conduct and broken promises.

  32. The funny part is the media is in the tank for Obama. Some tough questions are unavoidable, polls, fundraising, comments from the Romney camp, etc.
    What are they supposed to do, ask him about his golf game? The little guy is getting nervous, the economy continues to slide, it wasn’t supposed to happen so soon & his scriptwriters, the “brilliant” Axelrod & Jarrett are dazed.
    Not at all like ’08.

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